Edmondia: Puck
EnsTren: oot?
Edmondia: have been watching my gargoyles dvd a bit here and there these past few days. he poketh his nose out.
EnsTren: oot!
Edmondia: dunno if he's actually gonna do anything, or just kind of be there
Nemi the Nen: *pokeths him*
Edmondia: he pokeths back
EnsTren: *pets?*
Edmondia: he likes being petted
Edmondia: is he chibi? I can't tell
EnsTren: probably chibi then
EnsTren: since a chibi only might bite me, but adult definetly would
Edmondia: true
Edmondia: fangs are littler on this 'un, too.
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: is amnesiac!chibi?
EnsTren: the one that thinks that he is traped in granny's illusion?
Edmondia: he thinks that? *blinksu*
Edmondia: hmn, that does make sense
EnsTren: yes
Nemi the Nen: it's wildly imaginitive and mommy is really really weird and mean
EnsTren: and daddy is weird but almost right
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: daddy's worried about his baby
EnsTren: smart man
EnsTren: cause he's plotting on running away
EnsTren: back to avalon
Edmondia: ...that's not going to end well.
EnsTren: no, it's not
EnsTren: of course, when he grabs the boat and goes there, he's going to think he's coming on in granny's territory and so is going to push it back into the mists
Edmondia: erk
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and what will he do then?
EnsTren: let avalon take him where he needs to be
Edmondia: ...which is?
EnsTren: not a fucking clue
Edmondia: he might wind up back in the Eyrie building, in the pretty atrium
Nemi the Nen: he'd squeak and turn around again and gawk at granny's power
Edmondia: he'd just keep winding up back there, I suspect
EnsTren: this would make him upset
EnsTren: and decide to head for avalon and blow people up until he found his real daddy
Edmondia: and when he gets scooped up by his not-real daddy?
EnsTren: start crying
Edmondia: Daddy has taken him back to their private rooms in the palace and is cuddling him fiercely.
EnsTren: even though baby is trying to blast him?
Edmondia: Baby is just a baby.
EnsTren: yeah, so ouchy sparks flying out but not hurting daddy
Edmondia: Yes, and daddy hugging him and letting him.
EnsTren: he's lost and confused and this really really isn't his daddy
Edmondia: He is being rocked and petted
EnsTren: he's cried himself out
Edmondia: Daddy has settled down on the bed and is cuddling him.
Edmondia: ...and has done something a little silly and has pressed the end of his new braid into his hands to chew on.
Nemi the Nen: And somehow he starts crying again
Edmondia: ...daddy go 'erk' and 'cuddle!'
EnsTren: Snifflign and braid clinging
Edmondia: Daddy is rocking him again.
EnsTren: He's sad and depressed
Edmondia: Daddy has given him a little kiss on the forehead.
EnsTren: Poor baby is sad and wants to go home home, not this weird place
Edmondia: "This is home."
EnsTren: "It's not riiiight!"
Edmondia: "It's been ten millennia. Wouldn't it be stranger if things hadn't changed?"
EnsTren: "I don't know!"
Edmondia: "Shh..." He rocked him a little more. "I know you're upset, little one, I know."
Edmondia: "Is this place so terrible?"
EnsTren: "How can you be my daddy? You're not daddy and mommy's not right at all!"
Edmondia: "Robin, look at me." He tilted his chin up gently, meeting his gaze evenly. "When we had you, my little one, we were scarcely more than children ourselves." He stroked his hair soothingly. "Your mother and I just grew up."
Nemi the Nen: "It's a lie! It's a lie, It's granny's lies!"
Edmondia: "...my little trickster, tell me, what purpose would she have in lying to you?"
EnsTren: "Keeping me away from daddy."
Edmondia: "And what purpose would that serve?"
EnsTren: "So Daddy would be looking for me and worried and diverted from the war, and I wouldn't be there to help daddy"
Edmondia: "Wouldn't your daddy be fighting even harder to try and get you back?"
EnsTren: "Not if I was off avalon"
Edmondia: "Even if that were the case, why would she choose to do something like this?"
Edmondia: "Wouldn't it be easier to hide you away somewhere?"
Nemi the Nen: "Hide me in an illusion so I wouldn't escape"
Edmondia: "Why would she pick an illusion where she isn't queen?"
EnsTren: "So I'd want to belive it"
Edmondia: "Then why would she give you parents you didn't believe in?"
Nemi the Nen: "Because she's a crazy bitch and doesn't like mommy so messed her up"
Edmondia: "...where did you hear that word?"
EnsTren: "I dunno"
Edmondia: "Hmph." He ruffled his hair. "So you are completely convinced that is all only and illusion."
Nemi the Nen: "I can't get out of it," he whined softly, vision blurringh again. "You're not my daddy and there's no body else but you"
Edmondia: "I'm sorry, baby." He kissed his forehead softly. "I had to grow up. Avalon needed me."
Nemi the Nen: "I can't get out"
Edmondia: "Because this is all there is."
Edmondia: He nuzzled him softly. "Not even we can turn back time, little one."
EnsTren: (errand)
Edmondia: (k)
EnsTren: (back)
Edmondia: (yey)
EnsTren: (heee)
Edmondia: (^_^)
EnsTren: chibi is sad, how many people did he maim?
Edmondia: not many, daddy snagged him
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: didn't want him to make things go boom
EnsTren: how many people noticed?
Edmondia: not many
Edmondia: maybe coyote
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: *pats*
Edmondia: his daddy is letting him chew on his hair
EnsTren: that's nice of him
Edmondia: wants him to calm down and stop crying
EnsTren: poor baby
Edmondia: quite
Edmondia: daddy wants him to be less 'waagh!'
EnsTren: does obie have any ideas to make him feel better?
Edmondia: well, the growing a braid so's he could chew on it seems to have helped
EnsTren: he's lonely, and seems to have developed a bit of a liking for david
EnsTren: but is still sad and displaced
Edmondia: while at the mo', I think daddy might be showing him around their private quarters on Avalon
EnsTren: hopefully jog some memories?
Edmondia: Yep, and excuse to carry him around in the hopes that it will make him sleepy.
EnsTren: he conks out
Edmondia: Daddy go 'phew' and plonks him down on the bed. Then goes 'flopsu' and 'argh'.
EnsTren: old crib?
Edmondia: Nope, when Robin was sprog, he slept with mum and dad.
Edmondia: For slightly creepy reasons, which mainly involved Oberon's psychotic mum. Easier to protect helpless sprog if helpless sprog is right there next to you.
EnsTren: awwwwwwwwww
EnsTren: And what did wifey think?
Edmondia: Of sharing the bed with sprog?
Edmondia: Protect sprog. She's a pragmatist.
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: She'll be happy Oberon's got his braid back.
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: even if they were drooled on
EnsTren: yeee
Edmondia: She can wash his hair for him. :P
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: He may hunt down food for ze sprog.
EnsTren: ooot, who?
Edmondia: ?? Daddy
Nemi the Nen: my first reaction, who will he eat?
Edmondia: *sweatdrop* Real food, not people.
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: I'm getting sleepy
EnsTren: okkie
EnsTren: trio hear of it?
Edmondia: Dunno. Paranoid!daddy is paranoid indeed.
EnsTren: well cyote got hurt
Edmondia: Hmn. Dunno.
Nemi the Nen: he's a gossip
Edmondia: True. Smack upside ze head!
EnsTren: "An itty bitty blew me up!"
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: he iz ze scortched
Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: puppy flambe
EnsTren: And what food doth the baby get?
Edmondia: Fruit, mostly. Meat pie for the meal itself, and then various yummies.
EnsTren: avalon food tastes better
EnsTren: and he wants some small beer
Edmondia: Daddy has offered him fruit juice instead
EnsTren: he barters for cider
Edmondia: Cider he gets.
Nemi the Nen: He likes it and is a happi boi
Edmondia: Daddy pats him
EnsTren: he likes his fruit
Edmondia: Daddy is pleased that he's eating willingly.
EnsTren: He spits out the pits at a target he's magiced onto the wall
Edmondia: Daddy has sighed and told him that if he makes a mess, he'll clean it up.
EnsTren: So he aims at the trash
Edmondia: Good boy!
EnsTren: He has good aim
Edmondia: Hee.
EnsTren: "Daddy."
Edmondia: "Hm?"
Edmondia: "What is it, little one?"
EnsTren: "I'm really not in one of grandmother's illusions"
Edmondia: "You're really not in one of mother's illusions."
Nemi the Nen: "...I wish I was"
Edmondia: He was quiet for a long moment, then reached over and pulled him into his lap. "I know, little one. I know."
EnsTren: Safe there, in daddy's arms
Edmondia: His... real daddy, just different.
EnsTren: And weird. But still daddy
Edmondia: Older daddy, stranger daddy, but still his daddy.
EnsTren: The one who made sure he was safe
Edmondia: It... wasn't right and it definitely wasn't perfect, but maybe it would be okay.
EnsTren: Did he still have to stay with the humans though?
Edmondia: He was home now...
EnsTren: And that human had been okay, but how could he be safe there with all that iron?
Edmondia: He didn't know, the World was a very big place, and he was very small.
EnsTren: He liked Avalon, it matched him better
Edmondia: He was born here, after all.
EnsTren: And it was small and Daddy was here
Edmondia: His home.
EnsTren: No matter what bull mommy said
Edmondia: That other place couldn't be his home if he didn't remember it.
Nemi the Nen: Even if Bronx was nice and he liked that human
Edmondia: He didn't know them, so they couldn't be his family.
EnsTren: Daddy was, even if he wasn't quite like he remembered
Edmondia: But... even daddy had to grow up sometime.
EnsTren: But he still remembered daddy, not like the humans
Edmondia: This was still his place.
EnsTren: In daddy's arms
Edmondia: (fin?)
EnsTren: (hai!)
Edmondia: (sleepy!)