EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: niaw
EnsTren: could banshee been made by Mab to counteract Puck's laughter?
Edmondia: hmn
Edmondia: counteract it?
EnsTren: Puck laughing and Banshee screaming
Edmondia: I dunno
Edmondia: I don't think she's that old
EnsTren: mebbe a parent?
Edmondia: maybe
EnsTren: no thoughts?
Edmondia: so random ideas poing thru me brainmeats
EnsTren: *dances on your nosey to explain things*
Edmondia: oh, random idea?
EnsTren: yes?
EnsTren: please?
EnsTren: random ideas are intresting
Edmondia: so Owen got zapped with a de-aging ray
Edmondia: and now there's a cute little five year old blond running about the castle
Edmondia: who doesn't speak a word of English
EnsTren: oggg
EnsTren: turns Puckly or not?
EnsTren: and I suspect the person who hit him with it was trying to deage him into oblivion
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: Puckly in mind, but not in body
Edmondia: he's too little to shapeshift
EnsTren: ...hope he doesn't try to fly
Edmondia: oh, and he has no memory of the past ten millennia
Edmondia: he's noticed that little problem
EnsTren: oh dear
Edmondia: he's quite upset about the whole thing
EnsTren: ...Mab?
EnsTren: remembers her?
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: so he's very worried
Edmondia: because the last thing he remembers is being in a very nasty war
EnsTren: oh dear
EnsTren: Obie in the mirror to check up on things or something
Edmondia: actually, I think Titania found him first
EnsTren: "Daddy!" (or equivlent) *leaps to glomp and arms wide* *bounces off and hits the floor* *starts crying and wailing*
Edmondia: exactly
Edmondia: oh, and try catching him
EnsTren: heh
Edmondia: and he'll either bite you or hit you
Edmondia: or start screaming his head off
EnsTren: heh
Edmondia: oh, and taking him by the arm is an even worse idea
EnsTren: oh?
EnsTren: Lex gets along well with him or not?
Edmondia: better than the others, yeah
EnsTren: *pokes Obie*
Edmondia: Obie: *pokes back* What?
EnsTren: *points him at chibi OwenPuck*
Edmondia: Obie: *folds arms, rolls eyes* I'm supposed to let him terrorize and angst with the humans for a few days before we realize anything is wrong
Edmondia: because it's more fun that way ^_^
Edmondia: but yeah, eventually he figures out what's up
Edmondia: mirror-bounce
Edmondia: then it's o.o "holy shit!" time
Edmondia: so, mirror-bounce, everyone goes "bwuh?!"
EnsTren: heh
Edmondia: especially when he starts wailing
Edmondia: and Oberon's all: o.o WTF?
EnsTren: least he's not laughing
Edmondia: I honestly don't think he would laugh
Edmondia: too surprised
EnsTren: no, Puck
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: he's not to that point yet
EnsTren: ah
EnsTren: poor Obie all surprised
Edmondia: veeeeeeeery surprised
Edmondia: and very taken aback
Edmondia: and... a little bit pissed off
EnsTren: why?
EnsTren: cause he's not allowed to be cranky at the chibi?
Edmondia: no
Edmondia: cause nobody helped the chibi up
EnsTren: awwww
EnsTren: adorableness
Edmondia: methinks he's been kicked upside the head by his own memories
Edmondia: but he's definitely gonna hop out of the mirror and demand to know wtf is going on
EnsTren: adorableness and cuteness
Edmondia: of course the instant his foot hits the floor he's gonna have a chibi attached to his leg
EnsTren: yay
EnsTren: babbling chibi
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: very upset babbling chibi
EnsTren: "Daddy! Where's the boom? Why can't I fly!? My head hurts! Daddy!"
Edmondia: exactly
EnsTren: "Where'd you hair go? Where are we? I'm hungry."
Edmondia: "You're hungry?"
EnsTren: "Yes!"
EnsTren: "Gimme food!"
EnsTren: "Now!"
EnsTren: "Please Daddy please!"
EnsTren: "And daddy? When did your fashion sense get bad?"
Edmondia: "Ssh, now," and he knelt down to his level, blue eyes meeting blue. "They haven't give you anything to eat - brat." And he created and handed him a pear.
Edmondia: "Eat that, you'll feel better."
Edmondia: Then his eyes snapped up to the assembled humans, and he switched languages, hissing, "Didn't you give him anything to eat?!"
EnsTren: "He doesn't like us!"
Edmondia: "What has that got to do with giving him food?!"
EnsTren: "I offered him a tammali." Broadway held up one such thing.
EnsTren: Lexington sniggered. "He shoved it down his loincloth."
EnsTren: "What a perfect waste of a good tammali."
Edmondia: "He's a child, not a fool."
EnsTren: "He kicked Mr. Xanatos in the shin."
Edmondia: "Did he?" he glanced down at the little boy half-hidden in his cape.
EnsTren: The little boy stared up at him. /Daddy why can't I fly?/ He sniffled and wibbled in between bites of the pear.
Edmondia: "Oh, right." He reached over and tapped him on the nose, abruptly returning him to his natural form.
Edmondia: "There, that's much better."
Edmondia: In truth, it almost hurt to see.
EnsTren: The now white haired chibi giggled and flew upwards in a spiral around Oberon and landed on his head.
EnsTren: The chibi slid down to his shoulder and engaged in hugging his head koala style. /Thank you daddy!/
Edmondia: Automatically, he patted his back, even if he couldn't find the right words to say.
EnsTren: /Why couldn't I fly Daddy? Even grandma let me fly./
Edmondia: "Do not speak of her."
EnsTren: /Yes Daddy./
EnsTren: He made a charming face, tongue out nose wrinkled up. /I don't like her anyways./
Edmondia: He smiled. "I know you don't, little one." Then he paused, brows furrowed in thought.
Edmondia: "Let me see your arms."
EnsTren: The child blinked and held out his arms, one a bit covered with pear juice.
Edmondia: He pulled back his sleeves carefully.
EnsTren: The Puck fidgeted--mostly because he wanted to continue eating the pear.
Edmondia: "What is the last thing you remember?
EnsTren: /Lotsa boom./
EnsTren: /And you having long hair./
Edmondia: He stared grimly at the too-pale skin and delicately ran a finger along the waxy surface. "Oh?"
Edmondia: (when I said he wasn't to the point of laughing yet, I mean his temper hadn't snapped. he's already made Atlantis go boom.)
EnsTren: /Uh huh. And you looked different Daddy./
EnsTren: (ah.)
EnsTren: /And... There was... someone else? Me?/
EnsTren: /I don't know./
Edmondia: "Thank you, little one. You can keep eating."
EnsTren: A charming smile and he flopped over, lounging over his broad shoulders like a cat while he munched on the pear.
Edmondia: He'd have to make him a new pair of bracers, then. Too much exertion and he'd start to notice the pain.
EnsTren: /Daddy? Why couldn't I get to you before?/ A sniffle, /I was frightened and then I saw you and then I couldn't get to you and that was worse! Who was keeping us apart?!/
Edmondia: He closed his eyes and sighed. That was a discussion he was not looking forward to having. "You were human, little one. You couldn't get through the mirror."
EnsTren: /..'s why I couldn't fly either, isn't it? Being human is stupid! I felt all heavy and icky and I think I smelled bad. I can't shapeshift yet! Whoever turned me into a human is a mean stinkystupid head! If I can't get to you who's supposed to protect me? And who's going to make you laugh, Daddy?/
Edmondia: He sighed. "Don't worry about that, little one, and yes, whoever turned you into a human is a mean stinky stupidhead." And I'm going to rip their spleen out, whoever the idiot was that left him like this. He glanced up at the others, eyes narrowed. "And how, exactly, did this happen?"
EnsTren: "Err...science."
EnsTren: David looked at his wife with an expression akin to pleading.
Edmondia: He looked at the chibi still on his shoulder and raised an eyebrow. "You'll have to do better than that."
EnsTren: "After the near disaster with the Matrix I started development on something that would reverse the growth patterns of the nanomachines," Fox started to explain.
EnsTren: "Unravel the progress if you will. My work was stolen and the person attempted to use it against us. The power level it worked on would have unraveled a human into their base elements, and then some."
EnsTren: "It hit the Puck and...well," she gestured helplessly.
EnsTren: "We don't know if it was his magic or his age--as you may guess we were disinclined to experiment," David stepped in.
Edmondia: "I see. Now I'm going to try out a translation spell, and you can tell him exactly what happened." He flashed them a wolfish smile and gently plucked the little boy off of his shoulder.
EnsTren: Ever the businessman David pounced, "Even about the whole Gathering and what happened when you came here?"
EnsTren: "It did, after all, happen."
Edmondia: He snorted softly. "As did many things. Before you tell him that, however, you might tell him that the war is over, and that he's suddenly ten thousand years too young."
EnsTren: "Certainly," it took a lot of balls to attempt to blackmail the king of the fey, which David had. He wasn't going to push his luck by asking "why don't you do it," though.
Edmondia: Oberon turned his attention back to the child and tilted his head up. "Little one, pay attention now." He cast the spell quickly, then addressed him in the human language. "Do you understand me?"
EnsTren: "Yes Daddy."
Edmondia: "The language you're now speaking is called English, it's what these ones here speak. They want to talk to you now, will you listen?"
EnsTren: "If you want me to."
Edmondia: "Thank you, little one." And he settled back on the floor and propped the boy on his knee. "Go on."
EnsTren: The boy turned to the mortals and stared expectantly. He only said he'd listen after all.
Edmondia: The mortals stared back.
EnsTren: (and I'm yawning like crazy here)
Edmondia: (shoo)
EnsTren: (this was fun though. And I'm proud of my pristine and sparkling bullshit)
Edmondia: (^_^ As well you should be!