Edmondia: wem
EnsTren: MEW@
EnsTren: *glomp*
EnsTren: puck remains in my head
EnsTren: and he's teaching him combat magics like he learned when he was young
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: paranoia, planing, and worried about kidnapping attempts
EnsTren: alex has been taught combat magic too, but for use against humans only
EnsTren: aka: ugly teadybear transformation attack Go!

keiran gets antifey magic

Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: aka: *Boom!* *GISH!*
Edmondia: yup
EnsTren: he's taken her to demona to help him teach him
EnsTren: and also some basic hand to hand like garglings would learn
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: it's actually making demona a bit worried
Edmondia: oho? I can see that...
EnsTren: really, she'd start teaching the equivlent of hand guns, not anti tank missles
EnsTren: puck's like "Nonsence, I learned this when I was his apprent age"
Edmondia: "...was there a war on at the time?"
EnsTren: "Yep, against Mab."
Edmondia: "Is there a war on now?"
EnsTren: "Eventually maybe."
Edmondia: "...I know this will sound strange coming from me, but have you considered talking to them about this?"
EnsTren: "He said, and I quote: I am unintrested in your explination."
Edmondia: "You do have a grandchild."
EnsTren: "I trust him as far as I can throw him. And I wanted to throw him off the Erie but he'd just fly back up"
Edmondia: "You should talk to him, I think."
EnsTren: "If I talk to him he's going to end up loosing his temper, trying to issue another edict or smack me."
Edmondia: "Even when you're holding your son?"
EnsTren: Quiet for a bit, "I don't want to risk it."
Edmondia: "You said yourself that he treats young children well."
EnsTren: "It might make him stay his hand, but if he doesn't..."
Edmondia: "He went to the trouble of saving you both," she said softly.
EnsTren: "If Goliath had an egg wouldn't you save him if it ment saving that unborn Gargoyle? You can count the number of fey like Keiran and me on one hand, even your hand."
Edmondia: "If he's trying to get rid of you, why would he want one just like you to survive?"
EnsTren: "You forget something."
Edmondia: "Which is...?"
EnsTren: "Not just like me, like him too."
Edmondia: "Why is that important?"
EnsTren: "Avalon's only had three rulers, Mab, and Oberon and Titana as a pair--even if she wasn't married to him she'd be queen."
EnsTren: "We don't have much in the way of standardized rules for the line of succession--but only one like us would have enough power to keep everyone to heel. Even if they don't die they are going to want to retire or take vacation eventually."
Edmondia: "So you think they want to replace you with your son?"
EnsTren: "Keiran is quiet, they probably think he'll be easier to control."
Edmondia: "If he's controllable, he's a poor choice for an heir."
EnsTren: "A poor choice for an heir in a mortal kingdom where the king will die and leave a figure head. But to fey? They won't die unless I kill them, so they'll be able to keep him from starting a rebellion, and keep control of the throne and not have to do all the work."
Edmondia: "Tell me, why did your father prefer you to your brother and sisters?"
EnsTren: "He let Mab bring up Aliel. And the Three, as a whole, are perhaps as stong as me, maybe even a bit stronger because they work as one. But I'm like him."
Edmondia: "Sounds to me like Keiran would be perfectly safe, then."
EnsTren: "Except they'll take him away from me"
Edmondia: "They would need him happy and alive and safe to be able to do what you're suggesting. Taking a child from his father is not a good way to keep a child happy."
EnsTren: "They'd manage."
Edmondia: "I somehow doubt that."
EnsTren: "Don't
Edmondia: "And if they take him from you?"
EnsTren: Mouth set into a grim line, "Go after them."
Edmondia: "If he went willingly?"
EnsTren: Clench his hands into fists and close his eyes tight.
Edmondia: "He would be safe."
Edmondia: "...I don't think they have any reason to hurt him."
EnsTren: "Until he got older"
Edmondia: "Even then."
EnsTren: "What reason did they have to hurt me though?"
Edmondia: "I think Titania wanted you to be the one to guide her grandchild, and thought this would be a way for you to do that, and to stay in the world at the same time. I think your father just reacted to what he saw as a personal attack against him as both a ruler and as your father."
EnsTren: "He hasn't been anything like my father in a long time"
Edmondia: "You grew up."
EnsTren: "So will Keiran"
Edmondia: "But he's the last one who can be an heir."
Edmondia: "...it seems to me, at least, that in the beginning you needed to be a visible symbol of his claim to the throne. Am I correct?"
EnsTren: "Yes."
Edmondia: "No one would really expect a child to be able to take over ruling if his father was killed - but no one else had a child like you. For a time, at least, you made his claim valid."
EnsTren: "And then he put me aside, hid me so I'd be forgotten."
Edmondia: "After some time, his claim became fully secure - so you were no longer needed as a symbol, because there was other evidence of his control."
EnsTren: "Not a reason to put me aside."
Edmondia: "That means that you went from his greatest strength to his greatest weakness."
EnsTren: "Hmn?"
Edmondia: "He banished your brother for trying to kill you.\"
EnsTren: "For his sake, and maybe for my sake he hid me away to be forgotten."
EnsTren: "...But that doesn't make it right for him to have forgotten me."
Edmondia: "But it does explain why you became his servant."
Edmondia: She slid an arm around his waist, idly toying with his hair. "It doesn't make it right, I agree. But people make bad decisions all the time, especially in clans and families."
EnsTren: Press his face into her neck. "Maybe."
Edmondia: She pressed her cheek against his hair. "You've lived with plenty of humans. You've seen all of the bad decisions they make with their families." She snorted softly. "Look at me."
EnsTren: "I hate getting mixed signals"
Edmondia: "I would've thought that was your area of expertise."
EnsTren: "Only when I'm playing."
Edmondia: "Doesn't life consist of mixed signals?"
EnsTren: "In a way yes. But Oberon's go everywhere."
Edmondia: "So do yours," she said mildly.
EnsTren: "Servant, son, scapegoat, Pride, and pittiful."
Edmondia: She kissed his cheek. "Seems as though he's just as confused as you are."
EnsTren: "He fucked me up."
Edmondia: "Sounds like every other father on the planet."
EnsTren: "Maybe."
EnsTren: "Okay, Mab fucked me up too."
Edmondia: "...your grandmother?"
EnsTren: "And if you squint and turn your head sideways, my mom too."
Edmondia: "...I'm guessing that she also fucked up your father, then."
EnsTren: "Yep. But not the way you're thinking. I was created Asexually."
Edmondia: "Even so..."
EnsTren: "I'm not going to let him fuck my son up too"
Edmondia: She looked at him.
EnsTren: He looked at her.
Edmondia: She kissed his forehead.
EnsTren: "You're a good mother I think."
Edmondia: She gave a soft, incredulous chuckle.
EnsTren: Hug her a little
Edmondia: "You're very sweet."
EnsTren: "I'm the puck, that means trickery, a gentleman's gentleman, and charisma"
Edmondia: "And your child?"
EnsTren: "I'm not going to start twisting his personality until he's sure of himself"
Edmondia: "Might I suggest you wait on his combat lessons, then?"
EnsTren: "He's a good hostage to a fey."
Edmondia: "And he's nowhere near any fey."
EnsTren: "They could come. And I take him to the waters off avalon sometimes. I can't step foot on it but..." Shrug
Edmondia: "How many even know he exists?"
EnsTren: "Gossip, baby, Gossip goes fast. Even if they don't know, they have to suspect"
Edmondia: "And even so, if they are curious, he is only the son of the Puck. Certainly not the youngest heir to the throne."
EnsTren: "Do you have any clue how many people hate my guts?"
Edmondia: She snorted. "A fair idea. But Oberon's law prevents anyone from harming a child."
EnsTren: "Just as Oberon is free to reinturpet his decrees so are we--to a lesser extent"
Edmondia: "But who would be foolish enough to try and steal your child?"
EnsTren: "You should know, Demona dearest, people are stupid"
Edmondia: "True enough," she conceded, "But I still don't think such extensive lessons are necessary for one so young."
EnsTren: "Maybe..."
Edmondia: "He is a very gentle child - perhaps you should protect that innocence while he still has it."
EnsTren: "As Puck's child and as Owen's child he's in danger"
Edmondia: "But he is surrounded by people who will protect him."
EnsTren: "Paranoia"
Edmondia: "True enough." She nuzzled him softly. "But I believe that simply comes with the territory of being a parent."
EnsTren: He nuzzled back. "You're right, of course. And having him...I've been thinking too much. But I still don't trust them"
Edmondia: "You have reason to be wary, I think - but I think you need to remember that he is their grandchild as well as your son. They have no reason to want him harmed."
EnsTren: "We aren't mortals, we think diffrently."
Edmondia: She smirked faintly and kissed his mouth lightly.
EnsTren: He kissed her back and relented, calling his son over from his practice
Edmondia: Keiran never had really cared much for his lessons.
EnsTren: He patted his head, and told him he was good. And to remember to use first phyical skills and then magical skills if that didn't work, against anyone who touched him funny
Edmondia: "Kay, daddy."
EnsTren: "Good boy!" Squish.
Edmondia: Keiran snuggled happily up under his chin.
Edmondia: "'Lo, Miss 'Mona."
Edmondia: (wem?)
Edmondia: (mew?)
EnsTren: (food)
EnsTren: "Hello, Keiran."
Edmondia: He wriggled out from under his father's chin and held his arms out imploringly.
EnsTren: Miss 'Mona laughed softly and picked him up to hug him
Edmondia: He cuddled against her happily.
EnsTren: she tickled his nose and cuddled right back as if he were her own child.
Edmondia: "Daddy...?"
EnsTren: "Yes, Kei?"
Edmondia: "Since I don't have a mommy, can Miss 'Mona be my mommy?"
EnsTren: Blink, startled. "Well, if Miss Demona says yes I don't see why not considering the state of our affairs, just make sure you know that we're not getting married, or mated," any time soon, if it suited his purposes maybe he would.
Edmondia: Blink. "She can be my mommy and not married."
Edmondia: Keiran turned and looked up at her. "Can't you?"
EnsTren: Tender smile, hand in his hair. "I'll be your surrogate mother."
EnsTren: Ruffle his hair, "Just don't let anyone know, it's a secret. Probably would give the clan heartattacks and be hard to explain in our alter egos."
Edmondia: "I can keep a secret! I'm good at secret-keeping!"
EnsTren: "I'm sure you are! it's a very good talent to have!"
Edmondia: Keiran beamed happily.
EnsTren: "Heh, go on and tell her the secret keiran, about what I'm going to teach you when you're old enough."
EnsTren: "Oh! oh Daddy said he'd teach me how to turn into a gargoyle so you could teach me like a gargoyle. Isn't that nice, Miss 'Mona?"
Edmondia: "That is very nice!"
EnsTren: Hug Miss 'Mona Mommy again! Extra tight!
Edmondia: She squeezed him.
EnsTren: He was a happy sprog!
Edmondia: She glanced over the top of his head and smirked at Puck. "You have a very persuasive son."
EnsTren: "He learns from the best"
EnsTren: (have had a thought, that while puck can go to avalon's realm he can't go to the island)
Edmondia: (interesting)
EnsTren: (we can't break obie's decree to bits)
Edmondia: (true true)
Edmondia: (probably safer for Keiran to not be on the island itself)
EnsTren: (yep)
EnsTren: (nemichan suspects that someone will kidnap him though)
Edmondia: (really? who?)
EnsTren: (anasasi)
Edmondia: (you'd think he'd know better >.<)
EnsTren: (he was portrayed as a bit stupid)
EnsTren: (raven?)
Edmondia: (he'd definitely know better)
EnsTren: (hmn)
EnsTren: (intresting, seto looks hurt for a second and lashes out at noa)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: (and if he can't redirect and lash out he gets sad)
EnsTren: (at least in my head and our rps)
Edmondia: (yup)
EnsTren: (*hugs keiran*)
Edmondia: (also adorable little boi)

EnsTren: (why am I seeing an Obie/Puck confrontation with Demona in attendance)
EnsTren: (and Puck pushing all of Obie's buttons and being hyper confrontational)
Edmondia: (*facepalm*)
EnsTren: ("No you can't see your grandson.")
Edmondia: (aaaaaaaaand Demona go *facepalm*)
EnsTren: (he doesn't trust him)
EnsTren: (And has confronted him on his attempt to kill him)
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (and this is the first anyone but demona has heard of it)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: (later brook broadway and lex are goign to talk quietly about it, with angela and maybe input from goli and hudson "Do you really think Puck would have died?")
EnsTren: (etc etc)
EnsTren: (Oberon looks like his mommy just smacked him across the face)
Edmondia: (eep)
EnsTren: (surprised and hurt)
Edmondia: (...which she probably did *thinks*)
EnsTren: (and puck presses his attack?)
EnsTren: (*distracted* ooh, mab thoguhts, shiney. gimmie)
Edmondia: (:P)
Edmondia: (well, Oberon, startling as it sounds, would have been a very sensitive kidlet)
EnsTren: (*pats him on the head*)
Edmondia: (and once she started going off the deep end, he probably would have tried to talk to her about it)
EnsTren: (awww)
Edmondia: (aaaaaaaand he probably got walloped for his trouble)
Edmondia: (and we're not talking a spanking)
EnsTren: (*hugs him*)
Edmondia: (plus there's probably years of emotional abuse backed up there)
EnsTren: (yes dear)
Edmondia: (that was all ^_^)
EnsTren: (Me thinks obie has hit puck a few times, not pulverized him, but smacked him)
EnsTren: (I think puck's trying to provke oberon into doing it to prove a point to demona)
Edmondia: (Ah)
EnsTren: (well think about it. Would demona be so encouraging for puck to trust obie and let him have some influance in the kidlet's life if obie hauled off and backhanded him?)
Edmondia: (quite)
EnsTren: (and hopefully it will have a nice side effect of getting tania pissed at obie)
Edmondia: (quite)
EnsTren: (scemeing little sprog)
Edmondia: (very)
EnsTren: (would he be able to get obie to hit him?)
Edmondia: (doubt it)
EnsTren: (oh?)
Edmondia: (Obie's in a bit of OMGZ I SUCK mode)
EnsTren: (ohho?)
Edmondia: (yep. he's angsted about this before, remember?)
EnsTren: (no actually)
Edmondia: (well, he has. it's... on my other computer -_-;; )
EnsTren: (shit)
EnsTren: (ah well, give me breif reminder?)
Edmondia: (various amounts of 'I am a terrible person who hurt my baby oh no')
Edmondia: (plus 'my baby won't let me see his baby I suck')
EnsTren: (wasn't that in puck in avalon AUs?)
Edmondia: (and in this one, early on when he first had Keiran and needed the extra power boosts and cake that Oberon provided)
Edmondia: (he wandered around demanding his daddy for a bit, and his daddy complied)
EnsTren: (oh?)
Edmondia: (yep, when Keiran was draining him like whoa - that went on for a few weeks, maybe a month where there was grandparent involvement)
EnsTren: (ah)
Edmondia: (all of which Puck seems to have forgotten about, probably because he was half-dead at the time from exhaustion)
EnsTren: (correct)
Edmondia: (so yeah, highly unlikely that he'd get smacked)
EnsTren: (no matter how many buttons he presses?)
Edmondia: (yep - disturbingly, I think he might just stand there and take it without trying to defend himself)
EnsTren: (Oberon not arguing back?)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: (wow, the mind boggles)
Edmondia: (well, he does realize that Puck needs to vent like whoa)
EnsTren: (Puck's making sure it's all being recorded for posterity. Good blackmail material)
Edmondia: (ayup)
Edmondia: (not that Oberon's denying any of it, at least not initially)
EnsTren: (oh?)
Edmondia: (letting him vent and get all of his accusations off of his chest)
EnsTren: (...That's going to take a while)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: (and when he's done and breathing in lungfuls of air)
Edmondia: ("I'm sorry.")
EnsTren: (Doubel take.)
Edmondia: ("I'm sorry.")
EnsTren: (Blinking dumbly.)
EnsTren: ("Wht the hell are you playing at?")
Edmondia: ("Absolutely nothing.")
EnsTren: He suspected it had somethign to do with Avalon, as if it had to do with this realm it'd be obvious to him. "I doubt that, Trickster King."
Edmondia: Oberon raised an eyebrow. "Why?"
EnsTren: "You have to have some brains and capacity for ploting without me considering Titania married you."
Edmondia: "I was plotting to overthrow my mother the first time she did, yes. But what purpose would an apology serve other than simply as an apology?"
EnsTren: "Manipulation. I'm not letting you take my son for a friendly visit to the island."
Edmondia: "Of course not. It's much too dangerous for him to go there."
EnsTren: Oberon was preparing to take him at some future time then.
Edmondia: "Besides, he's much better off being raised off the island."
EnsTren: Watching him for sudden movements, "Like I was much better off being raised as a servant?"
Edmondia: He shrugged. "It seemed the wisest decision at the time. You needed to be kept as safe as possible."
EnsTren: "For the sake of the Three, of course."
Edmondia: "Hardly. They are irrelevant as far as the line of succession matters."
EnsTren: "Made a decree that only Mablings could hold the throne then?"
Edmondia: "No, but you know perfectly well that they would be incapable rulers."
EnsTren: "And now with my son you get to skip right over little ole me"
Edmondia: "Hardly. I don't want either of you to take the throne."
EnsTren: "Yes, you worked so hard for it"
Edmondia: He inclined his head. "That does have some truth to it, yes."
Edmondia: "However, I also do not wish to pass along the burden of ruling."
EnsTren: "Uh huh..."
Edmondia: "Partly because I think your solution to many disputes would be simply to kill all the persons involved, and partly because you are dangerous enough without having absolute power on Avalon."
EnsTren: "Hardly, I'm more for public humiliation"
Edmondia: "So was Mab, at first."
EnsTren: Narrowed eyes
Edmondia: He looked at him calmly. "I have Titania to help me. She is the only reason why I have not become my mother."
EnsTren: "You were too blunt for public humiliation"
Edmondia: A raised brow.
EnsTren: "You needed all the help I could give you to pull off the donkey bit on Titania."
Edmondia: He smirked. "So I did."
EnsTren: Watch him. His child still had such beautiful eyes--but so supicious, when was the last time he had seen trust in them?
Edmondia: "I am sorry," he repeated.
EnsTren: "You're freaking me out saying that."
Edmondia: "Is it such a foreign idea?"
EnsTren: "Hell yes."
Edmondia: "Doesn't make it any less true."
EnsTren: "I don't trust the shit that comes out of your mouth anymore"
Edmondia: He shrugged.
EnsTren: Standoffish and floating with crossed arms just out of range.
Edmondia: "You've grown up."
EnsTren: "And out of your favour."
EnsTren: "I figure the three have a few more centuries before you two tire of them too."
Edmondia: "The Three were always tiresome."
EnsTren: "When I get my dates stright in my head I'll compare their time to mine."
Edmondia: He snorted. "I always did like you best."
EnsTren: "We'll see, I'm fairly sure they outlasted me already though."
EnsTren: "And you got a funny way of showing it. Real amusing, you know. Not quite up to my level, though I'm sure Tania gets a real belly laugh out of it"
Edmondia: He shrugged. "I'll admit to being an idiot."
EnsTren: "Have I mysteriously grown boobs?" Check his chest over, "Nope, skins's not green either, and my hair's still the same as yours."
Edmondia: "Your point?"
EnsTren: Float back a little bit more, "The only time you admit you're wrong is to get nookie off your wife."
Edmondia: "So this is a new experience."
EnsTren: "You were rather hidebound"
Edmondia: He shrugged.
EnsTren: "I trust Anisasi more than I trust you"
Edmondia: "I can accept that."
EnsTren: Which just prooved he knew nothing about him. Asshole.
Edmondia: A slow blink. "What would you have me say?"
EnsTren: "Don't know, that's your perview to have people do what you want."
Edmondia: "You were the one to call me here," he pointed out mildly.
EnsTren: Point up At where Demona was perched, "She talked me into it."
Edmondia: He glanced at her. "...quite lovely."
EnsTren: "I figure she stands a chance at understanding enough to keep me from going batshit like Aliel"
Edmondia: He nodded. "For what it's worth, I hadn't expected that to happen to him."
EnsTren: "Uh huh..." Crossed arms.
Edmondia: "Uh huh," he echoed, "I would've simply killed him instead."
EnsTren: "So he either gets his immortality and power or a quick relitively painless death while I get to be slowly drained and ground down into death? I bet you would have gotten a real kick out of it when Owen was an old man in a wheelchair on a bedpan, huh?"
Edmondia: "You of all people should know that I don't think things through when I'm on a rampage," he said mildly.
EnsTren: "Except you usually have enough sence to leave a conditional in so you can fix things when you think it over. However forever is pretty damn ironclad, hmn?"
EnsTren: "I suppose dying of old age would have been a mixed blessing, hopefully I would have gotten alhizmers and forgotten what it was like to wish for the sky."
EnsTren: "Maybe I would have gotten to forget about you."
Edmondia: "I hadn't thought of that."
EnsTren: "Must be fun, they do say ignorance is bliss after all."
Edmondia: He shrugged. "I do have the ability to repeal my own decrees."
EnsTren: "I'm trying to recall the last time you did that."
Edmondia: "I often make exceptions for you."
EnsTren: "Yes, usually a member of the royal house doesn't go to the servant caste so to speak"
Edmondia: "Does that truly bother you? You never seemed to care much for being a prince."
EnsTren: "You stopped yelling at me when I went exploring. Of course the problem really is that you forgot about me along with your subjects."
Edmondia: "We are all well aware of my failings as a father," he acknowledged.
EnsTren: "Oh you're not so bad, I expected you to haul off and swat me through a wall by now. You've impressed me with your restraint."
Edmondia: "Why would I? This entire situation is my fault."
EnsTren: "That hasn't stopped you before."
Edmondia: "Perhaps I have grown up a little."
EnsTren: "I really wouldn't know, after all we don't spend much time together. Right right, we can't not that I'd even want to. Oh and then there's that totally immature death sentance incident. I don't think you would have done that a thousand years ago"
Edmondia: "A thousand years ago, you wouldn't have abandoned me for a mortal."
EnsTren: "A thousand years ago there wasn't a mortal like David."
EnsTren: "Unless you count his breif trip with the Pheonix gate."
Edmondia: "True enough."
EnsTren: Smile, smile far far too pleasently.
EnsTren: "Besides, I hardly abandoned you, a few more years, what's that to one of us? Oh, right, the life time of a dear mortal friend, and! We musten't forget the ever important and you know, anyways, and the rest of promise I made to him."
Edmondia: "To say nothing of the vow you made to me?" he inquired mildly.
EnsTren: "I had infinite time to fufill the one I gave to you, but finite to give to him since he didn't seem to be anycloser to immortality."
Edmondia: "And you couldn't stop by the island to explain yourself?"
EnsTren: Snap his fingers and the stone remembered what had been whispered and said and yell at it over the years. Garbled voices and then finally clear as day. "I am unintrested in your explination. Stand aside or suffer the consequences."
EnsTren: (I have that in a sound clip!)
Edmondia: (XD)
Edmondia: "You did interrupt me when I was trying to get something for Titania. Had you simply come to Avalon when the Gathering began, I would have indulged you. I once had a tendency to do that."
EnsTren: "I also recall it being easier and more workable for me to beg forgiveness than ask permission"
Edmondia: "You generally asked to be spoiled."
EnsTren: "And I generally had to bribe you"
Edmondia: "I've never been accused of being nice."
EnsTren: "I would have come, but Goliath sent the Phoenix gate warping through time."
Edmondia: "So you could conceivably blame all this on him."
EnsTren: "You should have seen what he did with Odin's eye."
Edmondia: "I heard. He's something of an idiot."
EnsTren: "Quite."
Edmondia: "And he whines."
EnsTren: "Bleach his hair white and he could pass for your sibling"
Edmondia: A snort. "That would make him your uncle."
EnsTren: "Techinically I could be considered my own uncle."
Edmondia: "True enough."
EnsTren: "That makes my son a product of how many generations of asexual incest now?"
Edmondia: "One and three, I believe."
EnsTren: "Lovely."
Edmondia: "Mother is a special woman."
EnsTren: "I hear her sometimes."
EnsTren: "...She likes me better."
Edmondia: "...let me see your arms."
EnsTren: Dart backwards, holding his arms protectivly.
EnsTren: Nervous, nervous paranoid little thing.
EnsTren: (...I wonder if being banished is starting to drive him insane)
Edmondia: (think Demona would help fix that)
EnsTren: (yes, somewhat)
EnsTren: Twitchy and watching him.
Edmondia: "Have you been able to strengthen the bracers?"
EnsTren: (a bird has just started chirping)
EnsTren: "I can't, He's still feeding off of me."
Edmondia: (good morning, birdie)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: "Will you allow me to look at them, at least?"
EnsTren: Glance up at his romp-friend, many short and long range iron impliments of destruction. Safety. He floated over so Oberon would follow and turn and his back more easily in her cross hairs. "Why?"
Edmondia: "If you've been hearing her, and he is still linked to you, that bond could bleed over."
EnsTren: Mouth thining to a white line and pale face holding out both his arms and turning his head away.
Edmondia: "...thank you."
EnsTren: Not even a snort in reply. This would be the first time in ages that they've been off, the first that Demona would have seen of his anchient wounds and he never told her of them
Edmondia: They slid away very gently.
EnsTren: He hissed through his teeth, to cover any sound demona might make and simply because it was uncomfortable.
Edmondia: Oberon simply sat down where he had been standing and promptly immersed himself in checking them.
EnsTren: Flesh turned to wax and magots, pulled, twisted, and pushed back together then rounded into shape and slowed in time. Living lines that would never smooth out. Hn looks like they migrated a little bit.
EnsTren: The air was like knives.
Edmondia: "How long have you been hearing her?" Oberon's voice was slightly distracted, and the scent of his magic was thick and heavy in the air.
EnsTren: "Don't know, since around I started making my son. She told me how to finish him."
Edmondia: Frown, and the scent and sensation got stronger, more dense. "Has he heard her at all?"
EnsTren: "I don't know."
EnsTren: "He considers Demona to be his mother though, so that's a good sign as it can be"
Edmondia: "Good." A thick flare of heat-scent and ozone as he made an adjustment. "You may want to try making a slighter version of these for him just in case."
EnsTren: "'m not going to bind him up looking like some slave."
Edmondia: "Jewelry, then. Something small that he can wear at all times." Another flare.
EnsTren: Hissing through his clenched teeth and his eyes crossed.
Edmondia: "It wouldn't have to be nearly this strong, of course..." his voice trailed off as his concentration deepened.
EnsTren: Robin Goodfellow concentrated on not screaming his head off. Mab's scared isle he hated when he was awake for this.
Edmondia: Another flare, larger and more focused than before.
EnsTren: He didn't sway, couldn't disrupt his concentration--or pass out. Do that afterwards. It seared the still open wounds and changed them, shifting them over with a crow bar and stiched them shut with a rusty nail.
EnsTren: Oberon could do this for him now, and with more power than Titania--but never with the same delicate touch, and even her's hurt like fuck it all.
Edmondia: "Arm. Give me your arm, little one."
EnsTren: Floating foward and down, wordlessly complying, get this over quick. The sooner he was done the sooner he could go to unconsiousness.
EnsTren: Bracers so long on his arms, their spells entwining with his flesh, they were litterally part of him now.
Edmondia: Soft, swift hands whisked over his skin, not touching, and blessedly cool gold clamped down on the searing pain.
EnsTren: His eyes rolled up into the back of his head and sweet darkness beckoned, who was he to refuse such a polite call?
Edmondia: Oberon caught him when he collapsed.
EnsTren: He hung limply, pale and shaking with cool sweat.
Edmondia: Carefully, he cradled him, stroking damp hair from his face, watching closely as the magic settled.
EnsTren: The bracers were like his skin now and the renewed and strengthed spells sinking into the holes in his magic the iron left that his Lady wife could not repair.
Edmondia: "Lady Demona," he called, not looking up from his careful perusal of the complex tangle of spells, "I would suggest you go and reassure your child that his father will be all right. He will have felt that."
EnsTren: Large menacing weapon was put down, a real projectile weapon, not an energy weapon--undoubtedly loaded with iron shot. Lovely. She jumped down.
EnsTren: "I will, but I want an explination when I'm back."
Edmondia: "Very well," he agreed, carefully smoothing back a stray whisp of magic to where it belonged.
EnsTren: "I'll hold you to that." And she went off to sooth the little boy.
Edmondia: Keiran attached himself to her waist and refused to let go.
EnsTren: "Hush, there now," she picked him up and held him. "I just saw your father, he's sleeping, and your grandpa is taking care of him now as we speak."
Edmondia: He was shaking, mewling softly and trying to hide himself in her.
EnsTren: She hugged him and kissed his forehead. "Calm down little one," bounce him on her hip just a little. "Everything is fine. NO fire in the sky nor the ground shaking, all is well."
Edmondia: "Daddy!" he wailed.
Edmondia: (I hear birdies)
EnsTren: "Is sleeping."
EnsTren: (let us sleep/nap)
Edmondia: Sniffle. "Just sleeping?"
Edmondia: (okie dokie)
EnsTren: "Yep, he's sleeping in his father's arms like you sleep in his." Little white lie.
Edmondia: Big blue eyes looked up at her. Sniffle. "O-okay."

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Edmondia: Big blue eyes looked up at her. Sniffle. "O-okay."
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EnsTren: DIA
Edmondia: NEMICHAN
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: hallo~
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: demona be bouncing keiran
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: yes, trying to make him feel better
EnsTren: lex broadway and angela were listening at the door at puck's convo
Edmondia: that must have been enlightening for them
EnsTren: they are confused
EnsTren: and nemichan had angsty image!
Edmondia: ooh?
EnsTren: really das and character death
EnsTren: basically, nothing happens in the mortal world to catch the royals attention
EnsTren: and so as alex ages he needs his uncle less and less
EnsTren: and owen ages
EnsTren: and ages
EnsTren: and oberon vaguely notes that puck stopped scream, the feelings he felt from him fading, and he shrugs it off
EnsTren: and then he feels him weakening--alot
EnsTren: and he goes
EnsTren: and owens in bed, so so so very old
EnsTren: and doesn't recognize him
Edmondia: ouch
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and oberon is blown away and he actually pleads with him a bit, but even as he talks he is dying
EnsTren: and before he can do anything, he's dead, and just as he thinks maybe he'll take him home, force that old form into his true shape so spare him humiliation, the body collapses to dust
Edmondia: ...ow.
EnsTren: yep
Edmondia: you're so mean :D
EnsTren: you love it

and giving obie the benifit of the doubt he didn't know that the body was mortal like that

EnsTren: demona's sthere and squarely lays the blame on him
EnsTren: and tells him to get the hell out of her sight, but come back in a few week and he can take the ashes home with him
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: owen actually has a pretty big wake amongst the mortals
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: in so far as a wooden man should get
EnsTren: and oberon comes back for the ashes
EnsTren: and demona shoots him
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: in the leg maybe
EnsTren: the bullet was made with the ashes and cold iron
Edmondia: ...ick.
EnsTren: "There, take it home with you, murderer."
Edmondia: icky icky ick ick
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: anyways
EnsTren: in the week he wasn't there he went back to tania and embraced her and felt misrable
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: he took a short leave of court yesterday and tania made the announcement that puck was dead
EnsTren: he said to her "I killed our baby"
Edmondia: ouchies
EnsTren: he's very depressed.
EnsTren: and he goes home and she fishes the bullet out
Edmondia: icky ick ick
EnsTren: and patches him right up
Edmondia: nice of her
EnsTren: she's sad too
EnsTren: and shares some of the blame for not realizing he was going to age and die, or at least if she did not telling obie
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: ...and demona may or may not have had pucks sproglet
EnsTren: magically impregnante, so puck's not owens
Edmondia: ...huh.
EnsTren: owen lived to be just under 200 years old
Edmondia: hm
EnsTren: kidlet was hidden from avalon
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: so mopey sasd oberon
Edmondia: understandable
EnsTren: *hugs puck*
EnsTren: anyways, angst out of the way
EnsTren: demona is back with Keiran on one hip and in one arm, and a cast iron mace in the other.
EnsTren: Keiran is all "daddy told me not to trust him."
Demona says "Your daddy said he trusts him as far as he can throw him, and your daddy is very short. This means he barely trusts him, you don't trust him. But I'm sure I could give him a decent heave ho if want me to."

Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: And she smirky
Edmondia: yay for Demona :D
EnsTren: obie notes demona rather reminds him a bit of titania
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: yes, pre thousand and one year outcasting
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: assertive?
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: and dangerous
Edmondia: mais bien sur
Edmondia: he approves, I take it?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and thinking of the amusement he'll have at the three's expence
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: getting them enraged that puck's playing with their toy and denying them leave to go and get her back
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: so torment
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Edmondia: teehee
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EnsTren: back
Edmondia: allo
EnsTren: anyways
Edmondia: yes?
EnsTren: she pop keiran down next to his daddy, who is napping on a couch obie may or may not have made for just that occasion
EnsTren: "Alright, now, about that explination you promised me?"
Edmondia: "My mother was too powerful to kill, so I sealed her away. She still has a connection with him. It's dangerous for both him and the child."
EnsTren: "Ah, and his arms?"
Edmondia: He grimaced. "She managed to get her hands on him briefly during the war. She nearly killed him."
EnsTren: Growl. "And you only now realized she was talking to him"
Edmondia: "No, this is just the latest occurance. It had been a very long time since she last managed to contact him."
EnsTren: "Nn...And she's the reason why his wrists look like cheap wax maggots."
Edmondia: "Correct. He was a very small child at the time, so the iron... he needs the bracers to numb the pain."
EnsTren: "Iron did that to him?" Taken aback and slightly confused.
Edmondia: "Yes." He leaned over, tapping a stray bit of magic into place. "She left him in the care of her pet humans, and that was the only way to keep him still."
EnsTren: "Hn, it doesn't work anymore then."
Edmondia: "He grew up."
EnsTren: "Why is it safe for Keiran around all this iron then?"
Edmondia: "It's not direct contact, and he's still bonded with his father."
EnsTren: "How long will he be?"
Edmondia: "It's a very unusual situation - Keiran is much too young to be as old as he is, if that makes any sense."
EnsTren: "It does. But what about all the time he spent halfmade?"
Edmondia: "He seems to have been held in stasis - completely unaging."
EnsTren: "Yet he apprears to be several centuries old."
Edmondia: "Yes. I have no idea why."
EnsTren: "It's not nessicarily a bad thing."
Edmondia: "I agree."
Edmondia: He gave the bracers another tap. "It saves him a few years of exhaustion."
EnsTren: "When he wakes up he's probably still going to think that your wife ment to kill him."
Edmondia: "Probably."
EnsTren: "And this doesn't bother you at all?"
Edmondia: "It does." He frowned and smoothed another tendril down. "But at the moment I'm more concerned with his reaction to the new bracers."
EnsTren: "...What did you do to them?" Dangerous tone of voice, oh she had a small hand gun, lovely. How many more concealed weapons did she have?
Edmondia: "Enhanced the protective magic, added more pain dampeners, and stitched up a few spots that had become loose."
EnsTren: "And why would this piss him off?"
Edmondia: "I didn't say it would piss him off, I said I was concerned with his reaction. Physically. The bracers have literally become a part of him, so changing them sometimes has adverse effects."
EnsTren: "And I, and Xanatos and the rest of us will be the ones here to deal with it."
Edmondia: "I'm waiting for him to wake up," he said mildly. "He knows perfectly well that I need to check them again when he's awake."
EnsTren: She didn't trust him, but gave him the benifit of the doubt unlike his own son. Fuzzy how crazed genocidal Gargoyles could be nicer than his own mostly sane flesh and blood.
Edmondia: She was an interesting choice, he didn't think said own flesh and blood had ever dated a gargoyle before.
EnsTren: (funny, not fuzzy)
Edmondia: (I figured)
EnsTren: She was only a few shades darker than himself, and had his lady wife's hair--albeit messier. And her ears were almost fey like.
Edmondia: Very pretty, and she had her own mortal magic besides.
EnsTren: And she was immortal thanks to his dear siblings.
Edmondia: Definitely a good choice to be his grandson's mother.
EnsTren: Then it occured to him that he might get another grandchild out of this.
Edmondia: Ooh, a cute little grandbaby with wings!
EnsTren: That comes out of an egg. But wait, the last half baby that had magic was his own son, Merlin. Crap.
Edmondia: That situation had gotten very ugly and very messy very quickly.
EnsTren: Sproglet that could use mortal and fey magic. And would, unless he fixed it, probably inherrit his father's bitchiness at him.
EnsTren: Hopefully The Puck would be smart enough to wait until Keiran was grown
Edmondia: He'd had sisters, and a brother - he'd know.
EnsTren: Hopefully
Edmondia: Ah well, at the moment there were more important things at hand.
EnsTren: Like his baby and currentgrandbaby.
Edmondia: He checked the bracers again. The magic had finally settled, good.
Edmondia: (wem?)
EnsTren: (granma)
Edmondia: (kk)
EnsTren: His baby boy.
Edmondia: He absentmindedly stroked his hair, still watching the magic carefully.
EnsTren: Flickering and slowly coming in time with his heartbeat
Edmondia: Good, it looked like this latest change would go off without a hitch.
EnsTren: He remembered the last time a fix had gone wrong
Edmondia: His baby never cried.
Edmondia: Screamed, certainly. But never cried.
Edmondia: (wem)
Edmondia: (http://www.livejournal.com/community/playthedamncar d/237775.html?#cutid1)
EnsTren: (mew)
EnsTren: HIs brave little boy
EnsTren: (yay, setots!)
EnsTren: He wondered what his grandson was like.
Edmondia: Small, of course.
EnsTren: Was he as brave as his father?
Edmondia: Probably.
EnsTren: Did he take after him at all?
Edmondia: ...given his genetic makeup, probably.
EnsTren: Would he ever get to meet him?
Edmondia: Probably not.
EnsTren: He didn't like admitting it, but it was all his own fault.
Edmondia: He really needed more control over his temper.
EnsTren: (o.o In my head with the angst line of puck dying he cloned himself)
EnsTren: (and had sprogs with demona)
Edmondia: (o.o;;-)
Edmondia: (*kills smiley*)
EnsTren: (hee)
EnsTren: (and after he dyes demona's using his remains to compelete the clone and is going to carry him to term)
EnsTren: (course he's not full fey anymore, she found the genetic markers in Owen that let him change to a full fey)
EnsTren: (they were ploting this for ages actually, so he's going to end up being part fey part gargoyle, and a bit human)
Edmondia: (weeeeeeeeeird)
EnsTren: (yep, but mortal blood was required to actually make him cloneable)
Edmondia: (weeeeeeeird)
EnsTren: (yes, it's weird)
EnsTren: (brb)
EnsTren signed off at 6:52:45 PM.
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EnsTren: (back)
Edmondia: (allo~)
EnsTren: (and magic was pulled to transfer his soul back in)
Edmondia: (very weird)
EnsTren: (intresting though)
Edmondia: (quite)
EnsTren: His son was asleep though. It was probably his one chance to talk to his grandson
EnsTren: Stiffly he sat on the couch next to his son and Grandson.
EnsTren: "Daddy can't throw you now so you shouldn't be near us"
EnsTren: (alas, I know as you felt before)
Edmondia: (sorry, was kittens and phone call and mumsie)
Edmondia: (but the kittens have names now ^_^)
Edmondia: "Lady Demona is here," he said softly. "I'm sure she can throw very far."
EnsTren: (kittens yay)
Edmondia: (did you see the piccies? they're kyute)
EnsTren: "Miss 'Mona Mommy is very strong."
Edmondia: So polite! And little, too.
EnsTren: He swung his legs a little and hummed faintly familer musical phrases that fairly glittered with magic
Edmondia: "I'm sure she is." Cute grandchild!
EnsTren: "She's going to teach me to fight like a gargoyle when I get older. Daddy's going to teach me to have a mortal gargoyle form too!"
Edmondia: He smiled. "That's a very good idea."
EnsTren: Blink and slyly watch him through the cornner of his eye, head tilted forward. If he weren't so close, and so used to it on his father he might have missed it. "Daddy teaches me to fight too."
Edmondia: "Your daddy is a very good fighter."
EnsTren: "Daddy is. He taught Alex to turn bad people into ugly teadybears and Alex taught me to!"
EnsTren: Smile charmingly up at him.
Edmondia: He hid a smirk. "A very effective technique."
EnsTren: Toes wiggled in tiny little boots. "W-when are you going to try to take me away from daddy?"
Edmondia: Ah, much more straightforward than his father. "Why would I try and do that?"
EnsTren: "You tried to take Alex away and he's only one quarter fey."
EnsTren: "And his mommy and daddy aren't traitors--even though they hate your guts."
Edmondia: He blinked down at him. "Someday, perhaps, you will fall in love, and then you will understand that the person you love will be able to make you do very, very, very stupid things."
EnsTren: "Daddy doesn't love Miss Mona Mommy but she got him to do a very very very stupid thing."
Edmondia: He smirked slightly. "Then let these be lessons to you - women can make you do anything."
EnsTren: A flicker of something that would be more at home on his son's face, or even Titania's before the exile. "Even call you here, Grandfather."
EnsTren: Sereane, bright, utterly adorable and guileless smile.
Edmondia: He inclined his head in polite acknowledgement of the sweet barb.
EnsTren: "...Why didn't you find me and my brothers and sisters before Daddy and Mister Xanatos did?"
Edmondia: "My mother hid you very well. I couldn't hear you at all."
EnsTren: "Mister Xanatos found us and he's a mortal."
Edmondia: "That may have helped him," he told him softly, propping his chin on his hands and leaning down a little.
EnsTren: "Why'd you and Mrs. Titania try to kill daddy?"
EnsTren: "Daddy talks to Miss 'Mona Mommy about it but he's not sure why."
Edmondia: He sighed softly, reaching out to smooth down his child's rumpled hair. "It was never our intention to kill him. Titania especially not."
EnsTren: "You forgot about Daddy when he was right under your nose. But that's understandable. And with Daddy out of sight you would have forgotten completely about him."
Edmondia: "Perhaps."
EnsTren: "You forgot about my uncle."
Edmondia: "True enough." Why deny anything? "But I pushed did what I did to him to protect your father."
EnsTren: "The person you were protecting from my daddy must have been really important."
Edmondia: "Not quite, little one."
Edmondia: "Your father was the one who needed protection."
EnsTren: "...That doesn't make sence if he couldn't defend himself."
Edmondia: (I think we just confused me)
EnsTren: (I phrased it badly, it doesn't make sence to protect him from himself by making him unable to defend himself)
Edmondia: (ah. Oberon was talking about what he did to Aliel as a way to protect Puck)
EnsTren: (ah, "The person you were protecting from my daddy must have been really important." refered to Puck being banished to protect someone)
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (kei is snippy)
Edmondia: (yes, it's a bit odd to see him like that)
Edmondia: "Well, you're much safer here, at any rate."
Edmondia: (wem?)
EnsTren: (granma)
Edmondia: (k)
EnsTren: "You didn't know about me before"
Edmondia: "True enough. I did a very stupid thing, little one."
EnsTren: "I bet you do lotsa stupid stuff"
Edmondia: He snorted softly. "I see you've inherited your father's penchant for judging without thinking. Of course, it's also a fault of mine."
EnsTren: "Daddy told me stories. And daddy thinks mortality is wearing off on him cause he's been doing stupid things recently"
Edmondia: "Your daddy is a very good storyteller. Has he?"
EnsTren: "He is the best story teller, and he dipped his hand into a potion."
Edmondia: "Oh dear, why did he do that?"
EnsTren: "To test it for Mister Xanatos."
EnsTren: "It was supposed to be an immortality potion but it just turned you to stone"
Edmondia: That explained the fist. "I see."
EnsTren: "So daddy does stupid things too. But I'd like to think he's smarter than you."
EnsTren: (demona, the clan, and the xanatoses are getting a royal kick out of this, by the way)
Edmondia: (of course)
EnsTren: (keiran inherrited his daddy's tongue, and was coaxed out of shyness by his mommy)
Edmondia: (I liked his shyness :P)
EnsTren: (he's probably still shy around people he doesn't know and isn't angry at)
Edmondia: (probably)
EnsTren: (and I suspect that keiran knows that he's being recorded and it will make his daddy very happy to watch this later on)
Edmondia: (heh)
EnsTren: (Also the fact that his mommy is pointing a gun at the possible threat is also cause for spine growth)
Edmondia: (mmhmm)
EnsTren: (also he's imitating daddy)
Edmondia: (I can tell - actually, so can Obie)
EnsTren: (heee)
Edmondia: "Not much for tact, are you?" he questioned, amused.
EnsTren: Glance at Demona and then paraphrase her, "I'm the cutest most adorable thing on the island, I can get away with it."
Edmondia: "Don't rely on your cuteness too much."
EnsTren: "You hurt daddy, I'm not going to mind your feelings even if Miss 'Mona Mommy tells me too."
Edmondia: He raised an eyebrow. "Who was talking about my feelings?"
EnsTren: "Daddy says you should eb polite to kiss up to people because if you hurt their feelings they'll make things difficult, and if you make them angry they can turn purple and make things really difficult."
Edmondia: "A sound assessment."
EnsTren: "You're blue so you're already half way to being purple."
Edmondia: "Oh?"
EnsTren: "Red and blue make purple. Miss Mona Mommy is usually angry but her Red and Blue are seperate."
Edmondia: "Hm."
EnsTren: In another room, watching via security cameras, Gargoyles and humans (or rather human and demihuman) giggled together.
Edmondia: (has it not occurred to anyone to wonder why Obie is putting up with all this?)
EnsTren: (he's a chibi, and Demona has many iron weapons.)
EnsTren: (the idea of demona defending a nestling is rather scary to Goliath)
Edmondia: (still, I'd think at least Hudson would be a little bit wary.)
EnsTren: (he is)
EnsTren: (fox and david nod knowingly though, you will put up with just about anything for your kidlet)
Edmondia: (...hmn. thought.)
Edmondia: (Oberon was perfectly within his rights to pull the banishment gig.)
EnsTren: (yes--but I think the death he essentially sentanced him to is cruel and unusual)
Edmondia: (standard punishment for traitors, though)
EnsTren: (exile until your natural death or exacution)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: (and only if you consider him to be a traitor)
EnsTren: (Oberon kicked even himself off the island, Puck hadn't returned to reswear fealty)
Edmondia: (loyalty isn't to a place, though, it's to a king)
Edmondia: (and he disobeyed a direct royal decree to get the hell back to Avalon)
EnsTren: (it's to a person or ideal or a people or indeed, a place)
Edmondia: (just because everyone was kicked off the island doesn't make Oberon any less the king, or the Children any less citizens)
Edmondia: (and Puck disobeyed a royal decree)
EnsTren: (What about titania's phrasing? I will be not only be your queen, but your wife as well. or something, future tence)
EnsTren: (and the banishment isn't what really rags on him, well he misses his home and people like him, but it's the death sentance--he's seen enough human age and die and be old and useless)
EnsTren: (and Oberon didn't make a royal decree)
Edmondia: (*coughs* the Gathering)
EnsTren: (his decrees take imedete effect and are Law)
EnsTren: (he called them back)
EnsTren: (when trying to get the gate Puck couldn't get around it.)
EnsTren: (it's something he physically couldn't do, take the gate from his hands.)
Edmondia: (disobeyed a direct order, then)
EnsTren: (So did Banesidhe)
Edmondia: (and she got her ass dragged back)
Edmondia: (and a smack for her misbehavior)
EnsTren: (And Puck get banished and slowdeathified--with possibility of becoming a family heirloom)
Edmondia: (Banshee also didn't get in Oberon's way, or directly attack him)
Edmondia: (And Oberon did warn him to get out of the way)
EnsTren: (there are stories about a fairy's word being binding.)
Edmondia: ("or a lifetime of service from Owen" - returning to Avalon would mean that Owen no longer existed, therefore Owen would be dead. lifetime lasts until death)
EnsTren: (using that excuse Puck could have gotten out of it a long time ago)
EnsTren: (very obviously puck couldn't give him HIS lifetime of service, and a mayfly's lifetime of service would have been a hack.)
EnsTren: (thus, it would have to be Xanatos's)
Edmondia: (not too smart of him, when he knew all along that the Gathering was coming up)
EnsTren: (not nessicarily)
EnsTren: (He might not have known when he made the agreement)
Edmondia: (he had to have known, everybody else did. even fey can keep track of centuries)
EnsTren: (do we have a garentee that oberon said 1001 years?)
Edmondia: (I think so)
Edmondia: (divine word of Greg)
EnsTren: (divine word of greg also implies that puck would always be teaching alex and thus his natural lifespan would be extended till alex's death)
Edmondia: (spinoff universe, luv)
Edmondia: (I try to stick as close to Greg-canon as I can)
EnsTren: (he said that he didn't think you ever stop learning)
EnsTren: (and god damnit puck, why are you in my head and planing to pull some shit on oberon like that cale pulled on you?)
EnsTren: (my puck is bitter *dumps sugar on him*)
Edmondia: (*smacks him upside the head* get over it, yo. it's not like what happened to you was entirely unjustified)
EnsTren: (which translates to 'not completely justified')
Edmondia: (hey, death sentence for traitors)
EnsTren: (besides, gargoyles and princess got rewarded for cheating)
Edmondia: (and it's not like Oberon didn't tell him he'd get bitchslapped for not getting the hell outta the way)
EnsTren: (but he didn't get bitchslaped)
EnsTren: (he gets to start his torture to death sentance)
EnsTren: (also, he gave an oath of service to xanatos--which I think extends to defending his family)
Edmondia: (I don't. he was willing to take off after building the defenses, it was his friendship that called him back)
EnsTren: (how do we know that's not trying to take off?)
Edmondia: (you've lost me)
EnsTren: (maybe he tried to take off, but his given word wouldn't allow it)
Edmondia: (*facepalm*)
Edmondia: (this IS the Puck we're talking about. he can weasel out of pretty much anything.)
EnsTren: (if you want to stick to greg canon he said no way in hell is puck obie's son)
EnsTren: (he couldn't weasle out of the not taking the gate thing--there can't be a rule against picking it up once it falls)
EnsTren: (so it's also the spirit of the Law must bind them too)
Edmondia: (...it's amazing how long we can ramble about motivations about cartoons, isn't it? :P)
EnsTren: (deep cartoons)
EnsTren: (really, boardering on anime)
Edmondia: (*snort* even anime ain't that deep all the time)
EnsTren: (true)
EnsTren: (and if weasling room was as deep as you seem to think it is he'd be able to change to defend himself against aliel on the grounds of defending himself so he can defend alex)
Edmondia: (actually, I did consider that)
EnsTren: (oh?)
Edmondia: (mmhmm. was one of the first things that came to mind, actually.)
Edmondia: (it's a plothole *shrug*)
EnsTren: (*shrug*)
Edmondia: (at any rate, the whole reason I brought this up was a. that it occurred to me, and b. that we can't ignore the fact that there are alternate sides to the story than just Puck's)
EnsTren: (agreeable to this I am)
EnsTren: (Kinda like Demona wanting to kill humans, she's overreacting a bit. No I'm not being sarcastic)
EnsTren: (I think of 1000 years, and I think of how many clans she must have been in, and led, and seen murdered by humans)
Edmondia: (there's always reasons for people being the way they are *nod*)
EnsTren: (given the fact that puck possibly/probably/could say he was caught between two decrees is he a traitor)
EnsTren: (?)
Edmondia: (I think so, at least legally)
EnsTren: (Looking at the fight it looks like puck was trying to hold back)
EnsTren: (he didn't press the attack, he wacked him once or twice--and when obie had that big ole harpoon in his chest he actually stood a chance at killing him)
Edmondia: (did he really?)
EnsTren: (Oberon could barely stand up)
Edmondia: (even so, he recovered pretty damn quickly)
EnsTren: (after he pulled it out of his chest)
Edmondia: (I really don't think our Puck is the sort to go for all-out murder)
EnsTren: (He isn't--anymore)
EnsTren: (but the point is he could have--or have got Oberon bound up in manacles like he once was.)
Edmondia: (that harpoon retracted, didn't it?)
EnsTren: (no, I remember Oberon pulling it out of his chest)
Edmondia: (it's been a long time since I've seen the episode, so I'm a bit fuzzy...)
EnsTren: (I'm fairly sure he pulled it out--why would grandpa Xanatos retract it?)
Edmondia: (...you know, thinking on it, even when it was stuck in I'm not sure he would've managed to kill him)
EnsTren: (but kept him busy long enough to be bound, quiet possibly knock him out)
EnsTren: (he did what he was compelled to do--and enjoied it over much, but he didn't do what he could have done)
Edmondia: (I dunno about that - the main overwhelming drama of that episode came from the fact that, simply, The Good Guys could NOT win)
EnsTren: (yes)
EnsTren: (yet somehow, for a short while, they were winning)
EnsTren: (Puck used blunt force attacks on him, not sharp ones that would cause more damnage)
Edmondia: (actually, would the pointiness really matter much? as long as it's not iron, I mean?)
EnsTren: (you could argue it eitherway that he's a traitor or he was caught between a rock and a hardplace)
EnsTren: (possibly)
Edmondia: (from a legal standpoint, I think, he'd be labeled as a traitor because of the direct attacks, however blunt they may have been)
EnsTren: (yes, but I'm saying that he couldn't not (sorry for the double negative) directly attack unless David's intrest was better served by not doing it)
Edmondia: (I think that viewpoint cheapens what he did)
EnsTren: (I'm not saying he didn't want to)
EnsTren: (I'm not saying he wouldn't have)
Edmondia: (I still don't like it)
Edmondia: (and it was service from Owen, not service from Puck that he promised)
Edmondia: (Owen did everything that Puck-as-Owen could do)
EnsTren: (true that)
EnsTren: (but you have to face it, in terms of attacking Puck was pretty halfassing it)
Edmondia: (well, I think he was hoping to just keep him quiet long enough to tell his story and hopefully get him to calm down a bit)
Edmondia: (I mean, it's a REALLY BAD IDEA to go for an all-out attack on a person that's stronger than you)
EnsTren: (and since when has oberon taken soft hints?)
Edmondia: (*shrug* he's got to have some finesse, otherwise he'd be a sucky king)
Edmondia: (which, from what we see of things, he isn't)
EnsTren: (he has Titania to overflow the finesse quota)
Edmondia: (yes, but we do see him on his own in king-role)
Edmondia: (and he's obviously got the situation well in hand)
EnsTren: (he can outpower anyone)
Edmondia: (that's as maybe, but it takes more than power to be a ruler)
EnsTren: (true)
Edmondia: (I think he's got more brains that people give him credit for, though he does have a serious temper problem)
EnsTren: (*pets his head and squishes down the hair horns*)
Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (I don't think puck could have gotten out of it withotu breaking some rule)
Edmondia: (possibly, but he did it to himself)
EnsTren: (true that)
Edmondia: (*pats him* lousy situation all around, really)
EnsTren: (...and somehow I doubt he was expectign xanatos to survive the decade)
Edmondia: (well, given David's propensity for big shiny metal things that go kablooie...)
EnsTren: (*sad little smile*)
Edmondia: (I love him, really I do)
EnsTren: (david or puck or oberon?)
Edmondia: (all of the above)
EnsTren: (which one were you refering to though?)
Edmondia: (David)
EnsTren: (ah)
EnsTren: (I'm sorry I just got really depressed because...well considering just how damn much Puck loves david--when he dies I can see him crying)
EnsTren: (his best friend, after all)
EnsTren: (and if he was willing to put that much on the line for him, he must really love him)
Edmondia: (mmhmm)
EnsTren: (*kicks the stupid elvish forgetting lament that came on her MP3 player*)
Edmondia: (oh dear. and here I am listening to TMBG)
Edmondia: (um, I have some hysterically funny and very very wrong songs I could send you? ^_^)
EnsTren: no thank you
EnsTren wants to send file Lackey - Arafel's Lament.mp3.
Edmondia: izzat the one on the cd you gave me?
EnsTren: I dunno
EnsTren: arafels lament
EnsTren: the tree of swords and jewels
Edmondia: yeah, it is. got it already. *huggle*
EnsTren: that song
EnsTren: all the talk of being forgotten
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: have you read/heard anythign of the book puck of pook's hill or something like that?
Edmondia: I've read it
EnsTren: I couldn't finish it, maybe if I had hard copy. ah well
EnsTren: I find it intresting that in the book iron didn't bother him
Edmondia: I could send you my copy to borrow, if you like
EnsTren: no thanks
Edmondia: do you at least want the poster I was planning on giving you? :P
EnsTren: the fey have only three generations, max, there's got to be things they don't know about themselves
EnsTren: MEEP!?
EnsTren: mee?
EnsTren: why?
Edmondia: uh, 'cause I got it and thought you'd like it?
EnsTren: *huggles*
EnsTren: *pokes puck*
EnsTren: I wonder what happens when he's the oldest thing in the world?
Edmondia: was gonna send it along with the effed-up Seto doujinshi for you to borrow and the cd mix I'm going to make one of these days
EnsTren: or if there's anything special bonuses about being the last fey in the world
Edmondia: hmn, dunno
EnsTren: I really think our lord and master Greg was heavily influanced by sandman
EnsTren: Puck is the last fey in the mortal world too
EnsTren: and oberon's blue and has the red armor going on
EnsTren: and horns
Edmondia: heh *is wearing a sandman t-shirt*
Edmondia: which came out first?
EnsTren: sandman
Edmondia: as far as looks go, it was probably the concept artists :P
EnsTren: true that
EnsTren: I wonder
Edmondia: *snicker* in the Sandman Midsummer, did you also go O.o;; at the coziness between Oberon and Puck?
EnsTren: hehehe, I heard off an LJ long long ago about someone who saw a brit playgroup doing Midsummer live and how the actors for Puck and Oberon were obviously gay and together and it was carrying over very well to the actual play
Edmondia: heh, in the last Midsummer I saw live there was visible Puck-flirty
EnsTren: maybe it was your LJ!
EnsTren: *giggles*
Edmondia: doubt it, the playgroup was ND's summer Shakespeare :P
EnsTren: I wonder, if obie's even paying attention when it happens, when Puck screams and crys over Xanatos's dead body, what will his reaction be?
Edmondia: sympathy, I think
EnsTren: shocked and surprised too I think
Edmondia: yeah
EnsTren: and jealous
Edmondia: familiar parent-urge to try and make things better that can't be made better as well, I think
EnsTren: look at it this way obie, imagine how much worse it would have been if he hadn't been able to be there for him?
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: I think mostly it's just puck paranoia, which came from getting his powers about that's makign him angst so much
Edmondia: (playlist o' irony striketh)
EnsTren: before keiran it was mostly make your bed and lay in it, he couldn't do anythign bout it so...*shrug*
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: he missed home and family
EnsTren: but honestly he likes his chosen family better
EnsTren: and he's a ploter, he probably can manage to string out his life indefinetly by brining alex up with enough magic to be immortal and to be a bit of an adrenillin junkie
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: and I must shower, but I shall return <3
EnsTren: k
Edmondia: brb
EnsTren: k
Edmondia: back
EnsTren: yay
EnsTren: GODDAMNIT! >.<
Edmondia: O.o???
EnsTren: stupid urge to garg/HP crossover is fucking back
EnsTren: alex in hogwarts
Edmondia: *beats it with an anvil*
EnsTren: and uncle-by-marriage!Merlin who is stuck as an illusion under a hill-house that his tree is growing on
EnsTren: hehe
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: remind me why you don't like the idea agin
Edmondia: it's a pain in the ass :P
EnsTren: ah
EnsTren: keiran is confused but delighted
EnsTren: puck is somehow chibi puck and playing with him
Edmondia: our timelines aren't so much lines as they are knots
EnsTren: we like knots
EnsTren: when will we be dunking this one in booze and lighting it on fire?
Edmondia: no idea ^_^
EnsTren: hehehe]
EnsTren: anyways
EnsTren: puck would be inclined to just lay in the bed he made
EnsTren: but with keiran, of course he worries about his boy
EnsTren: and the fact he has powers back and stuff
EnsTren: as he was, he was out of the way, now he's not so much anymore, so worries, and paranoia
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: which leads to towering rage
Edmondia: yep
Edmondia: which leads to yelling and etc.
EnsTren: he's afraid for his baby
Edmondia: yessum
Edmondia: understandable, if paranoid
EnsTren: but paranoid within reason
Edmondia: yessum
EnsTren: and keiran is angry at his grandparents
Edmondia: ayup
EnsTren: which is understandable
EnsTren: of course without mommy and clan back up he'd shut up and run away
EnsTren: unless of course they caught him and picked him up
EnsTren: he gots his grandpa's teeth
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: and that jewled dagger chibi puck threw at someone, keiran has it, it was a prezzy
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: pretty and usefully deadly
Edmondia: yup
EnsTren: ...now how to get him onto avalon...
Edmondia: eh?
EnsTren: *attempts to plot*
Edmondia: you want Keiran to get harassed, don't you? :P
EnsTren: I want chaos!
EnsTren: I want the tricksters to coo over him
Edmondia: Puck wants his sproglet faaaaaaaaaaaar away from Avalon
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: Oberon wants his grandsproglet faaaaaaaaaaaar away from Avalon
EnsTren: titania?
Edmondia: likewise
EnsTren: keiran is running wild on avalon
EnsTren: trying to find a place to hide but he keeps running into people
EnsTren: it's scary!
EnsTren: he doesn't knkow anybody here
Edmondia: eep
EnsTren: So he's quietly running away
EnsTren: and a few people that have caught him have bitemarks and bruises
Edmondia: good boi
EnsTren: and one person got gashehed with the knife
EnsTren: shallow cut like you get from shaving your legs
EnsTren: or paper
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: gossip goes around like zoom
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: he hides amongst tree roots I think
Edmondia: aaaaaaaaand there's people out searching
EnsTren: if the three find him, well he has more warnings against them than he does on obie and tania
Edmondia: ayup
EnsTren: so they might get a taste of his first real live use of combat magic
Edmondia: ooh
EnsTren: they be surprised
EnsTren: and he be running scared
Edmondia: well, yeah
EnsTren: of course...hehe
EnsTren: demona is going to show up
EnsTren: that's her kid as far as she's concerned, and while his daddy can't come, she can on a boat and arm with things that go boom
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: grandparents would notice, I believe
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: gargoyles get to proove themselves useful in covering fey from getting hit with iron
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: and aww shit
EnsTren: demona has artifically made heavy iron bullets in thin lead jackets
EnsTren: she had them made after puck pissed her off that first time in the mirror
Edmondia: erk
EnsTren: in otherwords, radioactive iron
Edmondia: eep. badbadbad.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: btu it's in the lead jacket, so no harm unless fired
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: but she gives them fair warning
EnsTren: Kickign open the doors, pointing her weapon, "Where is the child?"
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: And she has a bit of light iron armor on as protection.
EnsTren: and sights one of the royals in her crosshairs of a special, odd looking gun.
EnsTren: "This gun is loaded with depleited uranium and heavy Iron bullets in a lead jacket. This means they move above Mach 1 and are radioactive. Considering you don't like the sound of iron I wonder how you'll take to this. Give me the child and safe passage back to my home and I don't shoot."
Edmondia: (does she realize they don't have the kid?)
EnsTren: (doesn't matter, they can get him, or get word to him)
Edmondia: (...hmn, Oberon, at least, is already out looking for him)
EnsTren: good
Edmondia: and Titania's just raised an eyebrow and told her that if they'd found him, he would be home by now
EnsTren: "Tell that to his father, hmn?"
Edmondia: she seems unconcerned
EnsTren: "How the hell did he get here anyways?"
Edmondia: "I have absolutely no idea."
EnsTren: "He's more than half convinced someone on the island kidnapped him you know"
Edmondia: "Not to our knowledge, no. Nobody really knew he existed."
EnsTren: "Do forgive me for violent distrusting you, he's starting to rub off on me."
Edmondia: "Understandable." A shrug. "We were expecting you as soon as we noticed his presence."
EnsTren: "He was being more insane than usual on trying to outfit me for this lovely outing, never mind that I had an arsenal ment to kill him after our first meeting."
Edmondia: "He does take after his father," she murmured.
EnsTren: "They threw iron chains around him when he insisted on going to get me a nuclear device from the pentagon."
Edmondia: "A wise decision."
EnsTren: "Has he been hurt?"
EnsTren: She lowers the weapon, though it's still pointed at Titania from Demona's hip.
Edmondia: "No. Though he has left quite a trail of injured behind him."
EnsTren: "Good boy. Though I suppose they're lucky he didn't get around to teaching him more than basic combat magic."
Edmondia: "Even that is more than most of the Children know."
EnsTren: "..You don't teach them how to fight?!"
Edmondia: "We leave that decision up to the parents. Most of them choose not to bother, if they even know in the first place."
EnsTren: "It'll save you alot of work if a rebellion comes along I suppose."
Edmondia: She smirked faintly. "That's part of the reason that ours worked - the Court members thought fighting was beneath them."
EnsTren: Wicked little laugh of real amusment.
Edmondia: "Snobbery lends itself well to the fall of empires."
EnsTren: "I agree with you and you've seen more than me."
Edmondia: "Besides, most of the Children are lazy."
EnsTren: "Must be why they are having such a hard time catching an eight month little boy."
Edmondia: "True enough, and he does take after his father - who was very good at running when he was a little boy."
Edmondia: "...after his grandfather too..."
EnsTren: "This I got to hear, but later, hopefully along with whatever amounts to embaressing baby pictures with you people."
Edmondia: Her smile was a little bit sad. "Of course."
EnsTren: "Possibly during Keiran's birthday party, consider yourself and your husband invited--if only to get as many people that we're friendly with that make Goliath twitch under one roof."
Edmondia: She smirked. "Thank you... oh - he found him."
EnsTren: "That's good."
Edmondia: She smiled softly and stood up, stepping lightly aside. "Apparently Keiran has learned his lessons very well."
EnsTren: "Oh ho? This I got to see"
Edmondia: The air shimmered, and Keiran perked up and waved happily from where he was held in Oberon's arms. "Mommy!"
EnsTren: (happily, in oberon's arms?)
Edmondia: (happy to see his mom, happy to be relatively safe, happy because Oberon did interesting things to the Three that were apparently quite humorous)
EnsTren: (way to earn his trust obie! and I suppose after he did that keiran stopped biting his hands)
Edmondia: (yep)
EnsTren: Suddenly softer features and a slight smile. "Little one."
Edmondia: Oberon gently put the child down, and he immediately scampered over to Demona and flung himself in her arms. "Mommy!"
EnsTren: Scooped up and kissed on the forehead. "Did you blow anyone up, little one?"
Edmondia: "Just one!"
EnsTren: "That's good, sprog. I'm sure your daddy will be very proud."
Edmondia: Smile and cuddle under her chin.
EnsTren: "Did you have fun causing chaos and mayhem?"
Edmondia: "Mmhmm!"
EnsTren: "That's lovely dear." Pet his hair. "Were you ever afraid? Is there anyone Mommy has to dismember, knee cap, and stuff in a small box to bring home to you daddy so he can have his turn?"
Edmondia: He cuddled. "Lotsa people, mommy."
Edmondia: "All strangers."
EnsTren: "Oh dear, I don't think Oberon is going to give me a hunting licence for 'lotsa people.'"
Edmondia: He shook his head. "Didn't hurt, mommy. Strangers..."
EnsTren: Squease him tight and voice more than a little dangerous, "Did anyone hurt you?"
Edmondia: He considered for several long moments, then shook his head.
EnsTren: "Good!" Suddenly much happier. "We can go home now," look over his head at his grandparents, "Right?"
Edmondia: The grandparents were quite happily watching them, wrapped in a loose embrace. "Of course."
EnsTren: Glance at the other mirror, eyes widden a bit and then she starts considering things and walks over to it careful to avoid the iron from clicking or clanging against each other
Edmondia: Keiran clung to her.
EnsTren: She smiled and held him close, the only way this could be better was if he was a gargoyle or Angela. "We're ready"
Edmondia: The mirror shimmered.
EnsTren: She nodded goodbye and Keiran waved before they stepped though
Edmondia: ...well, that had been a surprisingly painless experience.
EnsTren: She shared the lovely news that Demona invited them to the child's birthday party!
Edmondia: It had been a short while since she'd been picked up and twirled around like that.
EnsTren: She smiled and kissed her husband
Edmondia: Her husband hadn't bothered to put her down yet. Nice.
EnsTren: It was nice having a husband who could benchpress a fairlane to pick you up and twirl you.
Edmondia: ...also to carry you to your bedroom.
EnsTren: ...getting invited to children's birthday parties turned her husband on? Or was it the possibility of uniting with a young family member? Maybe it was the inevitable silly pointy party hats?
Edmondia: He poked her tummy. "Or I could just be happy."
EnsTren: "You'd look cute in a hat, espiclaly if the sparkels were detachign from the cheap glue and Puck snapped the elastic under your chin"
Edmondia: His nose wrinkled. "And you'd look immaculate, of course."
EnsTren: "Nonsence. Silly string will go well with my veils and hair"
Edmondia: "Heh."
EnsTren: Kiss her wonderful husband.
EnsTren: "So, my lord, what ever did you do to earn the child's trust?"
Edmondia: Smirk.
EnsTren: "Are you keeping a secret from me, my sweet lord?"
Edmondia: Smiiiiiiiiiiiiirk.
EnsTren: "Then I shall simply have to find a secret to keep from you then."
Edmondia: Chuckle. "Our daughters make very cute chipmunks."
EnsTren: Sweet honeyed laughter and kiss his ear.
Edmondia: "They sound like they've inhaled helium."
EnsTren: Laugh loud and hard and it's good he was holding her or she'd have to use him to stay upright
Edmondia: He grinned and nuzzled her softly.
EnsTren: "Husband...We have four days or four months to find the child a suitable present."
Edmondia: "...bed first?" He offered her a charming little-boy smile.
EnsTren: Pinch his nose and smile at him. "Oh I suppose so..!"
Edmondia: Grin.
EnsTren: Thus they went to bed.
Edmondia: (heh, they're cute)
EnsTren: (they are)
EnsTren: (i'm goin nainai I think)
Edmondia: (me too, sleepy)
EnsTren: (nainai)
Edmondia: (nainai)
Edmondia: Nemichan~
EnsTren: YAY
Edmondia: eep
EnsTren: something occured to me at work today
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: it's a point in favor of my side of the discourse on oberon being out of line
EnsTren: owen isn't going to stay celebet
EnsTren: he might have children
EnsTren: given the fact that they were going to take a quarter fey away
EnsTren: they probably end up taking his children away
EnsTren: he won't be able to raise them right, he won't be able to teach them
EnsTren: they migght not even know him, or be told he's a horrible disgusting person etc etc
EnsTren: also, chucullin proves reincarnation is real
EnsTren: given...well avalon itself
EnsTren: Oberon could very well be making it so he can't get reincarnated, ro whatever it is fey do
EnsTren: or any number of things to his soul
Edmondia: uh... honestly, I think Oberon would just completely forget about him
EnsTren: uh?
Edmondia: rather than being actively malicious\
EnsTren: he wouldn't be being activly malicious
EnsTren: he'd be doing what's best for the children by making sure they get a magical education--who'd belive a quarter fey could teach them right?
Edmondia: I meant about the soul-bit
EnsTren: forgetting doesn't make what he did/said go away
Edmondia: uh...
EnsTren: look, lets say he forgets abotu puck
EnsTren: he still decreed puck couldn't comeback, ever
EnsTren: just because he forgets about puck doesn't mean that the decree isn't there
Edmondia: yeah
EnsTren: so *shrugs*
EnsTren: he got excomunicated
EnsTren: but in his case it might really really matter
EnsTren: ...!
EnsTren: and demona is bugging puck
EnsTren: correction
EnsTren: she's bullying him into helping her make an anaversery present Tania and Obie
EnsTren: "You're going to do it or I'm going to go down to the Frabrication shop and have an iron chastity belt made for you and slap it on you when you're not looking one night."
EnsTren: her glowy red eyes are very convincing
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: uh...puck you're not supposed to be getting turned on by threats like that
Edmondia: *giggle*
EnsTren: anyways, so they set about fixing up the mirror demona broke--she still has it
Edmondia: any particular reason why she's doing this?
EnsTren: she likes her 'in laws'
EnsTren: also, gets her in good
EnsTren: puck's starting a plan to get him into Goliath's clan, she's starting a plan to get in good with her 'inlaws'--and thus some protection from her shitty 'sisters in law'
Edmondia: aha~
EnsTren: he smart
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: and so's she
EnsTren: so they are fixing it together
EnsTren: she hid a sound chip in to the card so when they open it they head
EnsTren: "I'm not signing this piece of shit"
"You fucking well are, you helped repair that piece of shit"
"Only because you threatened me with various spikey impliments"
"I thought you might like it, it's kinky after all"
"Clue in, Iron's not sexy to a fey"

EnsTren: "Aww isn't that cute, you're hair's sticking up like horns."
"You're a fucking bitch, you know that, right?"
"And you love it"
"Vaguely, when I'm really really really drunk."
"...You don't drink."
"Which means I love it never."

EnsTren: "Now then, I know you didn't like the iron version, but those were for threatening purposes only so..."
*you can hear puck smile in the silence which is followed by...*
*sounds of a romp begining.*

EnsTren: "Puck! I didn't make those for me!"
Sexy laugh, "Too bad"
*...intresting sounds*

Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: Titania's pleased to have her mirror back
Edmondia: yay
EnsTren: Infact, both royals are pleased
EnsTren: so is good
EnsTren: oberon is snickering
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: he enjoied the recording
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: I'm a little scared
Edmondia: of?
EnsTren: when keiran grows up a bit and puck and demona decide to have babies
EnsTren: ...cause I'm seeing alot of them
EnsTren: really those two are like minks
Edmondia: erk.
Edmondia: no babies! *bops them*
EnsTren: why not?
Edmondia: why would there be?
EnsTren: increase garg population
EnsTren: demona might want a kidlet eventually
EnsTren: puck's minnorly addicted to raising them I think
Edmondia: ugh
EnsTren: they'd have cute babies
EnsTren: and the babies are a couple centuries away I think
Edmondia: that means we don't have to write about them, right? right?
EnsTren: right
EnsTren: we can just skip to them being older
EnsTren: unfortunetly in myead there are many of them
Edmondia: *kills them all*
EnsTren: practically a miniclan
EnsTren: like...in the year 2999
EnsTren: or something
Edmondia: *sticks fingers in ears* lalala, I can't hear you
EnsTren: why nooooot?
Edmondia: ugh. sproglets.
EnsTren: you like sproglets
EnsTren: keiran and alex and chibi puck and chibi oberon
Edmondia: I only like some sproglets, some of the time
EnsTren: okay
EnsTren: though the image of palewhite with blue bits gargfeys mobing on and beating up the three because they insulted their daddy is amusing
Edmondia: bah :P
EnsTren: and oberon looking at their tails and titania beating him on the head for thinking about cheating on her with one of his granddaughters
Edmondia: uh, wtf?
EnsTren: brain was random
EnsTren: not enoguh sleep and day dreaming do weird thoughts
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: anyways
EnsTren: if oberons said 'for life' instead of forever I'd be more inclined to say he was in the right
Edmondia: mm
Edmondia: <- is half-asleep, sorry
EnsTren: does obie still want gargbaby grandkidlets?
Edmondia: probably. he likes little kids
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: he's like "Baby! Boobie! Booty! GrandBaby!"
EnsTren: boobie and booty being tanias
Edmondia: yessum :P
EnsTren: PUck made a charm for his baby to wear to protect him from mab
EnsTren: stumbled through a mirror and collapsed in a teacup on avalon's waters to sleep it off
Edmondia: good boi
EnsTren: though someone's gonna notice the big teacup
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: well puck's sleeping in a big teacup
EnsTren: someone's bound to notice it floating
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: possibly a gargoyle
Edmondia: hm
EnsTren: and of course someone's going to notice
EnsTren: goign to find out ratehr from a gargoyle
EnsTren: unless of course keiran is in the teacup with him and shoots them
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: keiran has learned to shoot first ask questions later on avalon unless it's granpa
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: and he's protecting daddy! very important
Edmondia: yessum
EnsTren: mommy will be proud of him
Edmondia: yep
EnsTren: so he plays potshoot with gargoyles
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: the three are sneaky
EnsTren: come first
EnsTren: "Oh, I thought Mister Oberon turned you into chipmunks, did it wear off?"
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: "I can make helium balloons for you?"
EnsTren: he can also make outboard moters on teacups
EnsTren: which he has
EnsTren: and is running away from them
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: is cute
EnsTren: titania to the rescue
EnsTren: on account of trying to get the grandbabie's trust
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: he's squirming and she asks him why since he liked oberon
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: Quietly and maybe slightly guilty, "Daddy likes you worse than Mister Oberon."
Edmondia: ouchie
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: "You scares daddy"
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: paranoia, in puck's head it was her idea
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: and he gets obie
EnsTren: he can control him by reacting in certain ways
EnsTren: tania, not so much
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: so afraid of her
Edmondia: mmhmm

EnsTren: how be puck?
Edmondia: sleepy
Edmondia: Owen's been up for 48 hours working on a project
EnsTren: why?
EnsTren: ah
Edmondia: because someone down in engineering screwed it up :P
EnsTren: eep
Edmondia: so he's grouchy and sleepy
EnsTren: Keiran is using the phone to order starbucks
EnsTren: there's one in the building
EnsTren: so he wanders down and gets it and brings it up
Edmondia: aww~
Edmondia: and what do the engineers think of a toddler bearing coffee?
EnsTren: is cute
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: adorable
EnsTren: cause he holds it over his head in cardboard tray
Edmondia: aww!
EnsTren: hee'
Edmondia: cute lil' boi~ <3
EnsTren: yes he is
EnsTren: owen is verra pleased
Edmondia: yay for coffee? :P
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: yay for tripple shots os expresso infused with sugar
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: Owen Burnett: caffine junkie
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: ...pucks stopped seeing demona for a bit because she told him who she invited to their sons birthday party
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: well, he's got a few months to cool down...
EnsTren: he's grouchy
Edmondia: ayep
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: *pats him*
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: yugi and yami are teaching atemu how to apreciate seto
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: Yes
EnsTren: "Notice the skin tone, and see how easily his limbs bend? Here! look, tie him up! Fun"
Edmondia: Seto is sweatdropping. "I am not your sex toy!"
EnsTren: Yugi has put his hands between seto's legs to convince him otherwise
Edmondia: Squeak.
EnsTren: It's working very well
EnsTren: He's wriggling, and yugi's pointing out how pretty it is
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: is inviting atemu to pet him a bit
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: is pretty
EnsTren: hmnhmn
EnsTren: ooh seto insulted otogi
Edmondia: hee?
EnsTren: something along the lines of "enthusiasim makes up for a lack of skill, after all"
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: insulting otogis performance
Edmondia: hee hee hee
Edmondia: to his face?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and Otogi's response?
EnsTren: flushed and insulted
EnsTren: I should not watch the ending to shrek2 while thinking of my muses
EnsTren: because in my head there's a big party and owen's dancing with dominique destine
Edmondia: HEE!
EnsTren: they dance well
EnsTren: and a note: puck seems to have an odd liking for the jitterbug
Edmondia: why are they dancing?
EnsTren: it's a party
EnsTren: they ended up in each other's arms
EnsTren: he doesn't jitter bug with her, wrong music
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: they having fun?
EnsTren: yes they are
EnsTren: hullo jareth
Edmondia: where'd he come from?
EnsTren: he popped in to blow bubbles
Edmondia: *blows him a kiss*
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: Jareth Jareth Jareth~
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: <3
EnsTren: we loves jareth
Edmondia: yessum~
EnsTren: (I hath been beckoned)
EnsTren signed off at 3:23:07 PM.