* * *
And Dreams
by Edmondia Dantes

Disclaimer: Neither Death Note nor Petshop of Horrors are mine.

AN: Requested by Whiteangel, and also arted by her!

* * *

The girl is tiny and beautiful and shallow and famous, and she's peering at the empty space above his head with eyes that aren't her own.

Count D wrinkles his nose slightly in distaste before smoothing out his expression into its usual placid mask. "Welcome, Miss...?"

She startles with a little squeak. "Oh, I'm being rude! Misa Amane, but please, just call me Misa-Misa!"

"Very well, Miss Misa-Misa." He takes a step back, bows his head, and gestures extravagantly. "How may this humble petshop serve you?"

The girl frowns sweetly, biting her lip, but he knows she came here with a purpose in mind, and he's not about to let this one go.

"No need to be shy," he coaxes. "I sell love and dreams, Miss Misa, and I never ever tell my clients' secrets."

The girl clutches the black lace of her dress with trembling hands and looks down, long bangs hiding her expression. "Misa-Misa," she says softly, grip tightening, "Misa-Misa wants something that will love her back."

Count D smiles. It is not a beautiful smile.

* * *
I Sell Love and Dreams by Whiteangel
* * *


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