EnsTren: *glomp*
Edmondia: *huggle* hi~
EnsTren: there be both seto and puck my head
Edmondia: oh dear
Edmondia: I have sheSeto and Keiran
EnsTren: what's intresting is that this puck WAS taken back to avalon
EnsTren: but fox wasn't killed
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: alex is on avalon too
EnsTren: puck is a bit obsessed
EnsTren: he has his room set up with dozens of mirrors made to capture them
EnsTren: to watch his mortals
EnsTren: thing is...he doesn't leave
Edmondia: oh... dear.
EnsTren: doesn't sleep much either
Edmondia: again, oh dear.
EnsTren: yes, doesn't want to miss anything
EnsTren: at first he taught alex a bit
EnsTren: pet and held him
EnsTren: said "that's your mommy and daddy"
EnsTren: but his spot is noticably empty in court
EnsTren: and there are no puck pranks
EnsTren: obie eventually tries to force him to react
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: yes goes on a line, in public, to puck's back, since puck is walking away
EnsTren: about how since he's not doing his duties perhaps there should be a new puck
Edmondia: ...somehow methinks our boi won't care much
EnsTren: and puck is all "So it is perfectly acceptable for one of your Children to stay in their room all the time while not for your Puck?"
EnsTren: "While it is Amusing to Us that you see fit to ground yourself without expressed orders it palls."
EnsTren: so puck goes "Okay, I resign" and threw his little buckle/medal thing at obie, who caught it purely reactivly
EnsTren: and puck looks a bit angry now, surly and mean
EnsTren: "And Just for good measure" he pulled off his bracers and threw them at obie's head
EnsTren: which shocked obie and everyone else as the twisted scared wax like scars were revealed
EnsTren: obie was shocked cause puck was throwing those back at him
EnsTren: he didn't realized how pissed puck was
EnsTren: and one might have boinked him in the head
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: puck might or might not start laughing at the expression on obie's face
EnsTren: which is the first time he laughed since being dragged back
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: and then he hustles back to his mirrors
Edmondia: of course
EnsTren: the trio are all "mm, opertunity!"
EnsTren: cause robin isn't puck anymore so doesn't have royal protection
Edmondia: oh dear.
EnsTren: I think tania wasn't shocked at how angry puck was, she suspected, but was surprised he threw the bracers away and revealed his scars
EnsTren: obie had no clue puck was so angry cause he's seen him for less than five minutes at a time
EnsTren: so he's poleaxed
Edmondia: I'll bet.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and when people try things on puck to proove themselves worthy of they are worthy of being the next puck, or in the case of the sisters, to get at him period
Edmondia: slicings and dicings?
EnsTren: well puck gets back, in a level of curelty and vicousness he hasn't had since he really was a childe
EnsTren: child
Edmondia: *nods*
EnsTren: of course no one can trace or proove it
EnsTren: but everyone knows
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: of course, then in his mirrors he sees davey-dear aquire keiran-cocoon
Edmondia: oh my
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: the only reason why he suceeded in jumping out to that point and place was becauseof surprise
EnsTren: no one expected puck to come blazing out of his room
Edmondia: indeed
EnsTren: course after a bit of confusion, obie forgets all about how worried about puck he was and how upset and such and gets his royal fury on that puck escaped his home right infront of him
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: course when he goes through to bitchslap puck he finds his dear son singing his life out to keiran cocoon
EnsTren: and probably too far along for obie to enter the song and help him out
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: so singing and laughing to it, getting weaker and weaker, he tries to figure out if he can take puck back to avalon without killing the kidlet
EnsTren: calls for wifey
Edmondia: wise move
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: meantime obie tries to share a bit of his power with puck
EnsTren: puck doesn't have the strength to spare to swat him away, so instead, despite his desprete need, he shuns obie's touch completely
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: obie's hurt
Edmondia: well, yes.
EnsTren: he's basically, not saying, but demonstraighting, that he'd rather risk death that touch him
EnsTren: don't know if he'll take tania's help or not
EnsTren: might blame her for this mess
Edmondia: yikes
Edmondia: so he's gonna keel over mid-song?
EnsTren: no
EnsTren: he's going to finish it but be transparent
Edmondia: oh dear
Edmondia: and the kidlet?
EnsTren: leaching offa transparent robin
EnsTren: cause he has to mind you
Edmondia: and they will be dragged back to Avalon post-haste?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: wraped up in obie cloak no less
Edmondia: good
EnsTren: course there are rumors when they come bakc
EnsTren: that obie beat robin so bad he almost killed him
Edmondia: eek
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: well you know, things like that
EnsTren: good news is that obie can feed puck when he's unconsious
EnsTren: his distaste of him doesn't run deep as his subconsiousness
Edmondia: ah, that be good
EnsTren: but he's still sicky
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: and as soon as he can stand he glares and snarls and such and such and goes to his room
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: he sinks through floor to do so
EnsTren: he can't fly or will himself invisible
Edmondia: oh dear
Edmondia: ...worried Tania.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: he worries over his mirrors
EnsTren: and rewinds one of them for a flashback of what happened
Edmondia: oh my
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: but cuddles his baby
EnsTren: and will try to kill anyone that comes close
Edmondia: even if they bring food?
EnsTren: they better push it to his door with a pole
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: think bear with cubs
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: and if Tania approaches with Alex-baby?
EnsTren: back into a corner
Edmondia: and if she backs off a little?
EnsTren: Relax a teensy tiny bit
Edmondia: And if she stands there patiently and pats Alex's head.
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: watch
EnsTren: he's got keiran behind him so she can see the baby
Edmondia: so she can or can't?
EnsTren: can't
Edmondia: and if she offers cake?
EnsTren: how is she offering it?
Edmondia: pushing it over on a plate
EnsTren: Sniff it and eat it
Edmondia: and if she offers a bottle of fruit juice in a similar fashion?
EnsTren: sniff sip, and maybe pass a bit of it back to the baby behind him
Edmondia: can he even drink yet?
EnsTren: little
EnsTren: mostly he's putting the juice on keiran's hand for him to suck off
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: give those digits a bit of flavor you know
Edmondia: she's glad he's at least taking something
EnsTren: what's she doing with alex baby?
Edmondia: holding him
EnsTren: puck wouldn't hurt alex baby
EnsTren: maybe grab him and raise him along with keiran
EnsTren: but not hurt
Edmondia: she knows that, I think that's why she brought him
EnsTren: oh ho?
Edmondia: she thought he'd be more likely to accept food from her if he saw Alex
EnsTren: ah
EnsTren: he wants alex
Edmondia: she won't let him have him
EnsTren: she better be making like davey and fox then and not let alex out of her sight
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: but can Puck even extend the effort enough to try for him?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: I mean, other universe him was asleep all the time and he had support then
EnsTren: true
EnsTren: well he's on avalon
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: and before this he had basically only sitting in his room
EnsTren: so his room is very much soaked with his own ebergy
EnsTren: energy
EnsTren: no iron around to sap him even more
EnsTren: and...well do you want to underestimate puck?
Edmondia: no
EnsTren: besides, someone out there has got to owe him a favor or ten
Edmondia: true
EnsTren: he's been singing to keiran since then too
EnsTren: I think he's hearing a little bit o Mab
Edmondia: uh oh
EnsTren: either half echos and half memories of the island itself, or really hearing her
Edmondia: uh oh. obie notice?
EnsTren: doubtful
EnsTren: it's passive on puck's part and she's doing the same thing she's always done
Edmondia: he'd hear if it was really her, I think
EnsTren: it's just her normal singing that she's been doing forever
EnsTren: puck, for whatever reason, can hear her
Edmondia: ah. probably 'cause he took off the bracers.
EnsTren: that and he was exhausted and did a mably thing, create a fey, and used mabgifted magic
EnsTren: singing and laughing
EnsTren: and why would bracer lack induce hearing mabsong?
EnsTren: what magic did obie put in those?
Edmondia: healing, protection, and KEEP CRAZY MOM AWAY FROM MY BABY!!!!!111eleventyone!1!!
EnsTren: *laughs*
EnsTren: so possibly puck could have heard the moment he took them off?
Edmondia: might've taken a bit. he's been wearing them for... lots of centuries by now, lingering effects...
EnsTren: yesu
Edmondia: so yeah, took a while
EnsTren: course mabsong, which he doesn't know is mab, he might just think it's his imagination or avalon, might be helping him recover quicker
EnsTren: and if he gets alex he's going to sing and laugh to him too
Edmondia: which would be Bad.
EnsTren: might kill alex, or it might make him more feyishlylike
Edmondia: would be Bad.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: or it just might make him stronger
EnsTren: does obie come by with alex and cake?
Edmondia: and crazy, and yeah
EnsTren: he'll accept the cake, but won't eat it
EnsTren: better than kicking it away if obie didn't have alex with him
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: obie seems to be operating on the 'its the thought that counts' principal because he keeps bringing them even though there are brick hard stale ones piled up in a cornner
Edmondia: patient man
EnsTren: more like desprete
Edmondia: that too
Edmondia: grandkidlet in hands of not-so-stable sproglet
EnsTren: hasn't even seen grandkidlet
Edmondia: not even when he picked 'em up to take 'em home?
EnsTren: puck was curled around it
EnsTren: so maybe a glimpse
EnsTren: he was disturbingly overjoyed at evidence of said grandkidlet's survival and such when wifey told him about how puck gave juice to him
Edmondia: why disturbingly?
EnsTren: he shouldn't be that happy over such a little thing, it's not like its the baby's first steps
Edmondia: kid survived and is drinking. that's good.
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and puck is paying the kid attention
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: kidlet is allowed to use obie cake bricks as building blocks
Edmondia: he can do that by now?
Edmondia: bright boi. do they sleep a lot?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: mostly he bangs the bricks together
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: sisters come with...less than pure intents
EnsTren: puck tries to kill them
EnsTren: they get away
Edmondia: I am impressed that they get away
EnsTren: puck IS weak
Edmondia: true
Edmondia: but still. sneaky bastard princeling with baby.
EnsTren: you forgot vicous
EnsTren: viscous
Edmondia: vicious, he's not a liquid.
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and Avalon will answer to him considering princeling status
EnsTren: and protecting new princling too
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: I imagine Oberon is not very please
Edmondia: pleased*
EnsTren: no he's not
EnsTren: one of them has a nasty cut on her face that's probably going to scar
Edmondia: Puck?
EnsTren: yes puck did that to her in an attempt to cut her throat open
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: I think they go to throne room to complain
EnsTren: Robbie tried to KILL them after all
EnsTren: he had no right
EnsTren: and he's not puck anymore
Edmondia: ooooooooh~
EnsTren: puck is puck, but he's not THE puck
EnsTren: course I think puck maybe stalking them into the throne room and try to kill them again
Edmondia: possible, but would he leave the baby behind?
EnsTren: ...I think he temporarily ate him
Edmondia: O.O
EnsTren: what?
EnsTren: Odin did it
Edmondia: still. weird.
EnsTren: not odin, cronos
EnsTren: course he might have somesort of cloak and baby straped to him
EnsTren: or baby in a gord
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: that makes sense
EnsTren: he really really wants them dead to be coming out of his 'lair'
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: and he comes out of no where while they were making a full formal complaint to obie infront of everyone who was in the hall
Edmondia: ...they are quite the stupid.
EnsTren: yes they are
Edmondia: so, tell me what happens. :D
EnsTren: well I don't know
EnsTren: surprise
EnsTren: then cyote starts taking bets
EnsTren: obie and tania observe for a bit, and keep the spectators from getting injured
EnsTren: I guess obie keeps puck from killing them
Edmondia: how and why?
EnsTren: well pissy or not, he knows puck's not completely all therre, and the three are useful
EnsTren: and probably by binding puck to a wall or midair ot something
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: and the three?
EnsTren: pushed away or let to scramble away
EnsTren: Puck was about to laugh but obie slapped him with a bansidhe esque face plate
Edmondia: erk
EnsTren: so it lookes like obie disaproves of puck
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: puck be snarly and feral for a bit and then settles
EnsTren: he be caged and he touches the gord at his side (big round un) and fingers the whorls and dips of his scared arms
EnsTren: makes people wince, and he looks all together too calculating and coniving
Edmondia: yessum
EnsTren: here's hoping obie doesn't try to take keiran away from puck
Edmondia: he's not that stupid
EnsTren: good
Edmondia: and he's figured out why puck went homicidal
EnsTren: well he went homocidal becaus ehe knew the sisters would kill keiran
Edmondia: yes.
Edmondia: Obie doesn't quite know about that bit, but he knows about the gut reaction to protect baby. and he is NOT happy about having an upset sproglet and baby kidlet.
EnsTren: who is stuck in a gord at the moment
EnsTren: but is okay, has a rattle and stick-with-juice-hands
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: and daddy near even if he can't see him
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: but if he finds out from Puck that the Three tried anything... he will be Very Very Angry
EnsTren: well they didn't get to try anything
EnsTren: they just came close
Edmondia: somehow I don't think he's going to blame Puck for his reaction at all
EnsTren: but he does put him in his room and lock it up like a vault
EnsTren: which looks like he's locking puck up like a dangerous animal
EnsTren: never mind he keeps visiting with alex and cake
Edmondia: yessum
Edmondia: appearances versus reality
EnsTren: right
EnsTren: tricksters know things aren't as they seem though
EnsTren: but aren't too sure WTF is going on
EnsTren: but they leave fruit at the door
EnsTren: obie brings cake and such, they figure it is good to bring food too
EnsTren: but since they can't go in they leave it at the door
EnsTren: apricots and apples
EnsTren: a mango here and there, a few oranges
EnsTren: sugar cane
EnsTren: roast duck
Edmondia: that's good. they eating any?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: puck makes the fruits into babyfood
Edmondia: good good
EnsTren: obie and tania approve of tricksters
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: someone brought a small cherry tree in a pot
Edmondia: cherry tree?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: has cherries all the time
EnsTren: also puck can't be seeing much folliage in there
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: there's also a pot of tea
Edmondia: tea~
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: they also make sure, somehow or another obie and tania knows who's leaving foods
EnsTren: racking up the brownie points ya know
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: tania rolls her eyes at this
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: how does Puck feel about this whole situation?
EnsTren: worried over his mortals, they are getting older you know, elisa is laid up in the hospital due to an injury in the line of duty
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: it's been several years out there remember
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: he gets agitated more and more often
EnsTren: plays with keiran to make himself feel better
EnsTren: and gets more and more bitter at obie
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: he should be out there
Edmondia: is that wise?
EnsTren: puck's thoughts
EnsTren: he should be with his mortals
EnsTren: with the rest of his family
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: and he might be getting angry at tania
EnsTren: cause I can't see her not visiting at least twice in an avalon month with alex
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: why wasn't he invited!?
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: why couldn't he go and see his family too?
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: it's enough to make him cry sometime
EnsTren: s
Edmondia: awwwwwww
EnsTren: his family
EnsTren: hishishis
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: he might put away the mirrors eventually and have himself a good cry, finally
EnsTren: but if he doesn't and one of them finally dies he's going to flop over in greif
Edmondia: poor thing
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: it would be worrisom cause he'd stop doing anything but breathing and blinking and sleeping
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: of course if he puts away the mirrors, which will still be recording, he'll be distant from everyone
EnsTren: but he might come out with keiran
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: go sit on the beach
EnsTren: and kill anyone who comes close
EnsTren: but sit on the beach and in general be apathetic
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: poor thing
EnsTren: yepo
Edmondia: can't imagine this is great for Keiran
EnsTren: he loves his daddy very muchly
EnsTren: and is amazed at the outside world
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: never fear, for keiran canget a smile out of his daddy
Edmondia: good good
EnsTren: of course on their first outing there is OMGWTFBBQJOAPS?!?!!?!
Edmondia: joaps? *amused*
EnsTren: jesus on a pogo stick
Edmondia: ah XD
EnsTren: cause they spot the kidlet
Edmondia: ooooooooh
EnsTren: who puck is showing how to build sandcastles
Edmondia: aaaaaaah
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: and showing shells
Edmondia: nice
EnsTren: yep
Edmondia: does anyone dare approach?
EnsTren: no
Edmondia: wise
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: not even obie geos close
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: he's allowed to be smart
Edmondia: this is true. is he watching?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and ready to rescue anyone from going too close
Edmondia: ah. good move.
EnsTren: children seem to be smart
EnsTren: they stay back
EnsTren: like whoa
Edmondia: good
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: keiran traces his daddy's scars
Edmondia: ow
EnsTren: they not hurt
EnsTren: kei not know they are scars
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: see
Edmondia: see?
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: so sproglet and he play on the beach?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: puck has a mai tai
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: ...what happens if after a while Tania brings Alex out to play in the surf?
EnsTren: hold keiran
EnsTren: be suspicous
Edmondia: Obie's there too, standing a little away
EnsTren: glare
Edmondia: Blink.
EnsTren: Hide keiran
Edmondia: Wander out into the surf where Titania was playing with Alex.
EnsTren: Scoot away
Edmondia: Kneel down and play.
EnsTren: Cloak keiran and and pull up a hood
Edmondia: Play.
EnsTren: Turn away slightly and make new sad castles
Edmondia: Float a little boat towards him.
EnsTren: teach keiran his first obsensive spell
EnsTren: and I don't mean lewd
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: Alex is upset the floaty went 'splody
EnsTren: not looking
Edmondia: He has splashed over
EnsTren: Look
Edmondia: Pouty look back.
EnsTren: Scoot closer to Alex
Edmondia: Blink. "Why'd you make my boat go boom?"
EnsTren: "I was teaching my son something, Alex." And then he proceded to teach him how to put things you made go boom together again
EnsTren: Scoot closer again, "You know I knew your parents"
Edmondia: Blink. "Yes, grandmama told me."
EnsTren: "I didn't want to leave. I tried to stay and make it so you could stay with them as well." Scoot.
Edmondia: Blink blink. "Grandmama told me."
EnsTren: "What do you think about that?"
Edmondia: "That grandmama and grandpapa made a mistake." Alex tilted his head to the side and blinked. "Are you my uncle? You don't look like grandmama."
EnsTren: "I'm your uncle, yes. Maybe your godfather too, or I would have been if they hadn't taken you away."
EnsTren: "Your father was my best friend"
Edmondia: "Grandpapa said that too. I have a picture of mama and papa, so I don't forget them. Grandmama says it's important to remember."
EnsTren: "I watched them for along time"
Edmondia: "Do you miss them?"
EnsTren: Wilt. "...very much."
Edmondia: "Me and grandmama too."
EnsTren: "...they never got to meet my son. And she and he never allowed me to visit them though she took you." Anger.
Edmondia: "I'm sorry."
EnsTren: "Are you?"
EnsTren: Reach under the hood and caress his baby's locks
Edmondia: "Uh-huh." Nod nod. "Never got t'meet them."
EnsTren: "...I'll let you borrow my mirrors"
Edmondia: "...'kay..."
EnsTren: "'Grandmother' didn't tell you about them?"
Edmondia: "Grandmama said they made you sad."
EnsTren: "I watched everyone through them. They have memories"
Edmondia: Blink. "Sad memories?"
EnsTren: "Their lives"
Edmondia: Another blink. "Sad and happy memories?"
EnsTren: "Yes."
Edmondia: "I'd like to see."
EnsTren: "...What else did your grandmother tell you?"
Edmondia: "That mama was in love with papa and papa was in love with mama and they love me and you very very much."
EnsTren: "Do they now?"
Edmondia: "Yes."
EnsTren: "And what, pray tell young master, did she say about your grandpa?"
Edmondia: Blink. "Which one? Papa's papa or Mama's papa or your papa?"
EnsTren: "My 'father'"
Edmondia: "Lots of things."
EnsTren: "Oh ho?"
EnsTren: "And how clever did you have to be to overhear?"
Edmondia: Alex nodded enthusiastically. "Uh-huh! Like in the mornings she says she's going to scalp him if he doesn't get her coffee, and - um." He frowned thoughtfully. "Sometimes she'll just tell me but other times she grumbles."
EnsTren: "I think he'd make a lovely scalp, don't you think?"
Edmondia: Alex wrinkled his nose. "Eew."
Edmondia: "Yucky."
EnsTren: "Heh. I bet she has all sorts of things to say, she's a smart lady."
Edmondia: "Yes." Alex blinked up at him. "She likes him a lot, though."
EnsTren: "What does she say about you?"
Edmondia: "That I'm growing up to be just like my papa."
EnsTren: "Marvelous! He was a very smart man you know, very clever and knew the true worth of something. Why he'd have to inorder to get me into his service"
Edmondia: "Uh-huh!" Alex nodded happily. "Grandmama told me stories!"
EnsTren: "Did she now? what did she tell you?"
EnsTren: "I do love stories"
Edmondia: "Um, that mama and papa met a long time ago when papa was working for mama and mama's papa, and papa took all the people who were working for mama's papa away! Which wasn't nice but very smart, and being smart is just as important as being nice..."
EnsTren: "Hehe. You tell stories very well young master, don't you think so?" The so far silent child nodded and held his hood over his head.
EnsTren: "Daddy? Daddy I want to know what she says about usses."
EnsTren: Chuckling and a head pat.
EnsTren: Indulgent and a hug. "Why yes, I do think that would be very fun indeed"
Edmondia: Alex blinked and stood on his tiptoes. "Is that my cousin?"
EnsTren: "Yes, I suppose so. But then everyone on the island is your cousin."
Edmondia: "Uh-uh!" Head-shake. "Not real family."
EnsTren: "You know the Three are your Aunts."
Edmondia: Alex wrinkled his nose. "I don't like them. They're creepy."
EnsTren: "I said they had cooties"
Edmondia: "They do?!" Alex looked horrified.
EnsTren: "Yep, cootie infections only go into remission, they rarely go away completely"
Edmondia: "I'll have to hide even more from them now!"
EnsTren: "You can hide in my chambers, they're afraid of me"
Edmondia: "Hee, grandpapa said." Alex beamed.
EnsTren: "Did he now? Now that's a fine and intresting thing. I bet he didn't tell you that, why at this rate you might take up my old place because you're so clever."
EnsTren: "But then, you'd really have to proove how clever you are"
Edmondia: Blink. "Huh?"
Edmondia: "Grandpapa did tell."
EnsTren: "Tell what?"
EnsTren: (nix that)
Edmondia: (which?)
EnsTren: ('tell what?')
Edmondia: (kay)
EnsTren: "Really now? That's a surprise to me"
EnsTren: "Do you think you can surprise me again?"
EnsTren: "Do you think he can surprise us?"
Edmondia: Alex bit his lip thoughtfully. "Um... grandpapa said that it's the unfortunate duty of a king to save his people from the results of their own stupidity, and that it's bad form for siblings to kill each other no matter how much the three deserve it?"
EnsTren: "I dunno daddy"
EnsTren: Chuckling, "Do you know what that means?"
Edmondia: "Uh..." Alex frowned, concentrating hard. "The three are stupid?" he offered.
EnsTren: "Very good, young master, you'll get the intracacies later I think, it's hard not to when he's bringing you up"
Edmondia: Alex beamed.
Edmondia: "Thank you, uncle!"
EnsTren: "You're very welcome."
Edmondia: He stood on his tiptoes again, peering curiously at Keiran. "What's your name?"
EnsTren: "Can I tell him daddy?"
EnsTren: "Well I don't know. It is after all a very big secret you know, hush hush, on the down low and such"
Edmondia: Alex pouted up at him. "Please, uncle?"
EnsTren: Robin Goodfellow thought it over. "Maybe we could trade? information for information."
Edmondia: Alex perked up.
EnsTren: "You tell us something we don't know, and that they don't know you were clever enough to over hear, and we tell you his name, and both promise not to tell what we spoke of"
Edmondia: Alex mulled it over for a moment, then looked up again and nodded. "Okay, I promise."
EnsTren: "Me too!"

"As do I. And, as a measure of good faith we'll magnamously go first." And Robin whispered into alex's ear his son's name.

Edmondia: Alex blinked. "Wow... it's so pretty!"
EnsTren: "Your name is pretty too!"
EnsTren: "Will you tell us what they said about us?"
Edmondia: "Yes! Which parts?"
EnsTren: "I dunno."
EnsTren: "Alexander is very clever, I'm sure he'll tell us something intresting. And if it isn't we can talk again I suppose"
Edmondia: "Um, okay." Alex frowned thoughtfully for a long time. "Grandmama says it's all her fault and grandpapa keeps telling her it's not, that it's all his fault, and then they always start talking about you."
EnsTren: They both pointed at their chests, "Mine?"
Edmondia: "Both of you."
EnsTren: They look at each other. "But they never met me!"

"I'm surprised he talks of me at all"

Edmondia: "He talks about you a lot a lot."
EnsTren: "What does he say bout my daddy?"
Edmondia: "Um, lots. That your daddy is the most cleverest person ever and that he's very special and that he should eat more 'cause he needs to keep up his energy."
EnsTren: "You might be more clever."
"Alex can't be! you're cleverest daddy!"

Edmondia: "Uh huh! Uncle is cleverest!"
EnsTren: "Well I'm glad you both think so."
EnsTren: "Ooh! me next me next! what do they say about me next!?"
Edmondia: "That they wish they knew you."
EnsTren: Wilt. "..Daddy?"
Edmondia: Blink. "Uncle?"
EnsTren: "...I don't trust them. I don't like them."
Edmondia: Alex wilted.
EnsTren: "They took you away, they took me away," hands tightened into fists. "I gave your father an oath that I'd give him a life time of service. I...He was my friend even as his servant he was my friend."
Edmondia: "...t-they're sorry..."
EnsTren: "But too prideful to admit they were wrong. Too greedy to let me go back."
Edmondia: "'fraid it'd hurt mama and papa and you."
EnsTren: "Hurt them?"
Edmondia: "Mmhmm."
EnsTren: "How?"
Edmondia: "Said - said growing old, watching, would hurt."
EnsTren: "...I was watching anyways"
Edmondia: "...did it hurt?"
EnsTren: "...Yes."
EnsTren: "But I couldn't do anything about it"
EnsTren: "I couldn't be with them"
Edmondia: "Sad."
EnsTren: "I couldn't do anythign to ease them or make their lives easier"
Edmondia: "...why's that up to you?"
EnsTren: "Because they were my friends my family. Because they didn't do anything and I would have"
Edmondia: "...sorry."
EnsTren: "You don't have to be. It wasn't your fault nor was it your choice."
Edmondia: Alex shrugged. "Still sorry."
EnsTren: "..Thank you."
Edmondia: He stood on his tiptoes again and held out his arms. "Hug?"
EnsTren: Keiran and Robin aquiesed and hugged him tightly
Edmondia: He snuggled against them happily.
EnsTren: "No matter what I'll always be your uncle"
Edmondia: "Uh huh!"
EnsTren: "I be your cousin, real cousin too!"
Edmondia: "Yay!"
EnsTren: More hugs around.
EnsTren: "Remember, you promised us!"
EnsTren: "And we promised you"
EnsTren: "We also promise to talk again."
Edmondia: "Yes! Talk lots!"
EnsTren: "We'll even eavesdrop a bit too and we can share more."
Edmondia: "I'll try hard too!"
EnsTren: "So will we!"
Edmondia: Alex hugged them again.
EnsTren: They hugged back and sent him skipping and floating back to his grandparents
Edmondia: He tugged his little boat back along with him.
EnsTren: Keiran and Robin played in the sand. Puck watched them over the hood that covered his child's head
Edmondia: Alex made his boat crash into a 'reef' made of sand and pebbles.
EnsTren: Cute child. Should have been his
Edmondia: The reef fell into the boat, and he proceeded to 'swamp' it.
EnsTren: And His doting replacement parents?
Edmondia: Sitting in the sand nearby, holding hands and watching quietly.
EnsTren: He smiled wickedly. They'd find out eventually that Alex knew Keiran's name, but they'd find he'd refuse to tell them. They were bound to be hungry for any information reguarding their 'grandchild.'
Edmondia: And Alex would never ever tell.
EnsTren: Such a good child.
Edmondia: Sweet little boy.
EnsTren: He tried to imagine their reactions and they melted like butter cookies in his mouth.
Edmondia: (?)
EnsTren: (he's relishing the thoughts of their 'pain')
EnsTren: (he wants to hurt him thus, it tastes good)
Edmondia: (ah)
Edmondia: (oddlet)
EnsTren: (mean oddlet)
Edmondia: (yes)
EnsTren: (*pats him*)
EnsTren: (so what are their feelings on it?)
Edmondia: (he talked to Alex! good sign!)
EnsTren: (we still don't know his name, bad sign!)
Edmondia: (yes)
Edmondia: (but they're glad he's had some interaction with someone other than kidlet)
EnsTren: (ditto and oppisit for the kidlet)
Edmondia: (yes)
EnsTren: (...still have obie cake blocks)
Edmondia: (yay for creative endevors?)
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and puck has been eating more
Edmondia: that's good
EnsTren: keiran likes perssimons
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: and mangos
Edmondia: mmm, mangos
EnsTren: yep
EnsTren: and pomagrante seeds
EnsTren: which is the only part you eat
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: he likes em cause his daddy made them floaty and swirl and they are so very pretty
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: he likes em with pinapples
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: Mab voice has fadded somewhat

robin likes floating over the treetops like an otter upon it's back and keiran upon his belly

EnsTren: and sometimes, while bobbing on those currants he hums snatches of song which he catch by gossamer tails
Edmondia: hm
EnsTren: And he smiles