Edmondia: how is our chibi?
EnsTren: waiting for his daddy to come
Edmondia: is his mommy still there?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and what are they doing?
Edmondia: is he still napping?
EnsTren: he's sleepy and staring at the mirror
Edmondia: Mommy is rumpling his hair. "Give him time, little one."
EnsTren: he gots her hand in his mouth
Edmondia: "...and what exactly are you doing, hmm?"
EnsTren: "Mot dewing"
Edmondia: She blinked down at him for a moment. "Not chewing?"
EnsTren: He nodded brightly, grining
Edmondia: "...have a cookie, dear." She dangled a bag of Oreoes in front of his nose.
EnsTren: He eyed it. "Hoklat hezza"
Edmondia: "Absolutely not." She gave him a gentle thwap on the back of the head.
EnsTren: He whined at her
Edmondia: "Do you want to keep your fangs sharp or have them rot out?"
EnsTren: He spat out her hand, "Regrow again." He started stuffing the oreos into his mouth
Edmondia: She tugged on an ear. "One at a time, chew properly, and I'll make you brush your teeth the mortal way."
EnsTren: He wrinkled his nose at her and 'ewwwwed' past the cookies
Edmondia: "You shouldn't take your abilities for granted," she scolded gently.
EnsTren: He whined at her, he is not
Edmondia: She raised an eyebrow. "Regrow again?"
EnsTren: "The paste is icky, and stuff, It's nasty!"
Edmondia: Her eyes narrowed warningly. "Then you'd better not give me a reason to make you use it, hmm?"
EnsTren: Beeg beeg eyes at her and a wibbling lower lip
Edmondia: She tweaked his nose. "Don't even try it."
EnsTren: cute whimper
Edmondia: "I mean it."
EnsTren: He frowned and turned away from her
Edmondia: She watched him patiently. "You can't have your way all the time, Robin."
EnsTren: Mommy was being diffrent and mean, he wanted daddy now.
Edmondia: Daddy wouldn't make him brush his teeth, would he?
EnsTren: And Daddy would be nicer, even if he wouldn't be allowed to have chocolate pizza
Edmondia: Not fair.
Edmondia: Why couldn't he have a chocolate pizza?
EnsTren: not even a slice of it. They were mean
Edmondia: Much meaner than they'd been before.
EnsTren: And he wasn't allowed to kill things. That at least made a bit of sence, because there wasn't really anyone here on the bad guys side
Edmondia: He frowned a little. Mommy and daddy weren't... very much like mommy and daddy.
EnsTren: Well Daddy was more like Daddy than mommy was like Mommy.
EnsTren: And they were making him stay here. Didn't they love him anymore?
Edmondia: Mommy said she loved him, but mommy was very sneaky.
EnsTren: She had more secrets than Daddy. And she could lie real good
Edmondia: He frowned, munching on a cookie thoughtfully. If mommy wasn't really like mommy, who was she?
EnsTren: Quiet obviously not his mommy, was she an enemy, then?
Edmondia: Enemies, he decided, didn't give such nice hugs.
EnsTren: He rather thought he should test the human with hugs, just to be certain. He swollowed and stuffed another cookie into his mouth. Not mommy, but not enemy. What else could she be?
Edmondia: ...mutant mommy from another dimension, like on that movie the old gargoyle was watching!
EnsTren: Scary! Eep! he should go ask the gargoyle how to get rid of not mommies since it watched the TV show so much
Edmondia: Were not mommies just as sneaky as real mommies? This would be hard!
EnsTren: And Daddy wouldn't help him because Daddy was googly eyed over any Mommy
Edmondia: He frowned thoughtfully. What could he do all alone?
EnsTren: Maybe...maybe he needed allies, like daddy had against his mommy
Edmondia: ...he didn't know anybody here!
EnsTren: Well, then he'd just have to start knowing them
Edmondia: Everyone here was mortal.
EnsTren: Its all he had to work with
Edmondia: And apparently David was good to work with...
EnsTren: Real mommy had taught him the best lies were with truth, after all
Edmondia: He frowned a little deeper and munched on another cookie. Was not-real mommy as clever as real mommy?
EnsTren: This was confusing, and anoying. Why couldn't Daddy be here instead of not real mommy?
Edmondia: Not-real mommy patted his head the same way real mommy did. "Patience, little one. He'll be here when he's here."
EnsTren: He made himself hold still and not show he knew she wasn't his real mommy
Edmondia: "Are you done with your cookies?"
EnsTren: He clasped them to his chest and scooted away
Edmondia: "I suppose not." She petted him lightly. "Would you like some milk?"
EnsTren: He eyed her and nodded agreeably
Edmondia: She handed him a glass, watching him as carefully as he was watching her. "It's nice if you dunk the cookies in the milk and then eat them."
EnsTren: He gave her a look, did she think he was stupid? He pouted at her and propperly opened up the oreo to lick both side, stuck them back together and ate them
Edmondia: She chuckled, conjured up an Oreo and a glass of milk of her own, and dunked and ate it.
EnsTren: He ate his. He'd need his human and maybe the lex gargoyle would help him. But help him do what?
Edmondia: Everybody here obviously thought not-mommy was real-mommy.
EnsTren: He wanted his mommy and he wanted his daddy
Edmondia: But they couldn't be here because they had both grown up and gotten old.
EnsTren: Maybe...Maybe Avalon knew where his real mommy and daddy were, and take him there!
Edmondia: Unless he was already there. Hadn't he supposedly gotten big too?
EnsTren: He wanted mommy and daddy and to be home
Edmondia: His real home, not what mommy had said about people who loved you. His real mommy and daddy loved him!
EnsTren: Not these...these strangers that looked like family, and not these mortals. He wanted his real family and his home and not strangers who didn't love him! He jumped down off of not Mommy's lap and ran away.
EnsTren: He needed big water, he'd go to avalon and his real mommy and daddy would be there, they had to be
Edmondia: Big hands scooped him up. "And where are you going, little one?"
EnsTren: He made a loud distressed sound, and twisted and rolled and tried to kick.
Edmondia: "Robin." He was flipped upside down and swiftly tucked against a broad chest. "What's the matter, child?"
EnsTren: He took a big shaking breath and knew as soon as the scent hit his nose. He nuzzled, eyes closing; Daddy. But not his real daddy he remembered, the fake one, just like the fake mommy. But it was nice
Edmondia: Fake daddy held him just like his real daddy did, and promptly dropped down to sit with him on the floor the way real daddy did whenever he was upset.
EnsTren: Fake daddy was more like real daddy than fake mommy was like real mommy. ANd they had given him a guard who wasn't anyone he'd ever seen before.
EnsTren: He shivered suddenly. His guard's name was Grandmother. He clung to fake daddy. Of course Grandmother knew daddy better than mommy.
Edmondia: Fake daddy rocked him gently. "What's wrong, my little one?" he said softly. "Why were you running?"
EnsTren: This was his fake daddy in a fake place with fake people. But even if he was fake, this daddy could still catch him, so he'd have to wait and then get away.
EnsTren: He hugged his fake daddy. I'll come home soon to help you daddy, I promise!
Edmondia: His fake daddy frowned a little. "Did you say something, little one?"
EnsTren: He sniffled and sat down in his daddy's lap. "I don't like it here"
Edmondia: His daddy petted his hair. "Why not?"
EnsTren: "It's not home, I miss home."
Edmondia: Daddy hugged him a little too tightly, too. "The home you knew has changed, little one."
EnsTren: "Home is home. Mommy said we live in the palace now, like we were supposed to"
Edmondia: "Yes, we do." Daddy cuddled him a little. "You grew up there."
EnsTren: "I miss home, and mommy says I have friends and there are other tricksters. ANd she tried to trick me into thinking this is home too, but it's not! it's not!"
Edmondia: Daddy leaned his chin on the top of his head, tucking him closer. "Home is always home. But when you were older, you made a home here as well."
EnsTren: "How could a mortal be my best friend, though? They don't live long enough to be friends with."
Edmondia: Daddy chuckled, and he could feel it rumble in his chest. "You only think that because you've not been friends with one yet, not as you are."
EnsTren: He leaned against his daddy's chest and blinked slowly. "I miss home so badly."
Edmondia: "I know you do, little one." Daddy squeezed him. "I'm sorry."
EnsTren: "Will I ever get to go home again?"
Edmondia: Daddy squeezed him a little more tightly. "The home as you remember it, little one... it exists, but changed."
EnsTren: "Daddy, why can't I go home? I want to go home. Avalon is home."
Edmondia: "It's safer for you to be here." Daddy squeezed him. "It's been a very long time since there were fey children on Avalon."
EnsTren: "Will I get to go home to Avalon someday?"
Edmondia: "Maybe, once you've grown again." Daddy rocked him.
EnsTren: "Promise?" Hug him back and nuzzle.
Edmondia: Daddy was holding him too tight. "Promise."
EnsTren: He smiled up at him beautifully and hugged.
Edmondia: Daddy nuzzled him like he hadn't in a long long time.
EnsTren: He offered daddy one of his oreos, so they could eat together
Edmondia: Daddy gracefully accepted his Oreo. "And where did you get these?"
EnsTren: "Mommy gave them to me"
Edmondia: "And where's mommy?"
EnsTren: "In another room I think"
EnsTren: "She was going to make me brush my teeth"
Edmondia: "Oh dear." Daddy fluffed his hair. "How terrible it must be to have a mommy who wants your teeth not to rot out."
EnsTren: "The human way," he explained, giving daddy a look
Edmondia: "Horror of horrors!" Daddy tweaked his nose. "You can make the toothpaste taste like chocolate."
Edmondia: "Otherwise, there's no living with your mommy."
EnsTren: And THAT made him perk up
Edmondia: "Just make sure it's not real chocolate, or mommy will be mad."
Edmondia: Daddy leaned forward to whisper conspiratorially in his ear. "Mommy's scary when she's mad."
Edmondia: (wem?)
Edmondia: (mew?)
Edmondia: (wem?)
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Edmondia: (wb!)
EnsTren: (hi)
EnsTren: "I think maybe all mommies are scary when angry"
Edmondia: "I think you're probably right." He fluffed his hair again. "But your mommy wants you to be healthy."
EnsTren: "Daddy and mommy can make me healthy. If I get sick then you'd HAVE to come"
Edmondia: "But if we always came, how would you learn to take care of yourself?"
EnsTren: "I can blow people up who try to hurt me"
Edmondia: "There are better ways to deal with people like that than violence, little one."
EnsTren: "Like What? Politics? I can't go home because of politics but if you blew them up I could"
Edmondia: "I'm not going to blow up my own Children, Robin." He tilted his chin up, making him meet his gaze. "Do you know why?"
EnsTren: "Cause the war's over and that's what grandmother does"
Edmondia: "Why do you think the war started in the first place?"
EnsTren: "Cause grandmother is insane"
Edmondia: He smoothed down a stray lock of hair, sighing faintly through his teeth. "Something like that, yes. And she was an irresponsible ruler."
EnsTren: "Which is why she blew people up?"
Edmondia: "Quite." He smoothed down his hair again. "It is the duty of a ruler to maintain order, not to add chaos."
EnsTren: "Mommy says that the tricksters can't visit me"
Edmondia: Oberon blanched. "Mommy is right." No way in hell was he letting them anywhere near his baby.
EnsTren: "I'm still lonely"
Edmondia: "I know you are, little one." He tapped his cheek with a finger. "But we have to keep you safe."
EnsTren: "Why?"
Edmondia: "You're our baby."
EnsTren: "I still...Why do people want to hurt me?"
Edmondia: "...let's just say you and your sisters don't get along very well."
EnsTren: "I have little sisters?"
Edmondia: "Yes, triplets." He petted his hair.
Edmondia: "You get along much better with your stepsister than you do with them."
EnsTren: "Did I pull their hair?"
Edmondia: "A little more than just that," he said dryly.
EnsTren: "Bet they deserved it then"
Edmondia: "Perhaps," he said noncommitedly. "Nevertheless, you'll be safer without them around."
EnsTren: "So because I'm smaller and weaker you're putting outside with the mortals and their iron, daddy?"
Edmondia: He flashed him a wry grin. "Something like that, baby."
EnsTren: "It's cold here."
Edmondia: "I know." He pressed a kiss to his forehead.
Edmondia: "Would you like your mommy and I to bring you blankets from home?"
EnsTren: "And food? please?"
Edmondia: "And food," he agreed quietly. "Not too many sweets, though."
EnsTren: "Fruit? No veggies/"
Edmondia: "Some veggies," he disagreed. "You need to be healthy."
EnsTren: "Not icky ones"
Edmondia: "The icky ones are the healthiest."
EnsTren: "Carrots aren't icky"
Edmondia: "I'll make sure to bring plenty of them the next time we're here, then."
EnsTren: "And apples, and oranges, and steak"
Edmondia: He chuckled. "Very well, little one, that all sounds healthy enough."
Edmondia: "Is there anything else you want?"
Edmondia: (brb, showaa)
EnsTren: (k)
Edmondia: (back)
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Edmondia: (heya)
EnsTren: (hi)
Edmondia: (I wrote a Seto/Seth fic that's sort of on crack.)
EnsTren: (oro?)
Edmondia: (is v. special and odd)
Edmondia: (on ze eljay, if you want to see what kind of crack I'm smoking this lovely evening)
EnsTren: eeee
Edmondia: and then, once you figure out what kind of crack I'm smoking, please tell me
EnsTren: okay
EnsTren: a momment
Edmondia: kk
EnsTren: how did your html report thingy go over
Edmondia: ??
EnsTren: the site you made about yourself
Edmondia: got an A :D
EnsTren: yay
Edmondia: ^_^
EnsTren: any comentary?
EnsTren: well? what did teach say?
Edmondia: teach liked it a lot
Edmondia: thought it was very informative
EnsTren: yay
EnsTren: fic makes me sad
EnsTren: and the crack isn't me crack, though there is a hint of my LSD laced-ness
EnsTren: and now I'm thinking of hesetotes
Edmondia: fic makes you sad?
EnsTren: just a bit at the end
Edmondia: well, it is Kaiba :/
EnsTren: true
EnsTren: hesetotes
Edmondia: they want attention now?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: setote is snoozing
Edmondia: I'm about to join him, actually... ^_^;;
EnsTren: just thought of he's still having death dreams even though he's boinking with yugis
Edmondia: aww
EnsTren: and yugis don't knooo-ooow
Edmondia: awwwwwwww
EnsTren: and he didn't see why he should tell them
Edmondia: awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: poor baby
EnsTren: he blinks at them
Edmondia: they coo and cuddle him
EnsTren: he is "Ehhhhhh?!"
Edmondia: they go 'fuss'
EnsTren: he thinks they might be feeling sick
Edmondia: ...rather slow on the uptake boi, sometimes.
EnsTren: yes