EnsTren: do you recall that load of bull I made up to chibify owenpuck?
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: It was sooo bullshity I don't remember it very well
Edmondia: um, Fox, reverse nanotechnology...
EnsTren: thanks
EnsTren: *pets*
Edmondia: ^_^
EnsTren: chibi Puck is asking his daddy where all his hair went
EnsTren: and batting at the remaining ponytail
Edmondia: daddy has told him he cut it off
EnsTren: he's whining
Edmondia: daddy has rolled his eyes and told him that it's his own hair and he may do as he wishes to it
EnsTren: and Puck is swinging from it and bemoaning the lack of more
EnsTren: and he's playing with the cape
Edmondia: Oberon is sweatdropping and putting up with it
EnsTren: he's climbing all over him and peering over his shoulder and saying he got taller.
Edmondia: Oberon looks amused
Edmondia: "I finished growing up."
EnsTren: Puck chomped down on his ear.
EnsTren: which is chibiPuck for "not fair"
Edmondia: "OW! Fangs, little one, watch it!"
EnsTren: "Do I grow up to big bigger daddy?"
Edmondia: "Bigger than you are now, yes."
EnsTren: "I'm short aren't I?"
Edmondia: "...yes."
EnsTren: His eyes welled up.
Edmondia: "You can be taller! You can! You just choose not to be!"
Edmondia: He did not want to deal with a wailing chibi.
EnsTren: He sniffled and wrapped around his neck.
Edmondia: He hugged him carefully.
EnsTren: And got his ear bit again.
Edmondia: "Stop that.
Edmondia: "Biting is impolite and unbecoming of you."
EnsTren: "Ppthpt!"
Edmondia: "Don't make me ground you."
EnsTren: "Rawr."
Edmondia: "I mean it. Your behavior is unacceptable."
EnsTren: "So?"
Edmondia: "So stop behaving that way."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Because it is rude and offensive to others."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "How would you like it if someone bit you?"
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Tell me."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Because I want to know."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Oh, stop that."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: He tweaked his nose. "You are a brat."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: He rolled his eyes and bounced him.
EnsTren: "Yay!"
Edmondia: "I have just figured out where we went wrong last time," he announced blandly, tossing him in the air and then catching him again.
EnsTren: He giggled and tumbled in the air. "Mew?"
Edmondia: "You are not a cat. And you're spoiled."
EnsTren: He was poked lightly in the nose. "Last time? What went wrong?"
Edmondia: He sighed and closed his eyes for a long moment. "Too much."
EnsTren: Perfect blue eyes blinked at him.
Edmondia: He smiled sadly and tapped him on the nose. "Nothing you need worry about, little one."
EnsTren: "I'm worrying anyways."
Edmondia: "You're too young to worry, little one."
EnsTren: "So?"
Edmondia: He bounced him again. "Would you like a cookie?"
EnsTren: "Yay!"
EnsTren: "Cookiecookie!"
Edmondia: Distract the offspring with food. A classic tactic. He handed him an Oreo.
EnsTren: The chibi swallowed it in one bite.
Edmondia: He handed him a glass of milk.
EnsTren: The chibi liked that too.
Edmondia: A perfect distraction.
EnsTren: He got a sloppy milky kiss on the cheek.
Edmondia: Okay, that was... cute and a little bit ew. He handed him a napkin.
EnsTren: He prefered to use the cape.
Edmondia: He'd forgotten how messy little children were.
EnsTren: "...I don't like your boots. They look stupid."
Edmondia: "Oh? What would you prefer?"
EnsTren: "Shorter ones."
Edmondia: "How much shorter?"
EnsTren: "Knee maybe?"
Edmondia: He sighed. "Fine." And the boots shrank. "Happy now?"
EnsTren: "Squee!"
Edmondia: "Is that a yes?"
Edmondia: He really shouldn't let him have his way so often. It was a very bad habit.

EnsTren: Chibi is sitting on Oberon's shoulder stuffing his face with cookies
Edmondia: Oberon is telling him to slow down lest he choke
EnsTren: Chibi is saying it's very yummy though--chocolate hadn't been invented when he was a chibi.
Edmondia: Oberon is agreeing and telling him not to ruin his dinner.
EnsTren: He's perked up at the mention of dinner and wants to know what they will be having.
Edmondia: "A rather delightful human concoction known as 'pizza'."
EnsTren: "Pee-za?"
Edmondia: "Pizza."
Edmondia: "The homemade kind, it should be quite good."
EnsTren: "Peat za?"
EnsTren: The chibi's ears were wiggling as he tried out the unfamiliar word.
EnsTren: The gargoyles and humans present knew the word and were amusing themselves by imagining the ever polite Titania and the ever stiff Oberon eating pizza.
Edmondia: Oberon smiled, looking quite a bit less stiff than usual. "Yes, pizza. I'm sure you'll like it, most children seem to."
EnsTren: "Do I get the dark stuff in the cookies afterwards?"
Edmondia: "Perhaps. If you behave."
EnsTren: "Okkie, but what's it called?"
Edmondia: "Chocolate. And don't try to get any from the mortals, either."
EnsTren: "Ch-cho-ko lat."
Edmondia: "Chocolate," he corrected gently, "The humans string their words together differently than us. Try again."
EnsTren: "Chokolat. ChocolAte. Chocolate."
Edmondia: "Good." He ruffled his hair absently. "You're catching on to this language very quickly, little one."
EnsTren: "Is there chocolate pizzah?"
Edmondia: He chuckled. "No, little one, not as such. I imagine you could make pizza-shaped chocolate, however."
EnsTren: He giggled and clapped his hands.
Edmondia: "Does that please you?"
EnsTren: "Yesyes!"
Edmondia: "I refuse to let you eat a chocolate that is the size of a pizza."
EnsTren: "...How big is a pizza?"
Edmondia: He spread his hands about a foot apart. "About this wide, and circular."
EnsTren: "WHEEEE!"
Edmondia: "You are NOT eating that much chocolate."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Because it's not good for you."
EnsTren: "But it's yummy."
Edmondia: "Just because something is yummy does not mean you get to make yourself sick by eating too much of it."
EnsTren: "Like you drink wine?"
Edmondia: "Like I used to drink wine. Rarely. Going into battle drunk is a bad idea, always remember that, little one."
EnsTren: "What if it makes me giggle?"
Edmondia: "If what makes you giggle?"
EnsTren: "Giggling is bad for the enemies, they grab their ears and crash."
EnsTren: "Sometimes they pluck out their eyes and rip off their ears--that was kinda funny."
Edmondia: "Robin." He lifted him off of his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. "That is not funny."
EnsTren: "Even if they were grandma's?"
Edmondia: "Even then. They were enemies, yes, but still your kin."
EnsTren: "They weren't like me though. No one's like me but you and mommy and grandma."
Edmondia: "I know, little one, but that does not give you the right to judge them."
Edmondia: "When you are older, and more experienced, only then will you win that right. Do you understand me?"
EnsTren: "Not really," he said with perfect honesty.
Edmondia: "Then tell me what you do not understand," he said patiently, and sat down gracefully on the table next to him, plucking the little boy up and settling him down in front of him.
EnsTren: "They were trying to hurt us and Grandma is crazy and trying to kill you and they aren't like me."
EnsTren: "They aren't like us."
EnsTren: "And they could have come over to our side if they wanted to but they didn't."
Edmondia: "That only made them enemies, little one."
EnsTren: "The ones on our side weren't like us either."
Edmondia: "But they were still our kin."
EnsTren: "What about Grandma's toys that were like them," he pointed at the humans.
Edmondia: "They didn't know what they were doing. That doesn't make them bad."
Edmondia: "They are different, yes, but they are much the same."
EnsTren: "They were weak and stupid and seemed rushing to kill themselves anyways."
Edmondia: "They were misguided, yes, but no one has the right to interfere with anyone the way mother did with them. And only those in power, who are acting to protect their own, have the right to decide who lives and who dies."
Edmondia: "The worst thing they did was follow the words of a cruel leader. Individuals are the sinners."
EnsTren: "So?"
Edmondia: "So we're all the same, little one."
EnsTren: "You and mother never said that before."
Edmondia: "We were very young, before."
Edmondia: "And very foolish."
EnsTren: "...Grandmother is very much older than us so would that make her more right?"
Edmondia: "Do you think that what she did was right?" he asked quietly, "Do you think the way she treated her Children was right?"
EnsTren: "Grandmother was all those nasty things she called mother."
EnsTren: "But..."
EnsTren: "Aliel."
Edmondia: He flinched. "What of him?"
EnsTren: Puck screwed his face up, "He deserved it."
EnsTren: "And you said that the individuals are the sinners, so if an individual is bad then shouldn't you treat them like she did?"
Edmondia: "Killing is a last resort, little one. All life is precious. Do you think that a messenger deserves to be killed when the news he brings is bad?"
EnsTren: "No, unless he's from the enemy."
Edmondia: "But in this time, we have peace."
Edmondia: "Perhaps it is an uneasy one, but we have some semblance of it."
Edmondia: "And tell me, what did he do to deserve it?"
EnsTren: "He followed Grandmother."
Edmondia: "But not by choice."
EnsTren: "He loved Grandmother."
Edmondia: "As did I."
Edmondia: "Is love a crime, little one?"
EnsTren: "But you had brains daddy."
EnsTren: "If you love the wrong thing maybe."
EnsTren: "And if you let it lead you."
EnsTren: "He wanted to be like her, you didn't."
Edmondia: "No, I didn't. But Aliel... was put into a bad situation. Guilt, you'll find, is very hard to assign to just one person, or just one thing."
EnsTren: "So was I. And Grandma made me."
Edmondia: "You were stronger than him," he said softly, "And she gave you to me. Had you stayed with her..." he trailed off, disturbed.
EnsTren: "...I guess."
Edmondia: "He paid for the mistakes your mother and I made. Does that make us the guilty ones?"
EnsTren: "You said individuals were the bad ones and he's an individual."
Edmondia: "Yes, he is. And he made his own decisions. I'm not saying that he should not have paid for his crimes, but I want you to see his reasons, as well. Everyone has a story, little one, and they are all important."
EnsTren: Puck looked mildly disbelieving.
Edmondia: "What is it?"
EnsTren: "Important? Even with how short they can be?"
Edmondia: "Even then. A life is a life, child, and all have equal value."
EnsTren: "Bugs and buttryflies and spiders."
Edmondia: "I was speaking of those who have self-awareness. The others have value, but these are most important of all."
EnsTren: "They are as fragile as buttryflies and not always as beautiful."
Edmondia: "But they are precious."
Edmondia: "When you realize that, little one, then perhaps you will be ready to lead our people."
EnsTren: "Did I realize that before?"
Edmondia: "Perhaps better than all of us."
EnsTren: He hugged him.
Edmondia: He blinked down at him, surprised. "What's that for?"
EnsTren: "Felt right."
EnsTren: "And you're sad."
Edmondia: "Hm." He stroked his fingers lightly through his hair. "Don't worry about it."
EnsTren: "Okkie."
EnsTren: He leaned into his hand.
Edmondia: He tilted his head down and pulled him more snugly against his chest.
Edmondia: "Do you understand me a little better now?"
EnsTren: "I think so."
Edmondia: "I'm glad," he petted him gently, "You're learning more quickly than most."
EnsTren: "Maybe cause I knew it already before I got small again."
Edmondia: "Perhaps. Do you remember anything?"
EnsTren: "I remember something hurting and then..."
Edmondia: "Then...?"
EnsTren: "I don't know, like it got turned off."
EnsTren: "But really sad...like... Like I was all alone."
EnsTren: "Like iron was stuck inside of me and like I couldn't laugh again."
Edmondia: "Ah." And he rocked him gently, holding him a bit more tightly. "I understand."
EnsTren: He was quite for a while and clinging to him, "What's going to happen?"
Edmondia: He was silent for a long moment. "...I don't know."
Edmondia: "What do you want to happen?"
EnsTren: "I don't know what happened already."
Edmondia: "...it's not a happy story."
EnsTren: "Is it ever?"
Edmondia: He smiled sadly and lifted his chin. "You're too young to be so cynical."
EnsTren: "Is that bad?"
Edmondia: "Sad, perhaps, but not bad."
EnsTren: "Pizza now?"
Edmondia: He looked to the humans.
EnsTren: His son in law was already on the phone.
Edmondia: "Soon, yes."
EnsTren: Many pizzas with many toppings and some plain. Of course jalapenos for the gargoyles.
Edmondia: But no soda, at least not for the little one. He didn't want to imagine the headache that a chibi on caffine would cause.
EnsTren: Or sugar high.
Edmondia: He vaguely wondered if such an occurance would lead to the apocalypse.
EnsTren: Maybe he should summon the Bansidhe just in case Robin needing muffling.
Edmondia: No, wait, he was still annoyed with her. And it would be best if no one on Avalon knew of his current condition.
EnsTren: He didn't want to think of how many assassination atempts there would be--or worse, people trying to play with him. Coyote and Raven raising Robin--that would bring the apocolypse.
Edmondia: It had been bad enough when Robin had been training them.
EnsTren: Besides, Robin was his.
Edmondia: ...he was treading dangerous ground with him.
EnsTren: What would happen if he remembered?
Edmondia: How would he react?
Edmondia: An adult's anger he could handle - but from a child? From his child?
EnsTren: Would he hate him?
Edmondia: Again?
EnsTren: He squeezed him tighter.
Edmondia: They had messed up so much, so badly...
Edmondia: And he was very, very small.
EnsTren: But his hate could be so very deep.
Edmondia: His mother's gift. To all of them.
EnsTren: For a split instant he almost wished he let his mother kill him.
Edmondia: But... his eyes were so very blue.
EnsTren: And he could be so very sweet.
Edmondia: He still loved him far too much.
Edmondia: It was dangerous to stay with him, but moreso to leave him. He was stuck, again.
EnsTren: But he already left him here didn't he?
Edmondia: But at least he could provide for himself then. And protect the child then, it had been Titania's wish that he stay.
EnsTren: It hadn't been her wish that he be banished.
Edmondia: But he had disobeyed.
EnsTren: Enough to warrent a death sentance?
Edmondia: ...he couldn't be brought back.
EnsTren: His child.
EnsTren: But he forget that for a little while, the pizza was here.
Edmondia: He had been right.
Edmondia: Puck loved it.
EnsTren: And more determined than ever to have a chocolate pizza.
Edmondia: Which was never going to happen.
EnsTren: Chocolate had sugar and caffine in it.
Edmondia: He had seen what happened to perfectly normal mortal children on it.
Edmondia: With his child... well, he could always make the gargoyles babysit.
EnsTren: The ones here or the ones on the island were the question.
Edmondia: No, he had to remain here. Avalon would be much too dangerous for him.
EnsTren: He almost felt sorry for all the humans.
Edmondia: But he was a sweet boy. Sometimes.
Edmondia: And the green gargoyle seemed to like him.
EnsTren: Titania was better at matters of the heart than he was.
Edmondia: She was also much better at emotional manipulation than he was.
EnsTren: But then so was his child.
Edmondia: His child? Was he really?
EnsTren: Hadn't he in a way disowned him?
Edmondia: Hadn't the child as much as encouraged it?
EnsTren: He never knew what was going on in his head of his.
Edmondia: As he'd grown, he'd become... much cooler towards him.
Edmondia: When he was this small, and this vulnerable, sometimes he could read him, but when he'd aged...
EnsTren: And they had been parted for so long.
Edmondia: A sad story, indeed.
EnsTren: The least he could do was forge him new bracers while they ate.
Edmondia: It was fortunate that thusfar no one had managed to jar his arms.
EnsTren: Though the waxy twisted flesh was getting a few looks from the keener eyed mortals who noticed it.
Edmondia: Thankfully the child had long sleeves on his shirt.
EnsTren: So he put his deft hand to weaving the magic neccessary to numb the sensation.
Edmondia: It was disgustingly complicated.
EnsTren: He was an old hand at it however.
Edmondia: By unfortunate neccessity, but no one else could make them.
EnsTren: The first time both he and Titania needed to work together to create it.
Edmondia: They had both passed out from exhaustion by the time they were done.
EnsTren: But he was older now, stronger now.
Edmondia: The magic was familiar, now.
EnsTren: And as they solidified around his arms he sighed and leaned back into Oberon.
Edmondia: "Is that better?" he murmured, gently holding him a little bit closer.
EnsTren: "Mmn..."
Edmondia: He should have done this earlier.
EnsTren: The child crawled into his lap and curled up to sleep.
Edmondia: He'd expected as much.
Edmondia: It always exhausted him.
EnsTren: He was very cute.
Edmondia: Very small.
EnsTren: Like a kitten.
Edmondia: He carefully brushed a few strands of milk-white hair from his face.
EnsTren: His little one.
Edmondia: He'd missed him.
EnsTren: It was hard resisting the impulse to hug and squish him.
Edmondia: But he didn't want to wake him, and the mortals were watching.
EnsTren: The mortals were also cooing over his Robin.
Edmondia: He seemed almost angelic when he was sleeping, so he could hardly blame them.
EnsTren: He was really a demon though.
Edmondia: Was he?
EnsTren: Sometimes.
EnsTren: A hellion at least.
Edmondia: But very sweet.
EnsTren: Yes.
Edmondia: He was a good child.
EnsTren: His child.
Edmondia: A true child again.
EnsTren: His again.
Edmondia: Maybe... this time he could do better?
EnsTren: It would be a miracle.
Edmondia: But... he was older, now, stronger, so maybe...
EnsTren: He knew better, and Mother wasn't here to screw things to hell again.
Edmondia: Well... any further than she already had.
EnsTren: She couldn't actively do so at least.
Edmondia: That, at least, was something.
EnsTren: He might have a chance.
EnsTren: He really needed to talk to Titania.
Edmondia: She would know how to make sense of this mess.
EnsTren: And what to do.
Edmondia: But for now, Robin needed sleep.
EnsTren: And he was making his lap his bed.
Edmondia: He could deal with that.
EnsTren: And he'd glare at anyone who thought otherwise.
Edmondia: Mortals could be so irritating at times.
EnsTren: So he reached out with the lightest touch of magic and transform the chair into a more comfortable throne and settled down to snooze himself so as to be better keep up with the child.
Edmondia: And they were quiet.