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Final Fantasy VII Fic Recs

Pre-Canon/Crisis Core Timeline

Title: The Mascotverse
Author: Cicequi
Notes: It is brilliant and lovely and ouchie and hilarious and adorable. There are plushies. This 'verse is also why I have an OT4 for this fandom.

Title: Thirty-for-Three Universe
Author ChibiRisu-Chan
Notes: In which there is Cloud, and there is Zack, and there is Sephiroth, and things are funny and painful and absolutely lovely.

Canon Timeline

Title: Where Seduction Serves
Author: Branch
Summary: What if Sephiroth had been a little quicker on the uptake during the first encounter at the Northern Crater, and kept Cloud?
Notes: Solidly written, although it's not perfect.

Title: Legends
Author: gelfling8604
Summary: Going over Cloud’s fascination and non-relationship throughout the game into Advent Children. Lots of adoration, wishing, cynicism, and more reluctant cynical hero-worship under protest. Mostly Cloud’s perceptions of Sephiroth, with stabbing and fumbling and terror.
Notes: Dark. Daaaaaaaaark. But gorgeous.

Title: Pinions
Author: laylah
Notes: Advent Children, triplets fic. Wonderful and smutty and tragic.


Title: Darkest Shades
Author: Cerebral Seductress
Summary: 8 years after Meteor, Yuffie returns from her travels to find her friends waging a war against Wutai. Torn between the blood of her kin and loyalty to AVALANCHE, she struggles to become the leader she was born to be.
Notes: Engagingly written and plotted.

Title: Conflicts of Interest Redux
Author: MadamHydra
Summary: Post-AC AU - When the WEAPONs reappear, Cloud discovers that his connections to his best friend Zack, his arch-nemesis Sephiroth, and Rufus Shinra are much more complicated than he could ever imagine. And who is the *REAL* Cloud Strife?
Notes: It lives!

Title: A Long, Hard Road
Author: Twig Collins
Summary: Five years after the end of the game, Hojo is in an all-out war against the Planet and the ShinRa armies, led by now-general Cloud Strife. What will happen when ShinRa makes a desperate decision to resurrect the very person who nearly killed them all?
Notes: Epic like an epic thing that is wonderful and fabulous and will eat up the hours like a ravenous beastie.

Title: The Tea Party
Author: Negative Creep
Summary: The best minds of Tifa Lockhart's generation are destroyed by madness. Oneshot. Genesis Award winner, Best Miscellaneous.
Notes: Dark and clever.

Time Travel

Title: Counter Crisis
Authors: Dragoon_sama and White Mage Koorii
Summary: At first it was about preventing tragedy. For Cloud it soon becomes a fight to protect new bonds, tread untrod paths and find happy endings. Second chances aren't always easy in a time where ghosts live and heroes are human. [ Time Travel, Eventual Slash ]
Notes: An enjoyable WIP.

Title: Terrorism & Anarchy
Author: VarianN
Summary: Cloud's first thought on waking in the Shinra training grounds..."Where's the hidden camera?". What is one supposed to do when they find themselves inexplicably in the past? Become a terrorist four years early, of course. And look up a few old friends.
Notes: Entertaining.

Title: A SOLDIER's Weapon
Author: Oniko
Summary: There is a mysterious new SOLDIER at ShinRa. Sephiroth searches for the truth about Cloud Strife, ShinRa, and himself, while being haunted by the possibilities of darker futures. AC!Cloud/Young!Sephiroth.
Notes: An interesting twist on the usual time-travel plot.

Title: The Fifth Act
Author: Sinnatious
Summary: Cloud has an accident with a Time materia. There are people to save, and for that, some people need to die.
Notes: An excellent time travel fic that's actually complete. Be sure to read the author's other fics too--they're all excellent.

Title: Eir's Tomorrow
Author: Hades' Phoenix
Summary: The Planet isn't willing to let death take away its greatest weapon. If Cloud can't save the past, then he'll be damned to watch history repeat itself. TimeTravel, SxC, ZxA.
Notes: A lovely WIP.

Title: Two Steps Back
Author: Sigart
Summary: Cloud is brought back in time against his will to save Aeris, the last of the Ancients, and thus the last caretaker of the planet. However how will he save the planet, when he doesn't remember anything?
Notes: Very entertaining.

Title: Fusion
Author: Knowing Shadows
Summary: Cloud Strife finds it hard to deal with what he had to do to save his world, but now the Planet will give him a chance to change things for himself and for General Sephiroth.
Notes: The summary does not do the fic justice. It's good.


Title: Thorns
Author: Vathara
Summary: What if Aeris found unexpected help before Zack broke out? AU.
Notes: Yes, this is the same Vathara of the many amazing crossovers, which is reason enough to read it. Also, it is made of win.

Title: Put Your Lights On
Author: klepto-maniac0
Summary: AU. Sephiroth has a child who's just as weird as he deserves.
Notes: Reccing this one for its uniqueness. It's an interesting take on things, features solidly-written OCs and strong characterization, and is an example of how things can be done right in a genre that's rampant with Mary-Sues.

Title: Oh Gracious Twist of Fate
Author: Icedark_elf
Summary: After seeing how close Sephiroth and Cloud were getting, Hojo had Cloud kidnapped at the age of sixteen. Two years later, Sephiroth, Zack, and Aeris mount a rescue.
Notes: A WIP that will probably end up on the epic side of things.

Title: Butterfly Effect
Authors: Bard Linn and Kiraya
Summary: AU. To change one event is to forever change the course of history.
Notes: In which a young Cloud finds Vincent in the basement of the Shinra mansion, and the world changes accordingly. WIP.

Title: Mirage of the Past
Author: Jade Tatsu
Summary: 500 years after Avalanche the battle against Sephiroth and his trusted generals, the Wings, is still raging. As a new group makes their run on the Crater, can the truth of 500 years of war be revealed...?
Notes: This is how I would write a FFVII fic. It's pretty damn fantastic and creepy, although it could use a beta.


Title: This Army Life
Author: Nicolle
Summary: All is not quiet on the Wutai front, as Sephiroth and Zack do everything possible to screw off and not run a war.
Notes: Comedy! Danger! Silliness! The Chocobo Kid!

Title: Paint the Town
Author: Ardwynna Morrigu
Summary: Zack attempts to save Sephiroth from himself and turns the General's world upside-down.
Notes: Full of rampant silliness and aww.

Title: Why Waist Length?
Author: Silver Pard
Summary: Enough was enough. He'd looked at all the possible courses of action and their consequences. He'd researched it intensively. It was time to cut the damn hair.
Notes: A slightly different twist on how Sephiroth went nuts. Abso-fucking-lutely hilarious.


Title: But That Was In Another Country
Author: Guardian1
Summary: Sometimes the good guys don't win against unstoppable odds. Yuffie Kisaragi and the last stand: before Traverse Town, there was the Planet, and before Sora, there was AVALANCHE.
Notes: Technically categorized as Kingdom Hearts fic and sort of AU for that series, so it's crosslisted. Lovely and tragic and gorgeous.

Title: Bandages
Author: Konitsu
Summary: FFVII/VIII Distrust, dishonesty. Can two groups put aside their suspicions long enough to destroy the danger that Jenova represents? Not if Cloud and Squall kill each other first.
Notes: A solid story with a rushed ending.

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