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Sailor Moon Fic Recs

Title: Bleed
Author: Evil Authoress, Inc.
Summary: Mamoru's gone back to college. When he faints after seeing an Usagi look-alike, he knows something is wrong. But he really has no idea, until his world continues to be turned upside down by frat boys.
Notes: Why it pwns: Abso-friggin-lutely brilliant writing. Characterizations are impeccable, plotline is brilliant, and no senshi are in sight. Because they're in Japan. Plus, you know, yay for the shitennou! Drama, angst, and witticisims. Love. Now complete!

Title: My Four Kings
Author: Adins
Summary: The semi-satirical story of four immortal guardians who can't find much else to do with eternity than get on each other's nerves, buy cool appliances and somehow try to save the world. Pull up a stool and join us at The Four Kings Bar & Grill!
Notes: It starts off as a crack fic, and then it grows a plot. The kind where the characters don't have any idea what is going on and neither do the readers.

Title: Lunar Expedition and the sequel, Silver Millennium
Author: Amber Evans Potter
Summary: Life on Earth is normal, despite the numerous battles the Senshi have fought. A new discovery on the moon, however, just might shatter that peace. Was the Moon Kingdom meant to be found?
Notes: An enjoyable read, now complete, with sequel hook.

Title: Subject to Change
Author: EightofSwords
Summary: High school is hard enough for Serena with only the jerkwad junior Darien to worry about. But when you add a naked transformation phase, a pyro, a genius with OCD, and REALLY short skirts – how’s a girl supposed to graduate!
Notes: So it's an AR of the first season of Sailor Moon, which has been done and done and done before in many different ways. This one takes a while to develop, but it's strange and dramatic and lovely.

Title: Relativity
Author: sexylyon
Summary: How was Neo Tokyo founded? And why does Chibi Usa never grow up? These questions and more...
Notes: Fantastic Mamoru-centric speculative fiction. Long but absolutely fascinating.

Title: Shitennou Series
Author: PsychicDreams
Notes: Wonderfully painful manga-based fiction revolving around the Shitennou and Mamoru.
       Bring Back My Happiness
       Body and Soul
       Days in Desire
Pure Devotion
Stand By Me

Title: Dreamcatchers
Author: Spirit-hime
Summary: Post-PGSM. Shitennou. Bad guys. Old grudges. New alliances. Fun and angst for the whole family.
Notes: Okay, I'll admit it happily and dorkily: I liked PGSM. I especially liked the Shitennou in all their angsty conflicted (and uber-sparkly) glory. Only one chapter so far, and sadly it looks as though that's all there will ever be.

Title: As We Were
Author: VO1
Summary: Rated R for language, sexual situations, and enormous amounts of underage alcoholic consumption.
Notes: First season AR, not-in-Japan, full of silly and drama and adventure and Shitennou.

Title: Earth Guardian Prince Endymion
Authors: Senshi of Ruin and Mizu no Senshi
Summary: AU fanfiction in a Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon setting. Suppose Queen Beryl brainwashed the four Inner Senshi instead of the Shitennou?
Notes: Plot-twisty, solidly-written, and loooooooooong, although the latter's not necessarily a good thing - I found my attention wandering more than once.

Title: Choices
Author: Harukami
Notes: This is an anime-only fic, which ordinarily would be something of a turn-off for me, but it's an anime-only fic that makes the anime make a whole lot of razor-edged sense where otherwise it didn't.

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