* * *
by Edmondia Dantes

AN: Egad! The sequel to 'Musings' has finally been written!

Disclaimer: The characters and situations aren't mine, despite my fervent wishing upon stars. I'm making no $ off of this story. Would that I could.

* * *

~For everything I've done, I get this?~

~You deserved it, nothing is fair.~

~I did everything! I tried! How could you?~

~How could I what?~

~You know.~

~You know what you did.~

~But do you know what you did?~

~You betrayed me!~

~You made me!~

~How could you? You dared..!~

~Always. Always. Don't you know?~

~After I did all for you?~

~I did all for you! I asked but one small thing...!~

~You disobeyed!~

~I disobey, you know that! You've always known!~

~Never me! You may tease, but not defy! Have you forgotten who is your master?~


~Or is it the human you serve...?~

~NEVER! I do so as to amuse myself!~

~Tell me then, my gentle Puck, why you are so attached?~

~Tell me why you are so possesive!~

~They are only mortals....~

~Whom you sent us amoung to learn humility! Did you not expect this?~

~Not from you.~


~How can the World hold so much fascination after one thousand years?~

~Avalon is stifling! There is nothing to do!~

~So why do you long for it so?~

~Because you deny me it!~

~I thought you did not care?~

~You do not understand me.~

~No one does.~

~A dismissal? Then farewell, my lord.~


~I will take my leave then.~

~So go back to your humans.~

~Are you jealous?!~




~Am I no longer worthy of an answer, lord? Is the outcast too far beneath your notice?~



~It is not your place to question.~

~You made me your advisor, so I should not question?~

~You were my servant.~


~Still so defiant, trickster?~

~What would you have me say, my lord?~

~What do you want to say?~

~Now you question me? I explained my reasons to you.~

~Not good enough to explain why you would betray me.~

~And let you tear apart my family?!~


~That's it. My family.~


~Were you jealous that I sided with a human?~


~WERE you?~

~You are the trickster, YOU decide.~

~You loved me once.~

~Once. Perhaps.~

~Do you still?~


~I still love you. I hate you, but I love you.~


~Do you feel the same...?~



~I am not your parent!~

~You may as well be! Mab created me with YOUR magic, do you remember?~


~Is that why you hate me? Because I chose?~

~You were commanded!~

~Am I despairing of my punishment? Do I cry for Avalon's shores?~

~Scream, yes. You would never cry.~


~Did you think I wouldn't hear?~

~Did you feel any remorse? No!~

~I took my right to punish you. You are still one of my Children.~

~I did not see Banshee so harshly punished.~

~SHE did not attack her king.~

~SHE is not her king's favorite, nor would she have stood a chance against him.~


~I worried for my mortals! That is my only answer for you.~

~And what will you do once they are gone?~


~You don't laugh anymore.~

~You have stolen my laughter, my song is muffled.~

~Avalon misses you.~

~It is mutual.~

~But you are not forgiven.~

~Neither are you.~

~Would you return?~

~Only to visit. I cannot let them go...they fade so quickly.~

~I am aware.~

~My lord...~


~For what it's worth...~


~I really would have liked to toss you off the Eyrie.~


~Good night, my lord.~

~Good night, my Puck. I hate you.~

~You don't, and we both know it.~

~The same is true for you.~

~But it would have been funny.~


A soft, clear chuckle, then he was gone.

Oberon closed his eyes and sighed. Dealing with the Puck was like handling a fire-blossom, beautiful, but dangerous if you made the wrong move. Too much hurt and love had warped their relationship to a parody of parent/child, master/servant. He shook his head. They were too alike in so many ways...Puck even looked like him! Though that was probably due to his mother...Mab had a rather twisted sense of humor.

He didn't want to think about it anymore. He stood up abrubtly, desperate to get his mind off of the only being he had ever regarded as a son. He headed outside to enjoy the soft breeze. Someone, somewhere, was playing music. Great.

He walked away, not bothering to teleport, until he could no longer hear.

Looking up, he realized he was in the grove where he had first been 'introduced' to Puck.

Mab had summoned him and handed him a baby. He had nearly dropped it in surprise. She called it a present and had become very angry when he had been too shell-shocked to reply. She was ready to take it back and kill it. He had been numb, unable to move, until the child looked up and oh my those were his eyes looking back up at him and wasn't the....HIS child pretty?

Oberon banged his head on a tree branch, trying to clear the thoughts from his mind. Much to his annoyance, it didn't work. Damn.

* * *

Owen Burnett had been staring out the window into the sparkling night sky for the past half hour. David Xanatos had been staring at the faintly glowing him for the past half hour.

He had walked in to see him staring. He had stayed after it became apparant Owen was a million miles away. He had a sneaking suspicion he knew where. So he had waited, concerned and uneasy because his best friend was giving out creepy vibes and looking vaguely inhuman. Of course, he wasn't human, but he usually acted like one...sort of. He tried to tangle his mind around it, failed, and went back to staring.

Thick lashes suddenly fluttered from behind a new pair of glasses.

"Aha. You're back." The words were too loud in the silence.

Owen turned towards him with damnably easy grace.

"Mr. Xanatos?" his voice was lighter, more musical than usual. Again? The last time he had heard that tone had been months earlier, on a warm afternoon in late summer.

"What were you doing?"


O.....kay. Nevermind that it had been dead silent until he had spoken.

Owen smirked. Did he know what he had just been thinking? Hell, did he always know?

"Not always."

Xanatos fell off his chair.


He folded his arms over his chest and stared at the ceiling.

"It's nothing. I think Alex is awake, why don't you go play with him?"

"Very well."

He walked through the wall, changing as he went. He WALKED through the WALL?!

Xanatos shook his head. Sometimes, dealing with fey gave him headaches.

* * *

Titania sighed. At least they were talking again. After all of her pushing and prodding, undetected by both parties, she had gotten them on speaking terms.

They were both stubborn, arrogant, and infuriatingly difficult. She loved them both desperately. And, she had to admit, this was partially her fault. But her grandchild was being trained by the best, and he was with his family. In some ways, it was exactly what he wanted. In some ways, he hated it.

But now she had to rescue her husband, who was in danger of giving himself a very big headache.

She snorted. Twice in one year, who would have thought?

Men. They never knew what they were doing.

* * *

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