EnsTren: I think demona started flirting just to mess with dacy and owen
EnsTren: ohoh
EnsTren: and isn't it a conflict of intrest? nightstone and xanatos aren't friends
Edmondia: think romeo and juliet, but with less star-crossed love and more snarking
Edmondia: and as Puck put it to David, "There's no conflict of interest when my only interest is in her body."
Edmondia: so they don't really see it as an issue
EnsTren: *pats goliath*
Edmondia: now there's an issue for ya :P
EnsTren: am seeing one of the garg trio saying something about his practices, that it's not real because he, being puck, didn't even fly her
Edmondia: what's not real, the sex? *blinksu*
Edmondia: or the relationship, if you can call it that?
EnsTren: relationship I think
Edmondia: well, it's not like either one of them is looking for a mate
EnsTren: but, at least the wyvern clan, mates for life, like mariage
Edmondia: truetrue
Edmondia: but Demona is a divorcee
EnsTren: which is probably mentally weirded them out
Edmondia: *thinks* well, so is Goliath, and he's all swoony over Elisa
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: is that also not a 'real' relationship?
EnsTren: they haven't mated
Edmondia: aha
EnsTren: that's still courtship
EnsTren: fucking without flying is not real
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: or rather maybe they accused him of not flying her the way a macho idiot boy would accuse another boy of using a condom
Edmondia: hm. interesting.
Edmondia: they're a bit stuck in the gargoyle mindset.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: "I don't want to be her mate, I just want to screw her"
Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: true enough
Edmondia: methinks she would be equally perturbed at the suggestion that they be mates
EnsTren: he's a better choice than thailog
Edmondia: true enough.
Edmondia: certainly nicer and less manipulative
EnsTren: better in bed
Edmondia: prettier
Edmondia: hmn, she's probably a double-divorcee, now that I think about it
EnsTren: true
Edmondia: sucks for her
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: some how I doubt thailog ever went down on her
Edmondia: juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust a little bit of doubt there, yes. :P
EnsTren: does she repay the favor
Edmondia: yup.
EnsTren: makes him happy
Edmondia: yup
Edmondia: very equivalent-trade based relationship, methinks
EnsTren: Broadway: *on finding out she did that to him* How'd you get her to do that?
Angela: *unseen, looming, becoming more momlike*
Puck: I did it to her first
Broadway: eww! that's disgusting, there?! ick!

Edmondia: XD!
Edmondia: "And you're not willing to do that for the woman you love? Tsk tsk... Angela, you might want to look into taking a more considerate mate."
EnsTren: "I think I'll just fix this one"
Edmondia: "Sounds delightful. Do tell me how you manage!"
EnsTren: "I will, I'm going to ask mother for tips."
Edmondia: Chuckle. "She's quite inventive, I'm sure you'll learn a lot from her."
EnsTren: "Certainly"
Edmondia: "Once he learns his lesson, you can come back and ask about the more... inventive things."
EnsTren: "Maybe I will"
EnsTren: Goliath: *havign issues*
Puck: what? jealous she didn't do it to you.

Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: I think part of it is that it's very interspecies, too
EnsTren: Puck: Look at it this way, Goliath-baby, if she and I can enjoy ourselves it's just a good sign you and E-Lii-saaaa can work it out
Edmondia: "Of course, the whole mating thing might be a trick with you two. Elisa isn't exactly capable of flight."
EnsTren: "Course you're big enough you can carry her"
Edmondia: Snicker. "Better hope you're not too big, however."
EnsTren: Duck!
Edmondia: "Well, that was rude."
EnsTren: "Good to know you still have testosterone"
Edmondia: "Now, the thing to remember about sex with humans is that they're so fragile..."
EnsTren: Skip backwards to avoid that strike
EnsTren: Hmn, maybe he should be recording this?
Edmondia: He should fix the security cameras so they picked up sound and visuals. Hours of entertainment!
EnsTren: Davey would like watching his own exploites
Edmondia: Bit of an ego on that one. And Goliath was simply too precious to go unrecorded.
Edmondia: "And they're not all that flexible. Have to watch out for popping bones out of joint."
EnsTren: Hmn--he wondered if demona would mind performign for a camera?
Edmondia: He wasn't sure if she was that uninhibited.
EnsTren: Well maybe she was--but probably only to watch it again and critique his performance.
Edmondia: Still, critiques only made the next performance better.
Edmondia: And really, it was a pity - he was probably giving her the best sex she'd had in the last thousand years or so.
EnsTren: And he could shoot back volleys just as good.
Edmondia: (?)
EnsTren: (critique her back)
Edmondia: (ah)
Edmondia: She probably wouldn't mind the criticism - and he was very good at ducking if she did.
EnsTren: And he could always amuse--or please, her back into good humor
Edmondia: Really, if you approached her the right way she didn't get all spastic and homicidal.
EnsTren: And...almost welcoming
Edmondia: Certainly receptive to any advances paid to her.
EnsTren: Really, if you've flattered oberon effectively you can flatter them all
Edmondia: And Demona was much more attractive than Oberon.
EnsTren: Sex...with oberon?
Edmondia: That would be a new and different kind of incest, he supposed.
EnsTren: That is if tania didn't kill him
Edmondia: Which she probably would. She could be surprisingly possessive, sometimes.
EnsTren: Getting killed by tania would be better than what Oberon would do if he slept with Tania
Edmondia: Oberon certainly didn't care what she had done when they were divorced, but now that they were remarried...
EnsTren: Shoot, he missed his chance to be the first to try out something new. Ah well, they'd always divorce again
Edmondia: Presumably, at any rate. They'd seemed to grow up a bit over the past thousand years, especially Titania.
EnsTren: OBeron...not so much
EnsTren: He'd eventually piss her off again
Edmondia: Though they'd first gotten divorced because she had pissed him off... which was impressive, considering his complete infatuation.
EnsTren: Puppy love really
Edmondia: Well, it certainly was a very long-lasting form of puppy love.
EnsTren: He was even more sweet on Tania than Goliath on Elisa
Edmondia: And that was especially impressive, considering he was perfectly aware that she manipulated him left right and centre.
EnsTren: Of course he was also certain that he was manipulating her right back. Really he didn't stand a chance without him
Edmondia: Oh well, he'd known what he was doing when he asked her to marry him again. Love equaled insanity even for their own kind.
EnsTren: He was a big ole sap
Edmondia: Easy enough to manipulate, that way.
EnsTren: He wondered if they had a fight yet withotu him there to smooth things over. Wait, avalon time warp, they'd still be in honeymoon stage unless somethign went really wrong
Edmondia: Doubtful. Titania was pleased with the way things had worked out for Fox, Oberon was happy that she was happy, and both of them seemed pleased with his own baby.
EnsTren: He didn't like thinking about that though, he reflected as he floated up near the ceiling. Did she want him out of avalon? She was sneaky, the only one more so than he. It made him paranoid
Edmondia: Then again, it was a very good thing that Keiran was being raised away from the court. Was that her scheme, to keep the Three away from her grandchildren?
EnsTren: She had been as surprised as anyone that he found Keiran. If she had known she would have told Oberon or someone who'd be able to finish him--he might have died doing it. Infact he almost did
Edmondia: ...perhaps her original scheme had just been for Alex's sake, to give him an education, yet keep him safe.
EnsTren: And cost him his life?
Edmondia: ...well, it wasn't as if he was her son, not really. Not the way Alex was her grandson.
EnsTren: She had raised him
Edmondia: ...so, she preferred her mostly-mortal grandchild that she never saw to the boy that she raised. Fine. He could deal with that just fine.
EnsTren: ...He needed to talk to Demona.
EnsTren: After all, if his real father, and best friend, could sentance him to a slow lingering Death, then certainly it wasn't past her.
Edmondia: She'd always seemed to prefer the Three anyway. Probably because they were all hers.
EnsTren: Never mind he had called her 'Mama,' nevermind how she laboured over his wrists.
Edmondia: ...maybe she just didn't like him now that he was grown.
Edmondia: The Three were his younger sisters, after all, and Alex was just a baby.
EnsTren: Maybe she held it against him all the times he had helped Oberon against her
Edmondia: Well, he'd certainly needed the help at times - especially during her constant affairs.
EnsTren: Yes, that was it. Because...how could she wish...what she did onto someone as loveable as me without reason.
Edmondia: She always had her reasons. Always.
EnsTren: Even if it was putting someone she'd never meet and never spend much time with over his avalon damned life!
Edmondia: ...it's not like he was needed for anything anyway, not anymore.
EnsTren: And when they needed a Puck again, he'd have already trained his replacement.
EnsTren: She hadn't known abotu Keiran, so she hadn't planed for him. Alex would have gone to avalon, been a trickster without nearly as much problems going around because of royal blood considering he was three forths human.
EnsTren: Being that much human ment he'd be more controlable than himself.
Edmondia: And much more inclined to listen to his more powerful elders.
EnsTren: And not annoy Oberon with the obvious mimicing.
Edmondia: It wouldn't have shown nearly as much, anyway - Alexander's coloring was entirely human.
EnsTren: So no reminders to the court about Oberon's heir.
Edmondia: Kind of morbid, really. Don't remind anyone that there's a possible replacement.
EnsTren: No replacement, can't overthrow without even a figurehead. And no one would follow even a half human.
Edmondia: He'd gone from being absolutely vital to the survival of the kingdom to something to be tucked away and ignored.
EnsTren: Or exiled and killed. But not overtly of course--people would get in an uproar and defete the purpose of getting him out of the way.
Edmondia: He frowned a little. All Titania's thoughts, of course - Oberon had decidedly wanted him back.
EnsTren: Out of love or posession? Even if he was her tool it was still his drive--she just pointed him. And he had been the one to enact the death sentance.
Edmondia: ...possession, then. If he couldn't have him then no one else would.
EnsTren: Not even his student. Because someday there wouldn't have been anything for him to teach him, and a long enough time between needing to be protected and he'd age and die.
Edmondia: ...Keiran had changed that.
EnsTren: ...They let him back on to save his life, to save Keiran's life. What made them willing to save keiran but not him?
Edmondia: ...they'd been desperate to defend him when he had been a little boy. Was it his youth?
EnsTren: ...If keiran grew up would they wish him dead too?
Edmondia: ...Keiran was a quiet child. Perhaps they thought they could control him better?
EnsTren: He'd never let them.
Edmondia: Keiran was his.
EnsTren: He'd kill them. Living in the mortal world worked for them, it let them get stronger, faster
Edmondia: More clever and able.
EnsTren: Already Keiran could stand more iron than any other child he had met. And Goliath would support him, and if Goliath supported him then the avalon clan would, and they were proof against Oberon.
Edmondia: ...one could say many things about Demona, all of which were true and few of which were flattering, but she was a wonderful mother. She would defend his son.
EnsTren: Was she of Goliath's clan really?
Edmondia: Maybe only genetically. Angela was a disturbing suggestion of how she could have once been, but thankfully the girl was growing out if it.
EnsTren: Posibilities were spiraling in his subconsiance.
Edmondia: She was a good fighter, too. Once Keiran was old enough to shapeshift, she could teach him how to fight as a gargoyle...
EnsTren: And if you could fight as a gargoyle you would know how to counter a gargoyle fighting
Edmondia: So that would take care of one race...
EnsTren: She was of Mab's line, he'd be growing older as Keiran grew up, he'd be getting stronger too and he'd be able to stand against any of the other children. Another Mabling on his side...
EnsTren: Also given how long this would all take, generations of Gargoyles--and time to phase Demona back into the clan.
Edmondia: The young ones would look to her for guidance, perhaps even a new sorcerer would spring up in the line...
EnsTren: Elisa. Elisa was fey touched through her father. Phasing her into the line, any sorcerers that arose from her line might be able to learn to use avalon's magic without illness--aat least minorly.
Edmondia: ...perhaps through her sister, or even Derek. There was the minor issue of the impossibility of a human/gargoyle hybrid.
EnsTren: Magic.
EnsTren: It would help his plan, he would use magic and say it was for their benifit.
Edmondia: If she took a few months off from work, consented to being a gargoyle long enough to lay an egg...
EnsTren: Or even do it via science.
EnsTren: He giggled, or he could turn Goliath into a female
Edmondia: Elisa would make a striking male gargoyle, and Goliath would be simply lovely.
EnsTren: Course mood swinging Goliath was a frightening thought.
Edmondia: The castle probably wouldn't survive it.
EnsTren: it was okay though.
EnsTren: Police had materinity leave.
Edmondia: And there was Demona.
EnsTren: Surrogate mother?
Edmondia: ...she'd have problems bearing children at all, with the constant switching between forms. But she could certainly raise children.
EnsTren: He could change his magic on her.
Edmondia: Long enough for her to find a nice young gargoyle and make and lay an egg, perhaps. She'd like that, wouldn't she? She'd missed out on the chance to raise Angela...
EnsTren: He certainly wasn't going to be the father
EnsTren: Well, father perhaps, he liked children, but he wasn't going to be the sperm doner
Edmondia: The last thing the world needed was another halfling, and he had Keiran already - it was always a terrible idea for a fey to have more than one child at a time.
EnsTren: Look at how the three turned out
Edmondia: Granted, they had been triplets, which was an entirely bizzare occurance.
EnsTren: Look at Aliel
Edmondia: Granted, there were extenuating circumstances, but he was still miffed about the fact that he'd tried to kill him.
EnsTren: He tried to remember how his parents had treated him when the three had been born
Edmondia: Well, he remembered the look on Oberon's face when he realized that there were three of his daughter instead of just one.
EnsTren: Did he have any more memories?
Edmondia: ...gently being shooed away to play instead of staying with his mother, he remembered that.
EnsTren: Daughters were a mother's thing, did daddy play with him?
Edmondia: Yes, daddy took him out to play in the tall grass, told him that he had to be a big brother now. Showed him pretty birds in the trees.
EnsTren: He loved his father back then. His daddy.
Edmondia: His father had loved him back then too, he was sure.
EnsTren: He rubbed his cheek and thought hard, rooting through millenia of memories.
EnsTren: Maybe he should start at an easier place and go backwards from there. When had he been declared puck? It was certainly something he was proud of, he'd want to recall that subconsiacely.
Edmondia: He'd been young, very young, but older than when the Three had been born - maybe... maybe when he was what would be the equivalent to a human in the early stages of being a teenager?
EnsTren: He shifted his jaw, a flitter of...worry or something like that. How old would have the three been?
Edmondia: Still small girls clinging to their mother's skirts.
EnsTren: Old enough to be presented at court?
Edmondia: No, just a few decades too young for that, he thought.
EnsTren: ...Oberon was good at planing ahead, Titania was better. What were decades to them after all?
Edmondia: ...so, he'd been replaced.
EnsTren: And the three were older now--but still doted upon, after all they did little things for their king now, and had been allowed to remain behind.
Edmondia: ...why hadn't they taken his role as servant?
EnsTren: Not clever enough. Manipulitive, yes, but no where near fun or intresting enough.
EnsTren: So servants, prime servants, but not right hands to him.
Edmondia: Oberon had never been particularly impressed with his daughters, if memory served.
EnsTren: Useful, but uninspired.
Edmondia: Funny, most little girls were spoiled by their daddies, but he didn't think the Three had ever called him daddy.
EnsTren: When had he stopped?
Edmondia: ...probably when he had become the Puck, he thought. By that time, Oberon had thrown himself fully into running the kingdom, and it had been clear that he wasn't going anywhere for a very long time - he'd needed a right hand more than an heir by then.
EnsTren: ...And he was to be hidden.
EnsTren: Or rather forgotten.
Edmondia: For various reasons, he remembered now, being held in his father's arms as he explained what was happening.
EnsTren: Did he realize he was being put aside?
Edmondia: ...did even Oberon realize it?
EnsTren: Oberon wasn't as clever as his lady, but he was a trickster king.
Edmondia: He'd talked about his need for help, the need for him to travel freely, the need for his son to fade into the background for safety's sake.
EnsTren: Liar.
Edmondia: But at the time, he hadn't questioned - had simply listened and absorbed what he was saying - such an honor to be chosen to serve at his father's side.
EnsTren: Never mind he had been heir before.
Edmondia: But he had been a little boy, and serving was his first real responsibility, and he'd be able to move around without his father fussing about him being safe.
EnsTren: How foolish he had been back then!
Edmondia: ...but what little boy didn't believe what his daddy told him?
EnsTren: What kind of daddy was his father?
Edmondia: ...maybe it was worse now because he'd been so wonderful when he was still small.
EnsTren: He hadn't wanted to kill him when he was still small.
Edmondia: He'd been rather obsessed with protecting him, instead.
EnsTren: Not giving him a slow lingering death.
Edmondia: ...but he had thrown Aliel out in a time when few ventured past the shores into the World.
EnsTren: A long time ago, when he still cared.
Edmondia: When he'd been afraid of the look on his father's face as his brother was banished.
EnsTren: The same look he had given him when he had been banished?
Edmondia: ...he'd only seen a glimpse, that first time, in the mirror in the instant before Aliel was hurled through it.
EnsTren: Aliel had a chance to live, he had survived a long long time
Edmondia: ...Aliel was rather stupid, though.
EnsTren: So? he got to keep his magic, his immortality
Edmondia: He wasn't as much of a threat, that was why.
EnsTren: He had never wanted to hurt his daddy. But his daddy had thrown him out and wasn't his daddy anymore.
EnsTren: He had never wanted the crown
Edmondia: His baby didn't want it either.
EnsTren: Oberon...and Titania, would hurt them if one of them didn't have it eventually.
Edmondia: (?)
EnsTren: (obie and tania will hurt him and keiran if they stayed around)
Edmondia: (around where?)
EnsTren: (alive.)
Edmondia: (huh? why?)
EnsTren: (Obie and tania fucked him over and tried to kill him in an inconspicuous was)
EnsTren: (kieran will grow up, they'll be mean to keiran)
EnsTren: (so puck thinks he's eventually going to have to do to them what they did to mab so his family will be safe.)
Edmondia: (ah. scary.)
EnsTren: (he's getting paranoid)
Edmondia: (...surprisingly, I think Demona might be able to help him through that)
EnsTren: (yes)
EnsTren: He stopped hovering around the ceiling and took to hovering over Demona's bed.
Edmondia: (what time of day is it?)
EnsTren: (pick. or pick her to be else where in the world)
EnsTren: (but night since he was playing with goli)
Edmondia: (if she's in bed, she's probably human and catnapping before work)
EnsTren: (he knows her bed better than anyplace else in her home.)
Edmondia: (heh)
Edmondia: (so it's probably a bit before dawn, in which case she's a gargoyle and catnapping)
EnsTren: "Demona?"
Edmondia: She went "mnrph" and chucked a pillow at his head.
EnsTren: "I think my parents tried to assasinate me."
Edmondia: She sat up and stared at him. "The hell?"
EnsTren: "Titania is better at planing and adlibbing than me, though it wounds me to admit that."
Edmondia: She held a hand up, yawning hugely. "Just a moment. Get me coffee, then come here."
EnsTren: "Mm, sure." Float off through the wall to the coffee machine that was keeping fresh coffee warm. Ah the wonder of programable timers. Black, three sugars and one spoon, he brought it back to her and sat tailor style on the bed next to her
Edmondia: She downed the coffee swiftly, rubbed at her eyes with the back of her hand, then curled around him, pillowing her head on his thigh with another yawn. "Okay, start again."
EnsTren: "I have no mother, Mab made me with her son's magic--Oberon's magic."
Edmondia: She blinked slowly, digesting that, then nodded.
EnsTren: "I don't know if you know this but there are basically two types of fey. Fey like me, Oberon, Titania and Keiran. And everyone else. We're...more, wilder."
Edmondia: Another few blinks. "Wilder how?"
EnsTren: "The diffrence between a dust devil and the wind screaming in a winter storm. Between the things that lurk in the day and the hidden wildness in night."
Edmondia: She frowned thoughtfully, then nodded.
EnsTren: "The three are Oberon's and Titania's biological children, so was Aliel, they didn't inherit this"
Edmondia: Another nod.
EnsTren: "He was my father and she was my mother. A few decades before the trio would be old enough to be presented at court I was made puck."
EnsTren: "I was heir, but I was turned into his right hand, to move freely and be his servant."
Edmondia: "So it is a title and a position instead of a name?"
EnsTren: (brb)
EnsTren: (phone is needed)
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Edmondia: (k)
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Edmondia: (mew)
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EnsTren: "Yes, it is, though it also supants my name, espically after so long. But most consider me to be Oberon's only heir, despite the three." An artistic shrug, "I never cared, didn't want the throne"
Edmondia: "Royalty is often more trouble than it's worth," she observed quietly.
EnsTren: He shruged. "Oberon became, instead of my father, my best friend, and my master--which is diffrent than what I have with David. He's my boss, but he doesn't rule my life"
Edmondia: "I have difficulty believing that anyone could rule your life."
EnsTren: "I got around it, very well, but bottom line is Oberon is God on Avalon."
Edmondia: She nodded, stretching a little. "Go on."
EnsTren: A sigh, "Titania controls him, steers him, he knows, it's a game they play, and I as well. I helped him play tricks on her. She manipulates, I helped him get back at her."
Edmondia: "I see."
EnsTren: "She knew what she was doing. And they have a disturbing tendancy to put aside children."
Edmondia: "How so?"
EnsTren: "I had a brother, which they let Mab bring up. There's myself made to Puck rather than heir, the three who were doted on, but much younger..."
EnsTren: "And they like keiran."
EnsTren: "You know, Oberon needed a gargoyle dog to find me?"
Edmondia: She blinked. "He did?"
EnsTren: "Yes. And I was right infront of him and he didn't know I was me until Owen changed into me, do you know why?"
Edmondia: "No idea."
EnsTren: "Because Owen, Is, Mortal. The shape is utterly perfect. Iron has no more effect on him than it would on you."
EnsTren: "And I...I was banned from using magic unless teaching or protecting Alexander."
Edmondia: "...isn't that dangerous for you?"
EnsTren: He rolled over and folded his hands behind his head, "Owen ages, Demona. He gave me a death sentance. I reset the body every time I transform, but eventually I wouldn't have to teach him, or protect him. Or he would have been died and my one out would have been gone."
EnsTren: "I...I was going to die. And no one on Avalon would really know about it, I would have gotten killed, they wouldn't know it was what Oberon decreed."
Edmondia: She was quiet, but snuggled against his side and pulled him into her arms.
EnsTren: "Titania never sees Alex, won't see him for more than a few weeks out of his life time. But his life and safety was put over my life. She raised me! She brought me up as if I was her own son! She fixed my arms..."
EnsTren: Settling quiet. "And Oberon...really was my father. And he looked at me the same way he looked at Aliel when he banished him for trying to kill me"
Edmondia: She stroked her talons softly through his hair and kissed his jaw.
EnsTren: "Killing me out right makes me a a mryter I guess. Doing it this way, slow, and getting me out of the way so no one thinks of me. No me, no replacement for if they ever decide to over throw Oberon"
EnsTren: "From Heir, from absolutely vital to the kingdom to Servant, right hand to the throne yes, but servant. From there to exile, to forgotten, to dead."
Edmondia: "Why were you exiled?" She was petting him gently.
EnsTren: "Because I didn't keep my head down. Do you remember when everyone in the city fell asleep spontanously?"
Edmondia: "I imagine I was asleep at the time."
EnsTren: "It was in the news, lots of car accidents, doctors falling asleep mid surgery..."
Edmondia: "Ah."
EnsTren: "Titania is Fox's mother. She came to get alex, steal him away like in the stories and take him to avalon so he'd learn magic"
Edmondia: "...he's only a quarter fey, then. Why bother?"
EnsTren: "He's of the royal line. Oberon came there looking for me. And they like raising children. Besides, getting the baby would have made titania happy, and he's more gaga over her than broadway is over Angela"
Edmondia: "I see."
EnsTren: "She wanted him trained. She had her I on me, probably to get me off of Avalon."
EnsTren: He drew lines on the comforter. "He probably realized it too. I set up defences for Xanatos, and then ran. But...I couldn't...David's my friend too."
Edmondia: She nuzzled a kiss beneath his ear.
EnsTren: "So, when everything was about to go to hell I went back up, and I fought my lord--Luckly grandpa Xanatos hit him with a harpoon to the chest."
Edmondia: "...so you chose your friend over your father?"
EnsTren: "And my Lord. But I had given my word to David, he intrigued me, he knew me as Owen under Renard. But I went to him as puck, and I offered him immortality, or a life time of service from Owen."
Edmondia: "He made the wiser choice," she murmured.
EnsTren: "He did, and I couldn't break my word."
EnsTren: "So I was banished and bound to a babe for all of eternity--except I didn't have eternity"
Edmondia: "Just as long as the child lived."
EnsTren: "Right."
Edmondia: "...somehow I doubt your lord thought that far ahead."
EnsTren: "Unless of course Oberon decided to have me passed down like an heirloom."
EnsTren: "Titania does."
Edmondia: "...I see."
EnsTren: "They...they're getting rid of me."
EnsTren: "They had effectively assinated me if it wasn't for Keiran."
EnsTren: "Neither of them could plot for Keiran. Pure luck that David found him, his siblings were all dead and it near killed me to wake him fully"
Edmondia: "Why didn't it?"
EnsTren: "Oberon came thinking I was doign something he had forbidden, found me dying and lent me his power. After all, if I die who's going to take care of Alex?"
Edmondia: "His grandmother, of course - she'd truly have a reason to take the child and raise him, then."
EnsTren: "She couldn't, Oberon said they could keep the child. They'd have to take the family to Avalon, or send someone else here. Keiran changed my whole dynamic, espically because he's a mabling."
Edmondia: "Oberon strikes me as the kind of person who feels free to re-interpret his own edicts."
EnsTren: "Oh he is, but that doesn't make him always right."
Edmondia: "And that would stop him from doing so?"
EnsTren: "He can only bend them so far. And it would piss Tania off."
Edmondia: "Even if it meant she could have her grandchild always with her?"
EnsTren: "I don't think she intended to take him in the first place"
Edmondia: "She just wanted him trained?"
EnsTren: "Yes, she didn't want to hurt her daughter by taking her child away."
Edmondia: "...your kind is entirely too occupied with intrigues."
EnsTren: He shruged.
EnsTren: He rubbed his wrists through his bracers.
Edmondia: She draped a wing over him. "If he is as infatuated as you say, why did she not simply tell him what she desired?"
EnsTren: "No fun, and he might not give me up."
Edmondia: "He would choose you over his wife?"
EnsTren: "He doesn't stand a chance against her manipulations without me"
Edmondia: "Yet here you are, and he is with her."
EnsTren: "Keiran. And eventually they'll try to take him away and throw him away too, just like me."
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "They did it to me, and they brought me up. She healed me, twice."
Edmondia: She squeezed him softly. "They're not raising him."
EnsTren: "They can't take him away from me right now, he's still feeding off of my magic."
Edmondia: "Why didn't they take him earlier?"
EnsTren: "Couldn't, they didn't know he existed. It got to him first, I started making him, and after that they couldn't interfear."
Edmondia: "Why not?"
EnsTren: "Can you take a child out of one egg and put it in another?"
Edmondia: "Hmn." She shifted, pulling him closer. "Even with magic?"
EnsTren: "No."
Edmondia: "Why did he bother, then?"
EnsTren: "I'm a bother to replace--if I don't train Alex he's not going to have a replacement"
Edmondia: "Alex will die eventually, and no full-blood would ever let a halfling give them lessons. They'd run out of replacements."
EnsTren: "No, you don't understand. No one would follow a half-blood. So I train him, he inevitable becomes a trickster, and to avalon he goes."
EnsTren: "No political or power threat, no one will listen to him, and he'll be weaker than me."
Edmondia: "And how would someone who has been raised off of Avalon and is powerless be of any use to anyone?"
EnsTren: "Brains, baby. Brains. And he'd have enough power to be amusing and do most of the shit Oberon had me do."
Edmondia: "Brains mean little without experience."
EnsTren: "Which he'd get"
EnsTren: "Oberon would end up giving him immortality. I wouldn't be able to get to him, so no point in changing if he was in danger, so I wouldn't be able to, and voi la, I die of old age."
Edmondia: "Why bother having a child if all you are planning to do is kill it?"
EnsTren: "Mab gave me to Oberon. And...well I'd like to think they cared about me at first."
Edmondia: "So why would that change?"
EnsTren: "It's been millenia"
Edmondia: "That hardly makes you less their child."
EnsTren: "I think the fact they wanted me dead prooves that I'm not"
Edmondia: "...which one of them wanted you dead, do you think?"
EnsTren: "...Titania. I...I can hope away that Oberon was being a stupid butthead and not thinking ahead. But she ALWAYS thinks ahead."
Edmondia: "If he made his decision in the heat of the moment, isn't it possible that she too was taken by surprise?"
EnsTren: "POssible but unlikely."
EnsTren: "It doesn't change the fact she wanted me off the island."
Edmondia: "To look after your nephew."
EnsTren: "Off the island though. First out of the the family and into the court. Then out of the court because I'd be too close to Oberon. Now out of the island."
Edmondia: She shifted around a little, squeezing him softly. "She knew you were friends with Xanatos - perhaps she wanted to be sure that you were the one who could care for her grandchild."
EnsTren: "...I could never go home."
EnsTren: "I could never be around others of my own kind again."
EnsTren: "David's nice, I like him but he...he doesn't get it."
EnsTren: Squease back. "I'm allowed to visit Avalon, so I don't keel over from magical exhaustion. Oberon's law says you have to protect children and keep them from dying, it overides his personal decree against me."
EnsTren: "BUt he banned me from ever going home."
EnsTren: "Even if he was doing it in the heat of the moment and didn't realize that he was killing me, he said I could never go home again. That I'd never be with anyone like me again."
Edmondia: "...is he planning to keep the whole of your race on Avalon for the rest of eternity?"
EnsTren: "Possibly. But even then, I earned his ire, no one would come near me for fear of it rubbing off. Oh yeah and because I couldn't use magic it would be fairly easy for the three to finally off me."
Edmondia: "Why would they be able to leave?"
EnsTren: "He let them stay last time"
Edmondia: "Are they always exempt from his rules?"
EnsTren: "He makes exceptions. After all, someone had to stay and guard the island"
Edmondia: "So why would anyone be sent outside now?"
EnsTren: "It's the gathering, when the party's over he might let them go, or at least loosen the reins. Oh right, and if anyone wishes to issue a formal challenge for my title," shrug.
Edmondia: "I see. Would anyone really be that stupid?"
EnsTren: "If I can't use my magic, yep. But I can, so they'll die."
Edmondia: "Hmn." She idly stroked his cheek. "So your parents abandoned you..."
EnsTren: "And possibly want me dead."
Edmondia: "Somehow I doubt that."
EnsTren: "Why not? It makes good sence"
Edmondia: "You're a parent."
Edmondia: "Does it make sense to that side of you?"
EnsTren: "As long as Keiran's boudn to me they won't."
EnsTren: "Oberon tossed his biological son into the abyss."
EnsTren: "Where I think Mab, impossibily, managed to kill him."
Edmondia: "Why did he do that?"
EnsTren: "He tried to kill me rather recently actually"
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "Because Oberon payed more attention to me than him."
Edmondia: "So why are you not dead?"
EnsTren: "Luck, brains, and experiance."
Edmondia: "If people are allowed to kill you for your position, why did Oberon get involved?"
EnsTren: "He didn't challenge me."
Edmondia: "But as an exile, you were no longer Oberon's concern, correct?"
EnsTren: "Keeping Titania happy is, which means keeping Alex alive"
Edmondia: "Was Alex there?"
EnsTren: "Yep. Remember when we were listening to the speach of doom and the AC crapped out and the mercs popped out?"
Edmondia: "Oh, that."
EnsTren: "Could have killed her daughter"
Edmondia: "I didn't notice any magic then."
EnsTren: "Ugly teadybears, trust me there was magic--though not much by our standards"
Edmondia: "So when did Oberon show up?"
EnsTren: (*goes to check!*)
Edmondia: (good idea :P)
EnsTren: "Broken bones and Aleil about to kill me."
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "If they can't feel me it probably means I failed and that Alex and Fox are in danger if not dead"
Edmondia: "Were they?"
EnsTren: "No."
EnsTren: "...Did you know Aliel was insane?"
Edmondia: She snorted softly. "No. Does that make a difference?"
EnsTren: "He went insane because he was banished."
Edmondia: She kissed him.
EnsTren: He kissed her back, hand in her hair and sighing comfortably.
Edmondia: She squeezed him softly, nuzzling his cheek.
EnsTren: "Course I probably wouldn't have lived long enough to go insane." How bitter he sounded!
EnsTren: That was her shitck.
Edmondia: "Did they know?"
EnsTren: "They had to be checkign up on him to make sure he didn't do anything stupid to the humans"
Edmondia: "Wouldn't Oberon's law have enforced that?"
EnsTren: "Oberon got away with being the reason for hundreds of deaths. Quite a few of us are worshiped as gods. Trust me he'd be able to get a round it"
Edmondia: "To Oberon, you were a traitor, and to Titania, you were trustworthy. Strange."
EnsTren: To both of them I was once a son
EnsTren: ""
Edmondia: "You still are."
EnsTren: "You don't plot to kill your sons"
Edmondia: "I'm still not sure they did."
Edmondia: "How could she have known how he would react?"
EnsTren: "She's his wife, she manipulates him like the illuminati manipulates teh world"
Edmondia: "They had been divorced for a thousand years," she pointed out. "Perhaps she is not still so skilled as you suppose her to be."
EnsTren: "She manipulated him into letting the eggs stay on avalon."
Edmondia: "But family is always a much more delicate matter."
EnsTren: "Consequences, she knew what they could be and dismissed them, going on with her plan"
Edmondia: "...perhaps she didn't take into account the fact that he still loved you."
EnsTren: "He doesn't."
Edmondia: "Why else would his reaction have been that extreme?"
EnsTren: "He's a possessive bastard"
EnsTren: "...Demona?"
Edmondia: "Hmn?"
EnsTren: "I want to get you back into the clan."
Edmondia: "..."
EnsTren: "I'm thinking of a time frame of three generations"
Edmondia: "..."
Edmondia: She abruptly turned over.
EnsTren: He turned to face her, bemused and curious.
EnsTren: He didn't say anything, only waited for a bit.
Edmondia: She was very quiet.
EnsTren: "You missed out on raising the clan's eggs, on your daughter. I don't see why you should miss out on your grandchildren, or great grandchildren."
Edmondia: "...I will not rejoin the clan," she said at length.
EnsTren: Tilt his head, "Why not?"
Edmondia: "I do not think I can live like that again," she replied shortly.
EnsTren: "Protecting humans or having a family?"
Edmondia: Her lip curled. "Both."
EnsTren: "I think the clan could do with having a voice of self preservation. And you can be the weird grandma everyone has."
EnsTren: "They can protect the humans all they want, you can protect something far more precious, the children."
Edmondia: "I can do that without being a part of the clan."
EnsTren: "I'd think that if you do that you'd be part of the clan"
Edmondia: "I'd rather not be."
EnsTren: "If you were the three wouldn't be able to fuck around with you anymore"
Edmondia: She snorted.
EnsTren: "Like you enjoyed being controled."
Edmondia: "How, pray tell, would being part of a clan effect any of that?"
EnsTren: "Oberon's decree, has to do with the eggs being Avalon's honor guard."
EnsTren: "Also my plot to over throw them so they can't hurt Keiran."
Edmondia: "...I really don't think that's necessary."
EnsTren: "Why not? They threw me out, give it a few more centuries they'll throw the three out. Now they have their eyes on Alex and keiran"
Edmondia: "I don't think it's quite the same situation."
EnsTren: "I don't trust them"
Edmondia: "I can tell," she murmured wryly, tapping his cheek with a talon. "But I also think you're overestimating Titania and underestimating Oberon."
EnsTren: Eyes down. "...I hate them."
Edmondia: "Hate is never that simple."
EnsTren: "Enraged by them, then. Never wanting to see them again, then."
Edmondia: "Mmm." She kissed his cheek.
EnsTren: "Madness, death, abandonment."
Edmondia: "Mistakes and consequences."
EnsTren: "They judged a bit of spite and people they barely interact with to be more important than life ending consequences on me."
Edmondia: "Mmm."
EnsTren: "Am I so uninportant to them?"
Edmondia: "If you were unimportant, they wouldn't have fucked up this badly."
EnsTren: "Not making sence there."
Edmondia: "Titania valued you enough to want you to protect and raise her grandchild. Oberon valued you enough to not want to let you go."
EnsTren: "That just means Titania knows what everyone else knows, I'm the best and I like kids. And Oberon is a fucking asshole"
Edmondia: "If Keiran turned against you in favor of a human friend, how would you feel?"
EnsTren: "Angry and curious as to why the fuck he did it. After all, I don't treat him like a servant or like crap, or like a whiping boy when It's my fault I fucked up because I didn't listen to him."
Edmondia: She pulled him into a kiss.
EnsTren: He kissed back, after all he had no reason not to. When they parted he snorted a glittering laugh. "If that's how you tell me to shut up I'll talk more often."
Edmondia: "If it's that effective, I'll do it more often."
EnsTren: He kissed her.
Edmondia: She kissed back.
EnsTren: Mm, romp. Romps were good for getting your mind off things
Edmondia: Also a good way to work off emotional energy in a pleasant way.
EnsTren: He smiled, "You know dear, Davey asked me why you."
Edmondia: She smirked. "Did he?"
EnsTren: "I told him it was because I didn't think he and Fox would be intrested in a threesom. His reaction was priceless espcially considering he was drinking coffee."
Edmondia: She snickered.
EnsTren: "Angela's starting to take after you, the catalyst was Broadway's reaction to paying back favours as a good and healthy way of getting head."
Edmondia: "Was he being stupidly male about it?"
EnsTren: "Yep!" Beam, "She should be stopping by sometime this week for advice."
Edmondia: Her grin bared fangs. "Good girl."
EnsTren: "She is your daughter!"
EnsTren: Now, back to romping.
Edmondia: Romping was good.
EnsTren: very fun
Edmondia: Especially when one's partner had plenty of appendages she wasn't afraid to use.
EnsTren: He liked that in a woman. The fearlessness and asertiveness, not the extra apendages--which were a bonus but not the main attractor
Edmondia: It made for very fun romping.
EnsTren: So romps away!
Edmondia: Good way to spend the last hours of the night.
EnsTren: And maybe even a post change perk me up for her
Edmondia: She made for a fairly attractive human, as well.
EnsTren: And it was kinky for him to be the one with the extra limbs
Edmondia: Unfortunately, she was a bit quieter when she was human.
EnsTren: But still Demona
Edmondia: He rather liked her.
EnsTren: Very fun, if a bit rude.
Edmondia: And she did listen when he rambled.
EnsTren: And he listened to her.
Edmondia: Romping-partner and therapy-partner. An odd combination, but it suited their unusual circumstances well enough.
EnsTren: He half hoped that Oberon woudl send the three to fetch him when he was curled up with her. That would be amusing
Edmondia: The looks on their faces would be positively delightful.
EnsTren: And then he'd blast them and go back to sleep
Edmondia: Ah, sleep, another wonderful thing.
EnsTren: Very enjoyable, good thing mortals invented it.
Edmondia: Especially nice with a sleepy warm satisfied partner to cuddle with.
EnsTren: practically family
Edmondia: Probably better than family, because family was mostly made up of bastards anyway.
EnsTren: Chosen family then. David and Fox and Alex and maybe a bit of Goliath's clan.
EnsTren: Screw oberon with a rusty nail
Edmondia: Here was infinitely better.
EnsTren: They threw him away after all. They stopped being his family. So he made his own. Dysfunctional yes, but much more functional than his old one.
Edmondia: And all his.
EnsTren: They'd never throw him out or use that 'I am your lord and master' trump card. Hells he even beat up David sometimes and he took it well.
EnsTren: They just...would never understand him. But that's what demona was for.
Edmondia: Not a mate, but a partner who could understand, who would listen.
EnsTren: Not an equal, in his mind that place was reserved for David--who may or may not be allowed to share it with Fox; but rather a..mirror.
Edmondia: Just like him, yet not.
EnsTren: Misery loves company. And orgasms were better with company.
Edmondia: So was post-coital snuggling.
EnsTren: It felt so good to finally touch someone again
Edmondia: Especially someone who touched back - and who knew who he was.
EnsTren: No lies.
EnsTren: Or at least very few
Edmondia: No need to pretend.
EnsTren: Time sharpend wits and magic sharpened sences. No pretending, no faking.
Edmondia: And she wasn't afraid of him.
EnsTren: He liked that in a girl
Edmondia: Even David got uneasy around him sometimes.
EnsTren: David could accept, but not understand. Mostly it was the Owen/Puck thing. And it was, partially, his fault, for making Puck and Owen seem more seperate than they were. Davey was smart, but it was hard for mortals to get their minds around that
Edmondia: And he did so hate to break character.
EnsTren: He was a proffesional after all.
Edmondia: And Owen was very fun to play.
EnsTren: Pitty he couldn't be Owen next to Vogel as much as he used to.
Edmondia: Now that had been hilarious.
EnsTren: Good memories
Edmondia: Demona poked him in the ribs when she grabbed a pillow to hide from the morning sun.
EnsTren: Grumble at her
Edmondia: She glared at him with one jade-green eye. "You kept me from my usual nap. Be grateful I'm not kicking you out of the bed."
EnsTren: "Mnph." Float off the bed with pillow wraped round his ears
Edmondia: She wriggled into his newly-vacated spot with a loud yawn. "See you tonight?" she invited lazily.
EnsTren: "Definetly. Thanks."
Edmondia: "Mnph." She waved an idle goodbye and tried to burrow under her pillow again.
EnsTren: He dropped his one her and quiet litterally popped out
Edmondia: Home again, home again, jiggity jig.
EnsTren: Yawn streach and go cuddle his son and curl up in bed.
Edmondia: Keiran woke up a little with a sleepy smile and a greeting of "Daddy smells like Miss 'Mona!"
EnsTren: "Daddy's been talking to Miss Demona and been taking a nap. Daddy's still tired too." Flop into bed with his son
Edmondia: Keiran curled into his arms and very solemnly offered his pillow to share.
EnsTren: Smile and pat his head, thank him and kiss his brow.
Edmondia: Keiran yawned, tucked his head under his chin, and was instantly asleep.
EnsTren: His daddy followed his example
Edmondia: (fin?)
EnsTren: (yep)
EnsTren: (how was that?)
Edmondia: (interesting trip through his psyche)
EnsTren: (paranoid abandonment issues little bugger, aint he?)
Edmondia: (yep)
Edmondia: (but that's how we like him)
EnsTren: (can't blame him really)
Edmondia: (true)
EnsTren: (keiran has been intructed not to talk to obie or tania)
Edmondia: (not too surprising)
EnsTren: (and he's not going to let go of ze sproglet while they are around)
Edmondia: (of course not)
EnsTren: (and fairly obvious with the 'i-don't-trust-you' and 'get-the-fuck-away-from-my-family' vibes)
Edmondia: (yup)
EnsTren: (*pets puck*)
Edmondia: (he's a special boi)
EnsTren: (*pokes obie and tania*)
Edmondia: (why do you poke 'em?)
EnsTren: (for their reactions to puck)
Edmondia: (sad)
EnsTren: (well you can expect him to just shrug off 'Oh, I'm going to die because titana was greedy and my father was an idiot')
Edmondia: (heh, yes)
Edmondia: (mmkay, bed)
EnsTren: (nai)