Edmondia: oom
EnsTren: yay!
EnsTren: puck puck puck
Edmondia: yes?
Edmondia: he wants attention?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: what kind of attention?
EnsTren: I don't know
EnsTren: show is on
Edmondia: oho?
EnsTren: dragon booster
Edmondia: ??
EnsTren: canadian show
Edmondia: kk
Edmondia: *picks up Keiran*
EnsTren: awwwwwwwwwwww
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: chibi puck
Edmondia: awwwwwwwww
Edmondia: where is he?
EnsTren: running around Tania's feet
Edmondia: and how old is she?
EnsTren: he's the anti nano deaged puck
Edmondia: aha.
Edmondia: she has grabbed him for a cuddle.
EnsTren: He's happy, her hair is longer and he's pushed off her little skull cap thingy to play with it
Edmondia: She go *sigh* and lets him. "And here I thought you'd still stick to your father..."
EnsTren: He likes her hair and is smiling charmingly at her
Edmondia: A sigh and a grin. "All right, just don't chew on that."
EnsTren: "Daddy's hair is for chewing, not mommy's"
Edmondia: "Oh?" Pet. "Why is that?"
EnsTren: "Daddy's hair plays with me! and if I don't chew it it is mean"
Edmondia: She chuckled. "Ah, so you chew in self-defense?"
EnsTren: "It keeps it 'bediant"
Edmondia: "Hmn. Maybe your daddy should take tips from you."
EnsTren: "Daddy's hair isn't scared of Daddy."
Edmondia: "Probably because it's attached to him." She tickled under his chin lightly. "Hard to be afraid of yourself."
EnsTren: "I chomp it good!"
Edmondia: "Mmm." She tapped his cheek. "Your fangs have grown in."
EnsTren: He displayed them proudly
Edmondia: "Yes, very nice. And you're keeping them sharp?"
EnsTren: "ON daddy's hair and the gargles"
Edmondia: "...on the gargoyles?" She fought down a smirk. "Which ones?"
EnsTren: "I don't know, I didn't bother to learn their names. Not 'Lex'"
Edmondia: She sighed a little. "It's not nice to chew on mortals," she said dutifully.
EnsTren: "But they are stone"
Edmondia: "It's still not nice." No matter how amusing it is. "Promise me you won't chew on mortals anymore."
EnsTren: "...Why?"
Edmondia: "It's not nice." Sigh. She'd thought with Fox having Alexander she'd escaped the parenting bit entirely and could retire to happy grandmother-dom.
EnsTren: He wibbled
Edmondia: "No chewing on mortals, only your daddy." She tapped his nose.
EnsTren: "...Sisters?"
Edmondia: "...not your sisters, no." Certainly not when he was little.
EnsTren: He frowned, "boring"
Edmondia: "Yes, but those are the rules."
EnsTren: "Why? If I don't hurt them?"
Edmondia: She tweaked his nose. "They might hurt you, little one."
EnsTren: "You and daddy wouldn't let them!"
Edmondia: "Don't give them the opportunity."
EnsTren: Pout, "but daddy isn't always there"
Edmondia: "Then you can't chew on anyone."
EnsTren: Saaaad look
Edmondia: "...you could chew on your own hair, I suppose," she said thoughtfully, giving it a ruffle.
EnsTren: "Why do you leave me all alone with the stinky humans and grandmother, anyways?"
EnsTren: (the gm in serries, nbot mab)
EnsTren: "It won't keep my fangs sharp!"
Edmondia: "But it will give you something to chew. And don't you like it here?"
EnsTren: "I miss hooooooome!"
Edmondia: "What do you miss?"
EnsTren: "It's home." He said and frowned.
Edmondia: She hugged him. "Do you miss us?"
EnsTren: He hugged back, extra tight. "Why are you and daddy leaving me here alone?"
Edmondia: "We want you to be safe."
EnsTren: "Daddy and the humans said the war was over!"
Edmondia: She rocked him a little. "The war is over, honey."
EnsTren: "So why can't I be safe with you and daddy at home!?"
Edmondia: She rocked him a little bit more. "Just because the war is over doesn't mean you're safe, little one."
EnsTren: "Why not?"
EnsTren: he pulled back and stared at her, near tears
Edmondia: "Because," she said very gently, "You're a child, and your enemies are not."
EnsTren: Blinking, "You let some of the badguys stay alive?!@"
Edmondia: "But sweetheart," she tilted his chin up, "Who says they're bad guys?"
EnsTren: "But if they weren't bad then why would they want to kill me!? Mommy I don't understand, I want to go home and be with you and daddy! It's cold here and I have gotta hide!"
Edmondia: "Shh, sweetheart, I know, I know," she rocked him, nuzzling his hair softly. "You have to remember, sweetheart, that you're now much more vulnerable than you've ever been before, and your daddy and I have to keep you safe."
EnsTren: "You can protect me at home!"
Edmondia: "Can we really?" She threaded her fingers through her hair, petting softly. "Would you really be happy being with us all the time - never ever being able to go out and play?"
EnsTren: "I can't go out and play here!"
Edmondia: "No, but you have playmates, don't you?"
EnsTren: "They're fragile"
Edmondia: "Would you rather be carried around by your father and I at all times?"
EnsTren: "Why would you have to? I don't understaaaand!"
Edmondia: "Sweetheart." She sat down on nothing because there was nothing nearby. "We won the war, yes, but there are always politics, and you can't defend yourself anymore."
EnsTren: "I don't understand why they'd want to hurt me though!"
Edmondia: "Politics, honey." She stroked his hair. "And you weren't exactly a saint when you were bigger."
EnsTren: "What kind of politics?" he whined. "And so what? they proably deserved it!"
Edmondia: She rocked him a little, hoping to quiet him. "The kind of politics you get when a large group over overpowered egos meet up once again for the first time in a thousand years. And that may be, little one, but it still puts you at risk."
EnsTren: "Why do I got to be lonely though? I heard the gargoyles talking abotu OTHER tricksters."
Edmondia: "Unfortunately, darling, those other tricksters are the biggest gossips on Avalon."
EnsTren: "but they wouldn't hurt me?" He perked up at this.
EnsTren: Friends!
Edmondia: "No, they wouldn't hurt you." She petted his hair.
EnsTren: "Can't one stay with me?"
Edmondia: "Not right now, sweetheart. The Gathering party is still going on, and a missing trickster will be missed."
EnsTren: "...Was I missed?"
Edmondia: "...yes, honey. You were and are."
EnsTren: He smiled up at her, "I had friends? ltos of people to play with?"
Edmondia: "Of course." She stroked his hair gently.
EnsTren: "I can't wwait till I get to see them again."
Edmondia: "Your best friend is already here, you know," she said softly, rocking him again.
EnsTren: "Where? Grandma? I'm friends wither her?!"
Edmondia: She offered him a soft, slightly sad smile. "No, honey. Not her."
EnsTren: "..Who?"
Edmondia: "David."
EnsTren: "...The human? I'm friends with a human!? best friends?!"
Edmondia: "Mmhmm." So odd for this child, but it had been a very long time...
EnsTren: "...mama are you sick?"
Edmondia: "No, sweetheart. Why do you ask?"
EnsTren: "how can I be friends with a mortal?"
Edmondia: "Very easily." She petted his hair.
EnsTren: "Maybe I was sick"
Edmondia: "Very far from it, little one. Very very far."
EnsTren: Quickly he tried to think up an argument for it, since the other ones weren't approved of any more. "But how? Humans don't live long enough to get to be friends with"
Edmondia: "You'll find that things change once you've grown up." She kissed his cheek. "I fell in love with a human and had a daughter with him, and he's still alive."
Edmondia: "You've been friends with David for over ten years now."
EnsTren: "That's not too long."
Edmondia: "No, but it is very important."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "Because he's your best friend, and you are his."
EnsTren: "I suppose it's long enough for a mortal"
Edmondia: "You'll be friends until he dies," she agreed softly, rocking him again. "You love him very much."
EnsTren: "Then I don't want him to die"
Edmondia: "That's true." She kissed his cheek.
EnsTren: He was quiet. "They told me humans built all this. They must be smarter than I remember"
Edmondia: "They're terribly clever," she agreed softly.
EnsTren: "Yes, they made Pizza and chocolate. Will I like him now?"
Edmondia: "Like who now?"
EnsTren: "my friend?"
Edmondia: "David," she said softly. "You'll like him very much, if you decide to play with him."
EnsTren: "...Will he like me?"
Edmondia: "He loves you."
EnsTren: "..."He gave his mother a measuring look. "But I'm not me, am I?"
Edmondia: "No, you're not." She kissed the top of his head. "But David learns very quickly."
EnsTren: "Me troo!"
Edmondia: She smiled at him. "He'll make a fine playmate."
EnsTren: Smile! "Do I have any other friends here?"
Edmondia: "David is your best friend, but Fox is as well."
EnsTren: "...She smelled like home a little"
Edmondia: "Mmm. She's my daughter."
EnsTren: "With the human you mentioned?"
Edmondia: "Yes."
EnsTren: "I think I'll like her"
Edmondia: "I think she'll like you too." She squeezed him softly. "She can teach you how to wrestle."
EnsTren: "Wrestle?"
Edmondia: "Mmhmm." She fluffed his hair. "It's very fun, and will keep you from feeling so restless."
EnsTren: "I like Bronx too, he's fun"
Edmondia: "Yes, he's good company for little ones."
EnsTren: "I still miss you and daddy though"
Edmondia: "I'm sorry, sweetheart." She kissed the top of his head. "It's busy business, keeping Avalon in line."
Edmondia: "But we're doing our best to sneak away and play with you."
EnsTren: Sniffle a little and hug lots
Edmondia: She cuddled him. "We love you, honey, but it's just not safe for you at home right now."
EnsTren: "Will it ever be?"
Edmondia: She sighed softly. "Maybe, once you're grown up."
EnsTren: "That's a long long time!"
Edmondia: "Which is why we're trying to figure out how to get you back to your proper age."
EnsTren: "How long will that wake?"
Edmondia: "We don't know yet, honey." She kissed his cheek. "We're still trying to figure out how to do it."
EnsTren: "It will be good for me to be myself again?"
Edmondia: "You'll be able to protect yourself again."
EnsTren: "And I can go home with you and daddy?"
Edmondia: "..." She hugged him very very tightly.
EnsTren: "It will be nice to see all my friends and maybe I'll bring David with me if he's as nice as you say and...mommy...is there anything wrong?"
Edmondia: "...no, sweetheart." But her grip tightened, and she rested her cheek against his hair. "Nothing's wrong."
EnsTren: He wanted to accuse her of lying, but he didn't. "Its okay mommy"
Edmondia: She laughed a little, slow and sad. "Yes, baby. It's okay right now."
EnsTren: He pat her back, looking at her carefully
Edmondia: She met his gaze squarely, squeezing him softly. "Yes, little one...?"
EnsTren: "It's okay, mommy, you and daddy will make everything good. And when I'm older again I'll help!"
Edmondia: "Heh." She brushed a few dangling strands of hair out of his eyes. "Your daddy and I aren't perfect, you know."
EnsTren: "You fix each other"
Edmondia: She let a small smile slip at that. "We do try."
EnsTren: He smiled back at her, beaming brightly
Edmondia: She kissed his nose. "We love you, baby. Don't ever forget that."
EnsTren: "I love youtoo!"
Edmondia: She hugged him just a little too tightly.
EnsTren: Something was definetly wrong
Edmondia: Whatever it was, he wasn't going to hear about it from his tight-lipped mommy.
EnsTren: Maybe his friend would know, or he could trick the gargoyles
Edmondia: They didn't seem to be all that bright.
EnsTren: It would be easy
Edmondia: ...mommy was still holding him too tightly.
EnsTren: He squeased her hard too.
Edmondia: Mommy rocked him and kissed the top of his head again, and he wondered how long she would stay this time.
EnsTren: He hoped for a long time, but only without squishing him. Something was really wrong though
Edmondia: Otherwise mommy wouldn't... seem so sad.
EnsTren: He didn't do anythign wrong, must be daddy
Edmondia: What could daddy have done?
EnsTren: Been stupid
Edmondia: He wrinkled his nose a bit.
EnsTren: Stupid daddy
Edmondia: Daddy wouldn't admit if he'd done something stupid, though.
EnsTren: Which was stupid. If you didn't admit it to yourself you didn't improve
Edmondia: But daddy tended to apologize, in little ways, like the time he and mommy had fought and a few days later they were giggling again over something they wouldn't let him see.
EnsTren: Mommy and daddy were good at secrets
Edmondia: It was probably why they were mommy and daddy.
EnsTren: When he grew up he'd be better! And keep secrets from them!
Edmondia: It was only fair if they kept secrets from him.
EnsTren: And he'd find out their secrets too
Edmondia: ...well, maybe not all of them. He had a sneaking suspicion that there were some things he really was better off not knowing.
EnsTren: But lots anyways!
Edmondia: Like why his mommy kept holding him so tight.
EnsTren: He'd ask his human
Edmondia: His human had to be clever.
EnsTren: Perhaps he should be sneaky?
Edmondia: Would it matter if he was or wasn't?
EnsTren: Maybe his human was in on the secret
Edmondia: ...he was starting to not like secrets. Better than the war, yes, but he didn't belong here anymore.
EnsTren: At least during the war he was at home
Edmondia: ...where was his daddy? He had his mommy but his daddy wasn't with them.
EnsTren: Maybe he was off doing the stupid things that was making mommy upset
Edmondia: He tugged lightly on the one bit of her clothing that wasn't skin-tight. "Mommy?"
EnsTren: "Yes baby?"
Edmondia: "Where's daddy?"
EnsTren: "He's on avalon making sure everyone behaves"
Edmondia: He wiggled a little. "Why?"
EnsTren: "So I can be here with you, honey," pinch his cute little nose
Edmondia: It scrunched. "Want daddy."
EnsTren: "Shh, baby, he'll come and visit you real soon"
Edmondia: "Want daddy and mommy." Pout.
EnsTren: "Am I not good enough for you?" She was teasing him, distracting him
Edmondia: "Mommy is good!" Snuggle. "Wanna be with mommy and daddy."
EnsTren: "Daddy should come soon."
Edmondia: He glanced up at her craftily. "Mommy won't leave?"
EnsTren: "Not for a while yet, baby."
Edmondia: "Mommy won't leave when daddy's here?"
EnsTren: "If I can I'll stay for a bit so you can be with both of us"
Edmondia: "How long is a bit?"
EnsTren: "longer than a few seonds, perhaps a few hours if you are very good and fate favours us"
Edmondia: "I'll be good!" He clung. "Promise!"
EnsTren: She smiled at him and caressed his hair.
Edmondia: He cuddled up against her. "...mommy?"
EnsTren: "Yes honey?" Hold him and pet him
Edmondia: "I wanna go home."
EnsTren: "I know, honey"
Edmondia: He burrowed miserably against her tummy. "...mommy?"
EnsTren: "I'm sorry baby"
Edmondia: He tensed up, curling into himself. "Mommy... is home still my home?"
EnsTren: "Avalon is avalon, Robin. And we live in the palace now, do did you when you were there."
Edmondia: "...how can it be home if I'm not there?"
EnsTren: "Humans say home is where the heart is. You are home wherever you have friends, you were very good at that, I remember"
Edmondia: "..." He buried his face in her tummy.
EnsTren: Kiss his head. Stupid Husband
Edmondia: Poor thing. He had to be lonely.
EnsTren: She wished she could send someone here for him
Edmondia: Raven was untrustworthy, Coyote couldn't keep his mouth shut, and Anansi would be too busy looking for food to be of any help.
EnsTren: When the party was over perhaps a 'mission' could be arranged
Edmondia: If they could be threatened into keeping their big mouths shut.
EnsTren: She'd do it, she could be more scary than her husband
Edmondia: Their baby did need other tricksters to play with.
EnsTren: He'd wear her daughter's husband out
Edmondia: Grown-up Puck, and they were perfect playmates. Child Puck and Xanatos was unfortunately a little too mortal to deal with a hyper fey-child.
EnsTren: She fluffed his hair. He should be abled to relive some of the Puck's loneliness however
Edmondia: He nuzzled into her tummy a little - she had a suspicion that he was getting sleepy.
EnsTren: She rubbed his back, little baby.
Edmondia: Ah, right there - trying to hide it, but that was definitely a yawn.
EnsTren: Go to sleep, feel better when you wake up
Edmondia: ...he'd throw a royal fit if they weren't here when he woke up.
EnsTren: Then she'd simply be here
EnsTren: and maybe bespell him to remain asleep for a bit longer
Edmondia: ...aaaaaaaaand he was down for the count.
EnsTren: Adorable baby.
EnsTren: (sleep)
Edmondia: (yep)