EnsTren: *glomp*
Edmondia: heh, hey
EnsTren: *breathing deep*
EnsTren: how be things on avalon?
Edmondia: quiet
EnsTren: ooh?
Edmondia: indeed
EnsTren: yay?
Edmondia: nobody's blown anything up/died/got blown up, so I think so
EnsTren: how's obie?
Edmondia: okay
EnsTren: tania?
EnsTren: oh~ what trio think of the princling kidlet?
Edmondia: Tania's okay, and I'm not sure they know about the princling bit
EnsTren: how not?
Edmondia: how would they?
EnsTren: odletsproglet took kidlet out to play in the sand
Edmondia: so? Puck likes hanging out with humans, and how aware are they that he's their brother?
EnsTren: uh?
EnsTren: well you'd have to answer that cause I don't know the answer
Edmondia: well, we know Puck's memories of his early years are... shall we say cloudy at best
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: and we're not sure when he first really started acting as The Puck instead of The King's Brat
Edmondia: or, for that matter, when the three were born
EnsTren: they know obie is kingperson
EnsTren: they know that puck is heirperson
Edmondia: do they know Keiran is Puck's, though?
EnsTren: why else would he have a sproglet with him
Edmondia: he likes kids, duh.
EnsTren: where could he have gotten the sproglet?
Edmondia: found it on the street, adopted somebody's halfling
EnsTren: avalon has streets?
Edmondia: he went out in the human world and came back with a sproglet
EnsTren: without anyone noticing? faboo
EnsTren: course, why is he keeping sproglet hoodded, and what's sproglet's name?
Edmondia: he is crazy insane?
EnsTren: royalset fretting over sproglet?
Edmondia: if one's crazy sproglet is in the possession of a sproglet it is logical to be concerned about the little sproglet
EnsTren: what be their reasoning for royalset not taking sproglet from crazy sproglet
Edmondia: they are confuzzled on that point
EnsTren: "Robin, despite his foolishness about mortals and halflings, was a good Puck."
"Indeed, perhaps one of the best this Island has seen."
"It is possible, that, Our Lord has hopes to reaquire Robin as his Puck."
"For he has noticably left the position open and removing the child from him..."
"Would make his reaquisition far more unlikely."
"True dear sisters, but we also have seen none to fill Robin's shoes. But I cannot find fault our Lord for wishing sucha servant back"

Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (I channeled!)
Edmondia: (yay! <3)
EnsTren: (...what does keiran look like again!?)
Edmondia: (teensy, very faintly bluish skin, shoulder-length white-blond hair, big blue eyes)
EnsTren signed off at 2:12:48 AM.
EnsTren signed on at 2:13:15 AM.
EnsTren: (rar)
EnsTren: (what was last things?)
EnsTren: (...what does keiran look like again!?)
Edmondia: (teensy, very faintly bluish skin, shoulder-length white-blond hair, big blue eyes)
EnsTren: (definetly obie's grandson then)
Edmondia: (yup)
EnsTren: (puck plays his flute for his kidlet)
Edmondia: (aww!)
EnsTren: (rather he makes a new one and plays ot)
Edmondia: (cute)
EnsTren: (cause he's not going near obie to askfor/steal/demand his flute back)
Edmondia: (*nod*)
EnsTren: (Pan invited Puck to having a picnic with him)
Edmondia: (he got close enough to invite him?)
EnsTren: shouted joilly over
EnsTren: ()
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (puck consents cause he wants some mead)
EnsTren: (and further taunting and hurting of royalset)
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (puck's also wary of alex now)
EnsTren: (who else do we know who was raised by grandparents? Aliel)
EnsTren: (who else was raised, dotingfully noless, but obie and tania?)
EnsTren: (Puck)
EnsTren: (he thinks they intend for alex to take his place)
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (his formmer place. that is, he's still posessive of it)
Edmondia: (aha)
EnsTren: (alkso, doesn't trust obie at all)
EnsTren: (sorry, was grandma)
Edmondia: (s'okay)
Edmondia: (mmhmm)
EnsTren: (pan is ialso delivering many gifts from fans and tricksters)
Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (colored wooden totem like blocks from grandmother and Raven are favorites)
EnsTren: (Obie cakes will be thrown out shortly)
Edmondia: (ah)
EnsTren: (Anasai sent a ball made out of silk and silver and it sounds like a bell and is very pretty)
Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (Cyote smuggled in several human coloring books and crayons)
Edmondia: (ooo! contraband!)
EnsTren: (yep!)
Edmondia: (XD)
EnsTren: (random note: do you recall the yugi that took the collar out of dressedupseto's hands?)
EnsTren: (he's trying to coax said seto inot licking his boots)
Edmondia: (...)
EnsTren: (yeah)
EnsTren: (he is settling for seto licking leather clad leg though)
Edmondia: (pervert.)
EnsTren: (yes)
EnsTren: (what was happening was this, seto finds thing and goes oot, puts them on to see...pretty loves want me like this?)
EnsTren: (and put on to see. then yugi comes and molests)
Edmondia: (yessum)
EnsTren: (and seto go melt)
Edmondia: (ah)
Edmondia: (<- is gleefully happy 'cause is reading a good loooooong JouMai fic, yay!)
EnsTren: (w00T!)
EnsTren: (if he's with she he's less likely to be with my seto!)
Edmondia: (heh. JouMai is my canon OTP. I adore. <3)
EnsTren: (teeh yay)
Edmondia: (*blinksu* and sheSeto is shyly flirty with her yami.)
EnsTren: (awww)
Edmondia: (it's very cute. she's hidden herself behind doorjambs and the paper and her laptop so far)
EnsTren: (yay?)
Edmondia: (this is immediately after she has pinched his ass/groped him/yanked off his shirt)
EnsTren: (hehehe!)
Edmondia: (it's guerilla flirting - hit and run style)
EnsTren: (*sniggers*)
Edmondia: (Seth is very intrigued, needless to say)
EnsTren: (ooh!?)
Edmondia: (he likes being molested)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: (he's tried to pounce on her once or twice but she keeps getting away)
EnsTren: (he smiles, yes?)
Edmondia: (yes, he likes this game)
Edmondia: (he also likes that she nabbed his shirt, and hopes that on her next strike will remove another article of clothing)
EnsTren: (now if only hikari would hold still...)
Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (hikari nabs kissess)
Edmondia: (Seth go *glee!*)
EnsTren: (it is fun isn't it?)
Edmondia: (quite)
EnsTren: (she's going to get molested if she's not careful)
Edmondia: (indeed. he's planning to snag a piece of her clothes the next time she swoops in)
EnsTren: (hehee)
EnsTren: (she'll squeak, eek, and run)
Edmondia: (that's what he's counting on)
EnsTren: (heh)
Edmondia: (he is having difficulty restraining the chase and pounce urge, but is manfully doing so)
EnsTren: (she puts on a shirt before her next strike)
Edmondia: (the one she stole from him? ^_~)
EnsTren: (...probably)
Edmondia: (he will be pleased and accuse her of being a naughty thief)
EnsTren: (she'd say he is too)
Edmondia: (he will pick her up and twirl her around a little)
EnsTren: (she hath not darted away?)
Edmondia: (not quite quick enough, but he's going to put her down again so she can run if she wants)
EnsTren: (nab a kiss and smile and run)
EnsTren: (her light whispers a thankyou)
Edmondia: (he giggles happily and... goes into the kitchen)
EnsTren: (she peeks and spys and watches)
Edmondia: (he appears to be making chocolate mousse)
EnsTren: (she'd steal some)
Edmondia: (he is pleased)
EnsTren: (she cuddles him)
Edmondia: (he go purrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
EnsTren: (she smile)
Edmondia: (And he nuzzles her throat)
EnsTren: (She shy happy)
Edmondia: (He snuggles up and rubs his nose against her jaw)
EnsTren: (happy)
Edmondia: (Him too)
EnsTren: (cuddle mood)
Edmondia: (Yes. He's trying to find somewhere they can sit so he can curl up on her lap)
EnsTren: (she kissies his neck)
Edmondia: (He giggles and kisses her jaw)
EnsTren: (she shy)
Edmondia: (He super-cuddly-snuggly)
EnsTren: (she likes being held)
Edmondia: (He's all *HUG ME*)
EnsTren: (she's okay with that, but wants to be held)
Edmondia: (He has found a nice big space on the couch and has lain down with open arms invitingly)
EnsTren: (she curls up with him and hugs)
Edmondia: (He cuddles up and wraps himself around her)
EnsTren: (there is goodness)
Edmondia: (And purring)
Edmondia: (...and Seth petting her butt.)
EnsTren: (she copes)
Edmondia: (oddly enough, it's not sexual)
Edmondia: (he just likes the way it feels)
EnsTren: (oh?)
Edmondia: (yeah. nice and firm and silky and rounded and he's all happy just to touch)
EnsTren: (like boobies?)
Edmondia: (yup)
Edmondia: (it's more aesthetic pleasure than titillation)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: (he's very affectionate right now)
EnsTren: (yay)
Edmondia: (happi happi happi boi)
EnsTren: (kissies)
Edmondia: (Kisses and nipping at her ear)
EnsTren: (giggling)
Edmondia: (Giggling and squeezing)
EnsTren: (bite)
Edmondia: (Giggle and purr)
EnsTren: (wiggle)
Edmondia: (Touch)
EnsTren: (Tence booty)
Edmondia: (Pet softly with fingertips)
EnsTren: (purry)
Edmondia: (Caress.)
EnsTren: (pert! lay head on his cheast. Feel)
Edmondia: (Touch, slow and lingering. Trail hands along her back and legs, feel.)
EnsTren: Shiver a little, feel nice though
Edmondia: Happy sigh, muffled against her throat. Caress.
EnsTren: Nice buttocks
Edmondia: Cuddle.
EnsTren: Cuddle.
Edmondia: Happy.
EnsTren: *giggles*
Edmondia: they're all like *fluff*
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: She pats him down there
Edmondia: He hath gone 'mrl?'
EnsTren: a bit
Edmondia: He pats her down there in return
EnsTren: she's curious
Edmondia: he goes 'mrl?' again
EnsTren: touch through cloath
Edmondia: "Mrl?"
EnsTren: Light grab. move. poke
Edmondia: "Mrl!"
EnsTren: Rub?
Edmondia: Wiggle and purr.
EnsTren: Unzip and nudge
Edmondia: "Eep!"
EnsTren: Pull back
Edmondia: "Um... eep doesn't mean stop..."
EnsTren: "Mew?"
Edmondia: He took her hand and put it back, blushing.
EnsTren: "Mewl??" Nudge again though
Edmondia: Wriggle and blush.
EnsTren: "...talk." Lift pants and peek inside
Edmondia: "About what?" Squirm.
EnsTren: "Why you eeped and blush now"
Edmondia: "You did just start poking at me down there."
EnsTren: "curious"
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "You eeped"
Edmondia: "You were poking at my penis."
EnsTren: "It pokes me in the morning"
Edmondia: "...I'll concede that, but it's still surprising when you reach into my pants."
EnsTren: "...bad?"
Edmondia: "Definitely not!"
Edmondia: He flashed her a dazzling grin. "I quite like it."
EnsTren: "Do?"
EnsTren: Peek, nudge, poke, look.
Edmondia: "Lots."
EnsTren: Rub?
Edmondia: "Prrr."
EnsTren: "hee"
EnsTren: "...penises are strange"
Edmondia: He chuckled ruefully. "I know."
EnsTren: "You do know?"
Edmondia: "Well, it is sort of attached to me."
EnsTren: "Sort of attached? It sounds like you're saying it comes off"
Edmondia: "Ugh!"
EnsTren: "hhee!"
Edmondia: He pouted at her. "Not funny."
EnsTren: "What?"
Edmondia: "Detachable body parts are no!"
EnsTren: "Not even noses?"
Edmondia: "No!"
EnsTren: "Cute yami"
Edmondia: He stuck his tongue out at her.
EnsTren: "mine"
Edmondia: "Yes."
EnsTren: Smile. Squease.
Edmondia: Smile. Purr.
EnsTren: Lay down on him and feet the heat and the poke against her stomach
Edmondia: Wiggle.
EnsTren: "Mrl?"
Edmondia: "Getting comfy." He looped an arm around her waist.
EnsTren: smile!
Edmondia: Rub noses.
EnsTren: hehee!
EnsTren: (sleep like whoa?)
Edmondia: (just a bit, yes)
Edmondia: (I think I'm at the so-tired-I'm-awake phase)
EnsTren: (you too?)
EnsTren: "you're warm and pokey"
Edmondia: "You're warm and were pokey."
Edmondia: (yup)
EnsTren: "You're warmer"
EnsTren: (should we try for sleep anyways?)
Edmondia: "You've got steely buttocks."
Edmondia: (it would probably be healthy, yes)
EnsTren: "..yay?"
EnsTren: (sleep then)
EnsTren signed off at 5:22:17 AM.