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Star Wars Fic Recs

Title: Consequences
Author: MJ Mink
Summary: After their battle on Bespin, Luke and Vader meet again in a neutral, elegant setting...that Luke finds every bit as unsettling as their confrontation in Cloud City.
Notes: Actually, everything by this author is brilliant and painful and sometimes hilarious. So read everything she's ever written. Right now.

Title: He's Falling Again
Author: deaka
Summary: Luke, Vader. Luke dreams in the wake of Empire Strikes Back.
Notes: Bittersweet.

Title: The Father
Author: frodogenic
Summary: Ten years after ROTS, tormenting nightmares of his unborn child drive Darth Vader to extraordinary measures with unexpectedly drastic consequences. Clearly, experience has taught Darth Vader nothing... L/V, the gang, and a few OCs for flavor. COMPLETE!
Notes: Very entertaining, fairly intricate, and quite lengthy.

Title: Efficiency
Author: sethnakht
Summary: Vader, Piett, Ozzel, and the Lady Ex. One-shot, complete.
Notes: I adore stories about the Empire. Adore adore adore adore adore.

Title: My Bitten Heart
Author: Mina
Summary: An Imperial witnesses the tragedy play out between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.
Notes: This author's gen stories focus on the volatile father-son relationship between Luke and Darth Vader, and you should read all of them. Adventure, angst, and more owies than you could shake a stick at.

Title: The Force Bond Series
Author: Kitt
Notes: OT AU. After Owen and Beru are killed by a mysterious stranger, young Luke ends up on Coruscant, staying with a Senator using him for political gain. Long, currently being rewritten, incredibly entertaining.

Title: Captivated
Author: Alysa
Notes: A powerful Vader pov piece set just before Bespin.

Title: The Souls of Demons
Author: Pyxelle
Summary: Vader turns Luke to the Dark Side, but finds he's horrified at the monster his son becomes. Through a dangerous genetic procedure he reclaims his body, hoping to become the Jedi Anakin Skywalker once more...and to save his son from darkness.
Notes: Angst! Humane people in the Empire! More angst! Internal conflict! Angst!

Title: The Sith Who Brought Life Day
Author: Ophelia
Summary: An Imperial officer loses a bet and has to get Darth Vader a present for Life Day.
Notes: In addition to having a delightfully ludicrous premise, this fic features a pleasant OC narrator and a believable Vader. Which just makes it all the more shiny.

Title: Dark Labyrinth parts One, Two, and Three
Authors: Shayne and Carolyn
Summary: What might have happened had Luke returned to Tatooine after "Empire Strikes Back". An Alternate History.
Notes: Written pre-prequels, so not all of the details match up, but who really cares? Luke, Han, and Vader in the same story, and it works very well.

Title: Tamarisk
Author: Arco
Summary: Vader runs a gauntlet at the instigation of a madman out to destroy him, and all of Coruscant.
Notes: Vader adventure is good for the soul.

Title: Food Scandal
Author: Malicean
Summary: Governmental contracts usually go to the lowest bidder. Even in galaxies far, far away. And, here or there, you get what you pay for.
Notes: An interestingly different and enjoyable fic.

Title: Even Though I Know You're Leaving
Author: Darth Tartan
Summary: AU/alternate scene for Return of the Jedi. Darth Vader and Luke have a few more moments together, but it's still not enough.
Notes: This fic will rip your heart out.

Title: Between Flight and Longing
Author: Sheila Snow
Summary: Luke Skywalker and Han Solo journey to the planet Balen'ar on a desperate mission and find more than they'd bargained for.
Notes: This one is lots of fun, not in the least because her Han is made of awesome.

Title: Masquerade
Author: PlaidButterfly
Summary: A redeemed Vader strives to reconcile his past actions while trying to save Luke from the Emperor's grasp, and helping the Rebel Alliance... And struggles to simply survive. Post-RotJ AU.
Notes: In-progress and very entertaining.

Title: Shattered
Author: CWBasset
Summary: The New Republic is on the brink of the collapse, the Sith have reemerged, war is on the horizon—yet everything that is happening feels wrong...So when Luke Skywalker receives an offer to go back in time to change the galaxy's destiny, can he refuse?
Notes: Extremely entertaining.

Title: Shadows of the Future
Author: stormqueen873
Summary: Obi-Wan lost the duel on Mustafar, but instead of dying, he finds himself on a ship leaving Tatooine, with his old Master and a familiar young boy. As events begin to unfold, can he stop the future he knows from occuring?
Notes: Fics like this have a huge potential for suckage. It is most fortunate that this one does the opposite.

Title: Purgatory
Author: HelenT
Summary: As if the comment Obi-Wan had made to Luke about Anakin ‘dying’ when he became Darth Vader was literally true, a newly dead Anakin Skywalker wakes in a new world—given the appearance of his twenty-three year old self. However, the self-sacrifice that ended his life has also given Anakin an unexpected boon that he isn’t sure he can accept. Worse, it comes with conditions that might just be impossible to meet. A moment of redemption is one thing, but a full reformation another entirely. Set immediately after ROTJ.
Notes: This is fabulous and full of winningness and adventure.

Title: The Victory Over The Sith At Theed And The Noble Fall Of Master Qui-Gon Jinn
Authors: Rackham Rose and Shoiryu
Summary: The kai-kan is a sacred drama. It is a way of connecting the lessons of the past to those with something to learn in the present, of distilling history into a medium those outside the Jedi Order can understand...
Notes: Brilliant concept, executed in a hauntingly gorgeous manner.

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