EnsTren: also I'm trying to think how to get keiran onto avalon without obie knowing
Edmondia: hmn...
Edmondia: he pays a hella lot of attention
EnsTren: Want some way to keep keiran and puck bottled up in puck's room without obie knowing it
Edmondia: hmn.
EnsTren: so puck actually gets in trouble for the justified crap he pulls
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: nearly killing the sisters for one thing
EnsTren: also when obie goes to punish him, obie getting a face ful of utterly enraged mablet
Edmondia: hmn
EnsTren: and when obie, undoubtedly blasts the kidlet, well I'm not sure what will happen
Edmondia: erk
EnsTren: wouldn't be surprised if avalon got bitchy about that, or if there was something mab put on her real children (who are still children) to protect them
Edmondia: hmn
EnsTren: and suddenly, quiet suddenly, keiran has pink skin in my head
EnsTren: like mab
Edmondia: eh?
EnsTren: what colors was mab?
EnsTren: or maybe he's purple
EnsTren: whatever, he has mabish coloring
Edmondia: uh, think she was dark-skinned
EnsTren: eh?
EnsTren: hair?
Edmondia: purple hair, blue eyes, gold skin maybe?
EnsTren: ah
EnsTren: *gives keiran lightly lavender hair*
Edmondia: Puck will be irked that his kidlet has changed color
EnsTren: it's the mab coming out
Edmondia: yes. that does not please him.
EnsTren: *cuddles puck's unpleased self*
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: imagine obie's unpleasure
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: *huggles puck*
Edmondia: *pats him*
EnsTren: keiran wistles
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: he whistles
EnsTren: and does magic with whistling tunes
Edmondia: interesting
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: puck's been teaching him his first instrumet
Edmondia: nice
EnsTren: and puck might have been telling him stories about not talking to strangers
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: good idea
EnsTren: http://www.improvisation.ws/mb/tpcs2.php makes me laugh
EnsTren: "Vaginas are mysterious, and penises are by comparison fairly straightforward and easy to satisfy. A guy knows what to do with a penis" -> why seto be gay
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: but he'll litterally not talk to obie
EnsTren: rule is not talk to ANYBODY but puck unless puck says okay, and run away from everyone
EnsTren: infact he said pretend you can't talk
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: puck's gone paranoid
EnsTren: and keiran, with surprise on his side, grabed one of the sisters by the ankel and wham
EnsTren: rather like puck used to do to aliel
Edmondia: good boi!
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: he's definetly a mabling
Edmondia: yup

EnsTren: and puck is wriggling into my head again
Edmondia: hallo, dahlink~ *waves to him*
EnsTren: Puck: *waves and with a pop he's all the way in*
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: *cuddles puck*
Edmondia: *pats him*
EnsTren: he's angry at his papa still
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: *pets puck*
Edmondia: *huggles him*
EnsTren: uhh...
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: fox is dead and puck was the one that told tania when obie hauled him out and puck smiled
Edmondia: erk
EnsTren: he is angry at them
Edmondia: yep
EnsTren: and keiran ran up to hima nd puck has picked him up and there is 0.o and puck has said "This is the court," and twirled around with him, and then "Those two are your grandpa and grandma." loudish wisper of fake hushhush. "They're bad people, don't talk to them" and then an endearing smile.
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: *hugs*
Edmondia: skeery boi
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: Puck be tickling keiran
Edmondia: yay?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: but he's ignoring everyone around him, including the kingy
Edmondia: hmn
EnsTren: obie is worried
Edmondia: yessum
EnsTren: tania is upset
EnsTren: trio wishes him dead
Edmondia: yup
EnsTren: Puck has covered keirans eyes, flipped obie off, and gone back to his room
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: he's wicked
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: he makes obie sad
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: oh, all keiran having pucks are certain that because of keiran the line of sucsession will skip him
Edmondia: hmn. interesting.
EnsTren: keiran is the little prince, because he was banished and turned into a servant
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: doesn't mind anything but the banishment part
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: he's ploting ahead for overthrowing somewhat vaguely
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: he really doesn't need to, of course. doubt he'll listen if anyone points it out, though
EnsTren: it's only vague ploting
EnsTren: who he needs on his side
EnsTren: who he hates and can do without
EnsTren: how to get them on his side
EnsTren: mostly it's colating blackmail material
Edmondia: hmn
EnsTren: keiran is playing with alex while lex watches
Edmondia: oh, so they're the at-Eyrie group?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: that's good. slightly-less-crazy Puck is always good.
EnsTren: he's mellowish
EnsTren: vaguely wondering if fox or david would mind a threesom, but all and all mellow
Edmondia: that's groovy
EnsTren: collating blackmail makes him pleased
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: he's teaching keiran about types of blackmail
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: cyote snuck off ze island to pay his respects
EnsTren: puck is thinking about jumping his bones
EnsTren: puck's subconsiance goes: have baby, yay! but wait, have baby but didn't make baby WITH anyone. Need someone. Need mate. Screw that, I want some sex.
Edmondia: :P
EnsTren: please, when is the last time you think owen got laid?
Edmondia: never. methinks that's rather the point of Owen.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: puck looks like he enjoys a good bachanallia
Edmondia: well, he is an extremely attractive young-looking man. person. thing.
EnsTren: who wears purple
EnsTren: and a toga
Edmondia: true, true
Edmondia: actually, as of late, I've been tormented by thoughts of an extremely odd pairing-with-him that... could conceivably work, in my mind. it is most bizzare.
EnsTren: oooh?
Edmondia: it is a het pairing, tho :P
EnsTren: is okay
Edmondia: *facepalm* for some reason, Demona-in-my-head has gotten very flirty with him. and he hasn't exactly not been flirty back.
EnsTren: btu she had bad manners
Edmondia: but he gave her a present
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and she now appreciates it as such
EnsTren: even if it's painful?
Edmondia: yup
Edmondia: because according to him, "You'd never appreciate it if you didn't pay for it."
Edmondia: she has simply rolled her eyes
EnsTren: he's intrested in the fact that the three were intrested in her, and the fact she probably won't die on him
Edmondia: she's interested in the fact that he is snarky, not human (ew yuck) and not a gargoyle (screwed her over too often) and that he is actually someone she can talk to about stuff
EnsTren: what about david?
Edmondia: regrettably human
EnsTren: yes but getting in way of relationship
Edmondia: I don't really think he'd interfere
EnsTren: conflicting loyalties
Edmondia: why? it's not like Demona's really out to get him, aside from the fact that he's human and therefore scum
Edmondia: and it's not like David would be all OMGZNOTDEMONA!!!11!
EnsTren: true
Edmondia: that and both Demona and Puck agree that Goliath's reaction would be priceless XD
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: plus the mutual immortality thing is a plus
Edmondia: and it's not like he'd have a problem with interspecies dating
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: and it's highly doubtful that she would either
EnsTren: unless it's human
Edmondia: exactly. which he decidedly isn't.
EnsTren: though she probably whispers sweet romantic nothings in his ear like: "You've been in that form too long, you have the stench of human on you, get in the shower"
Edmondia: probably
Edmondia: but then again, he could retort with the same and drag her into the shower with him
EnsTren: which is the point
Edmondia: yup
EnsTren: mostly its sex for the sake of sex, and not romantic
Edmondia: that and Demona-in-my-head has become oddly fascinated by his hair - yep
Edmondia: definitely not fairytale romance, but lots of flirty and snark and deep philosophical conversations
EnsTren: and doing each others hair
EnsTren: possibly with angela
EnsTren: ...no puck, you can't do her daughter too
Edmondia: Angela, I think, is perhaps even more weirded out than Goliath
EnsTren: but enjoys sleepovers such as they are
EnsTren: oh
EnsTren: David: *sipping coffee* So why demona?
Owen: *typical at attenion pose* The puck was bored and lacking in companionship of that sort.
David: what, homacidal or megalomantic, I know I haven't been ploting to take over the world recently, but that's no reason to go to her, Owen.
Owen: Neither, Sir, in fact I am gladened that you have settled somewhat. Rather, the puck missed companionship of the immortal and visceral variety.
David: Yes, but why
Demona of all people?
Owen: Because I did not think you would be intrested in a threesom.
David: *spits out his coffee--through his nose*

Edmondia: XD!
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: but yes, they are braiding each other's hair sometimes, and angela comes to acept it after she has some makeover parties with them
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: Everyone else at the Eyrie, I think, just makes it a point to AVOID THEM LIKE WHOA.
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: how's brooklyn taking it?
Edmondia: very very awkwardly
EnsTren: ooh?
Edmondia: well, aside from goliath, he's the only one there who Demona has toyed with. and in his case, it was definitely toying on her part. so there's that awkwardness.
Edmondia: he's got a grudge for that whole bit, methinks
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: plus might be dealing with lingering attraction to her
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: puck came home with pigtails
Edmondia: and she's flown to the castle right before dawn for a business meeting later that morning, thoroughly sending the gargoyles into a fit of discombobulation
EnsTren: haaa
Edmondia: so it's land, smirk at all the freaking-out gargoyles, and saunter over to Owen and wrap her tail around his leg
EnsTren: And he turns into puck and orbits her
Edmondia: very flirty
EnsTren: he's fiddling with her hair
Edmondia: she's petting his
EnsTren: And smiles
EnsTren: and shows off keiran
Edmondia: she thinks Keiran is the adorablest little adorable thing
EnsTren: "This is my son. He's a mabling"
Edmondia: "Cute but deadly?"
EnsTren: Pat's his hair and bounce him a little. "Yep, just like his daddy!" Proud and then coaxingly, "You can talk to Miss Demona--usually."
Edmondia: She chuckled. "I don't think I've ever been called 'miss' before." She offered the child a slight smile. "Hello, young one."
EnsTren: "Hallo Miss Demona"
Edmondia: "How old are you?"
EnsTren: "Un...Daddy do I count when I was half made?"
Edmondia: She raised an eyebrow questioningly. "Half made?"
EnsTren: "Mab made many children, but she was a flighty uh...what most call you, and so many were left half made. I found him and finished him."
EnsTren: "I bet you were made on Atlantis, cutie." Tickle under his chin.
Edmondia: Demona smirked. "Demon?" she offered playfully, gently ruffling Keiran's hair.
EnsTren: (don't understand, and how old is keiran anyways?)
Edmondia: ('what most call you' bit, and from when he was fully finished about eight months)
EnsTren: "I'm thinking something that starts with a B actually, and no honey you don't count when you were half made--unless you're trying to get a drink."
EnsTren: "Okay, I'm eight!"
Edmondia: "He wouldn't have any trouble getting a drink," she pointed out, still fluffing his hair. "All he'd have to do is flash those big eyes and anyone will do whatever he says."
EnsTren: "You've been disparaging humans for so long you've forgotten how unbareably dull some of them can be"
EnsTren: "But you're right, those are my eyes after all, and when I was...well not his age, when I was his age I was in nappies, but I got away with murder."
Edmondia: "Not at all," she retorted. "I've met Vogel. And murder is an excellent thing to get away with." She gently tapped Keiran on the nose. "Adorableness will get you everything, remember that and grow up to be as charming as your daddy."
EnsTren: "Yes miss Demona. Daddy also told me it's a good way to get blackmail"
Edmondia: She grinned. "A very good way."
EnsTren: Beam.
Edmondia: She ruffled his hair and glanced over at Puck. "He's a darling."
EnsTren: "Course he is."
Edmondia: "However do you manage on your own, and working for you pet human?"
EnsTren: "I make alot of money. And if you manage yoru time you can do anything--espically if you can bend it in the first place"
EnsTren: "And Lexington babysits"
Edmondia: "I suppose that does make things easier. Still, if you ever need any help..." she trailed off, smiling a bit wistfully.
EnsTren: "I'm sure you'll teach him propper terror inflicting and ominating procedures--which he'll need."
EnsTren: Pet his son.
Edmondia: "I'd be glad to." She tapped his cheek with a talon. "They're things every young gentlebeing should know."
EnsTren: "Daddy says I'm a prince."

"Princes are gentlebeings."

"Oh, okay."

Edmondia: "And a very handsome young prince, too." She leaned forward and pressed a kiss to his forehead.
EnsTren: Smile!
Edmondia: She kissed his daddy's cheek too.
EnsTren: He kissed her mouth.
Edmondia: She slid her tail around his waist and tugged him closer.
EnsTren: "Keiran, go play with alex--in alex's room."
EnsTren: Put him down and smiiiile at demona.
Edmondia: Demona leaned down and gave Keiran another kiss on the top of his head. "Have fun. Terrorize people."
EnsTren: "Yes Miss Demona!" Scamper!
Edmondia: She glanced over her shoulder and grinned, stretching slowly as she rose to her feet. "Charming child."
EnsTren: "Course he is, I made him!" Smile! Beam, and worm his arm around his waist
Edmondia: Grin. "Of course, he'll grow up as charming as his father." Her tail wound up his leg.
EnsTren: "Certainly, perhaps even more so considering how obnoxious I am."
Edmondia: "Better obnoxious than a goody two-shoes." Grin.
EnsTren: "One could at least Look like a goody two-shoes." Floaty
Edmondia: "Appearances are best when they are deceptive." Grope.
EnsTren: Smile wider, "You are a very wicked woman, come on, let's go defile davey's bed." Green glitter and clouds
Edmondia: "It is his bed. Can we possibly do anything in it to corrupt it further?"
EnsTren: "Well," he said as they appeared in the room--no sence in wasting time walking, "We can lie and say I was in owen shape. But he'd never believe that. Besides, davey isn't nearly as sexual adventerous as you seem to think he is."
EnsTren: A moment of consideration, "Give it a few more months, honeymoon is still in effect"
Edmondia: She offered him a grin full of fangs. "Even if he isn't, I would think Fox is."
EnsTren: "Again, honeymoon, they rather do it like ferrets than take the time to make it kinky"
Edmondia: "What a waste." She grabbed him by the toga and tossed him into the bed. "Patience is the most wonderful virtue of all."
EnsTren: "Very true, but expediance is also worthwhile." Lean up and yank her down.
Edmondia: She grinned and pinned him. "One really must find the balance between them - of course, that takes a fair amount of practice."
EnsTren: "We have forever--or however long horomons hold out, to find that balance."
Edmondia: "Plenty of time for practice," she purred, trailing her talons through his hair. "Lots of it."
EnsTren: "With all luck, definetly." Kissbite, green tinting his eyes.
Edmondia: She grinned a little more widely. "MacBeth seems to have gotten past his deathwish. I don't plan on going anywhere."
EnsTren: (*blinkus--image of puck as a gargoyles*)
Edmondia: (pretty!)
EnsTren: "And I'm stuck here." Something pale and white wraping around her ankel above her heelspur.
Edmondia: She blinked a bit, then smirked. "Seems like this arrangement could work out."
EnsTren: Nuzzling, little ridged horns appearing on his forehead. Squirm and shift to make himself comfortable on newly materialized wings.
Edmondia: She hummed appreciatively, running a talon lightly along the curve of one wing. "Beautiful..."
EnsTren: Shiver, "Nn, I keep forgetting how sensitive those are." Devilish smile and he reached for her wings.
Edmondia: She purred at him, wriggling around to let him be more comfortable. "I'd best remind you, then."
EnsTren: "You often do, except for the shower, it's easier to forgo them there." Bite her neck softly with teeth that more than ever resembled his father's.
EnsTren: (horns like this but a bit smaller I think)
Edmondia: "Mnm..." she pressed against him, rubbing her tail up his thigh. "Simplicity over form."
Edmondia: (nice)
EnsTren: "Mmnn, whatever you say," Lick taste, light suctiona dn scarping. Embrace her close.
Edmondia: She tilted her head down and nipped softly near the joint of his wing. "Which isn't to say form isn't delightful," she murmured softly against his skin, spreading her wings and draping them over them both.
EnsTren: Hand to her thigh and adruptly twist, putting her down below him. Slide on her thigh and push it up--and frown at his hand, claw. Squint, there better, four, not five. Perfection attained he dipped down under her loincloth
EnsTren: So nice to have such a giving considerete lover.
Edmondia: She made a pleased sound in the back of her throat and dragged a single talon down his spine. "Hmn, should've done this much sooner."
EnsTren: Pleased hissing against sensitive skins, rustling wings. "Perhaps. But sooner I would have been stuck as human"
Edmondia: A soft chuckle and gentle nip to his throat. "Given that it's you, I think I could look beyond that."
EnsTren: "That's a high compliment," Speaking against her, lips to lips and the licking again.
Edmondia: She stroked the joint of his wings delicately. "I don't give them out often, you should be flattered."
EnsTren: Very pleased sound against her, and mouth against her, slight hint of teeth. "I am."
Edmondia: Chuckle, and she wriggled underneath him. "So glad to flatter you," she murmured, nipping softly at his ear.
EnsTren: "Glad to be flattered." Lips trailing down, reach and stroking.
Edmondia: Sigh and stretch, stroking her hands through his hair. "Glad to hear it."
EnsTren: Go down, further down and please her with his mouth.
Edmondia: She made very interesting noises.
EnsTren: He was rather fond of her intresting noises
Edmondia: She also did interesting things with her tail and wings that seemed to involve fondling his own.
EnsTren: Which was also pleasent.
EnsTren: He took his time, to give her time relax into it--and get her hands away sensitive bits before he made her yowl and her eyes glow
Edmondia: Whups, so much for David's expensive imported sheets.
EnsTren: He'd get a kick out of it, if he knew Davey.
EnsTren: Besides, better Davey's sheets rather than his wings.
EnsTren: Hmn...could he make her get loud enough that Goliath heard?
Edmondia: That would be quite incredibly amusing.
Edmondia: And she would certainly enjoy it, judging from the enthusiasm with which she was groping him.
EnsTren: Let's find out! And cheat a bit, Wiggled fingers, which served more than one purpose with their movement, made the walls a bit more permable to sound.
Edmondia: She giggled.
Edmondia: "Your magic tickles!"
EnsTren: He popped up, "You're kidding me right?" Wiggle his fingers again with a whispered phrase to make the sound follow Goliath around
Edmondia: She chuckled throatily and wiggled against him. "It tingles."
EnsTren: "Hmn..." Fingers sliding within her, "Let's try it now."
Edmondia: "Ooh... yes, let's." She bit him softly.
EnsTren: Brooklyn...or Broadway, Broadway, that should be propperly mortifying to hear his mother-in-law and himself...
Edmondia: She bent her head down and licked at a wingtip.
EnsTren: Flicker and snap.Wiggle his fingers.
Edmondia: It won a very interesting noise from the back of her throat.
EnsTren: Note to self, do fingerwiggle magic inside Demona more often.
Edmondia: Especially because of the thing with her tail she does in return.
EnsTren: What if he used his mouth and finger wiggle magic at the same time?
Edmondia: He didn't want to end up like those poor sheets.
EnsTren: Gently extricate his wings.
Edmondia: She pouted a little, then wrapped a leg around his waist instead and rubbed up.
EnsTren: Hmn...Fingers sliding out and resting on her peak, "For Sex this puck is the best. And magic on you he wishes to test." LIttle finger wiggle, tingly magic all over his hand it nearly tickled him!
Edmondia: She squirmed delightfully. "That's horrible poetry! Do it again."
EnsTren: "Hell, sometimes I don't even Rhyme right, my lady fair. How much more magic do I dare?" Slide his fingers up and down inside her cleft
Edmondia: Shredded sheets.
EnsTren: Tiny green sparks.
EnsTren: Add his mouth to equasion.
Edmondia: Wow. Loud.
EnsTren: Good!
Edmondia: And she appeared to have ripped up part of the mattress.
EnsTren: He'd fix that, really he would, later, before he turned back into owen
Edmondia: Assuming she stopped making such interesting noises, or doing that thing with her tail, or eying him like he was a piece of meat.
EnsTren: Which wasn't so bad, so long as she didn't intend to cut him like a piece of meat.
Edmondia: Judging by the gleam in her eye and the curl of her smile, that probably wasn't her intent.
EnsTren: That was good!
EnsTren: Purr at her and continue with finger wiggling
Edmondia: Pretty interesting noises!
EnsTren: Kiss her.
Edmondia: It was a good thing that she'd picked up some human habits over the past millennia. She was very good at trying to suck out his tonsils.
EnsTren: Of course he returned the favor!
Edmondia: She flipped him over and pinned him.
EnsTren: He really liked that about her, assertive.
Edmondia: Granted, his tunic might never be the same, but he wasn't going to complain much about what she did after she shredded it.
EnsTren: He smiled and wondered what the three or Daddy dearest would do if they knew what his entertainment was.
Edmondia: ...fucking with the Three's favorite toy.
EnsTren: He laughed a little.
Edmondia: She tugged on his hair. "That'd better be because you had an amusing thought," she growled playfully against his ear, "Otherwise I'll have to hurt you."
EnsTren: "Very amusing, irking my sisters amusing."
Edmondia: "Good." She bit him.
EnsTren: He bit back
Edmondia: She slid on top of him and wriggled in very interesting ways.
EnsTren: Ooh! Both hands on her hips, very nice and firm there
Edmondia: She slid her talons along the ridges in his wings and kissed him.
EnsTren: He smiled against her kiss and returned it, hands sliding up her sides
Edmondia: Cozy-warm as they joined, her voice a pleased growl against his ear.
EnsTren: Flicking his ears. Rocking, rolling his hips.
Edmondia: She settled more fully against him with a purr, biting his neck.
EnsTren: White colored skin, baring his neck.
Edmondia: She wrapped her wings, arms, and tail around him, rocking slowly. Growl, soft, pleased, from where her teeth were still buried in his skin.
EnsTren: He didn't bleed, couldn't unless he thought about it or made a perfect form. His wings slid under hers, his tail to her leg. Ah, this was fine entertainment indeed
Edmondia: And he didn't even have to leave home to enjoy it.
EnsTren: And he was pissing off his sisters at the same time
Edmondia: And probably most of the gargoyles and Elisa.
EnsTren: Sex really made Demona calm down--as much as a gargoyle frozen in time mid PMS could calm down. And if Elisa got her panties in a twist and Goliath's loin cloath bunched under his tail--well it wasn't his fault they weren't getting laid. Hell he helpe it along. That was probably why they were so cranky about him getting laid in the first place.
Edmondia: Well, it wasn't his fault that Goliath was shy.
EnsTren: Maybe he should give Elisa a rope and complimentary certificate for lasso lessons
EnsTren: (and sleep? or nap rather?)
Edmondia: (nap - I have to be up in an hour to let the Orkin guy in to spray for insects :P)