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by Edmondia Dantes

All the stuff that isn't long enough or polished enough to justify having its own page. All links lead to my livejournal.

Death Note    Fullmetal Alchemist   Gargoyles   Yuugiou   Saiyuki   Miscellany  

Death Note

        Wayfarers I and II - A Kingdom Hearts fusion.

        For origamigirl - Requiem - A pitstop on the road to Utopia.

        For whiteangel - Smooth - Light has skills with the ladies... with one exception. Genderswitch.

        For anettechase - And Rebirth - A Sailor Moon crossover.

        For starsplinter - Precipitation - Of anniversaries.

        Prelude to Infinity - The night before the end of the world, Light dreams.

Fullmetal Alchemist

        For Hales - Short - A Yuugiou crossover, on the dangers of taunting the vertically challenged.

        For Misty - Footsteps - Alphonse walks by himself, but never alone.

        For torsui - These Moments - A bit of Edward Elric.


        For laryna - Threesome - In search of a definition.

        For Ankhutenshi - A Glimpse of a Stranger - A Sailor Moon crossover.

        For Laryna6 - Practicality - Or, how the Pack got their ridiculous costumes.

        For Laryna6 - Helicopter - The romance of Fox and David.

        For Laryna6 - Roleplay - Sometimes the old-fashioned way is fun too.

        For Laryna6 - Jumping Jacks - Quibbling over semantics.


        For The Skywolves - Somewhere in the Middle - Star Wars fusion. In which Yuugi is a Jedi and Atem is a Sith.

        For torsui - The Sorting - Crossover with Harry Potter. In which Yugi and company go to Hogwarts and briefly don flamboyant hatwear. Very, very briefly.

        For animom - Marked - Signs of love and loyalty.

        For torsui - Never - Some things are not to be admitted.

        For not_hathor - Maturity - When your brother is Seto Kaiba, you grow up quickly, because life is too ridiculous to deal with otherwise.

        For origamigryphon - Inevitable - There are some things even the King of Games can't win.

        For vilify - Fresh Prince - A quiet late night with the boob tube.

        For origamigirl - The Perils of Napping - With a large pointy hunk of gold hanging from your neck.

        For origamigirl - ...and Kings - Yami, Yugi, and a stray kitten.

        For Hales - Just Dreaming - It's not denial. Yugi/Yami.

        For Laryna - Shampoo - Seto/Seth. It stings your eyes.

        For Sam - Oceans Away - In which the Bakurae are directionally challenged.

        For Hales - Nevereverdid - Two fics for the price of one!

        For Postingwhore - And So It Goes - A silly happy ending. Yami/Yugi.

        For MyAibou - Puzzle - Of one Yugi and the other.

        For Hales - Unexpected Consequences - Bakurae and their cards. Maybe leaving Pegasus with only one eye wasn't the best idea.

        For Scribbler - Physical Improbability - Mazaki Anzu is not a good cook.

        For Shiromadoushi - Unexpected - He won his crown, after all. Warning: dark.

        For AJ - Tactlessness - Goofy Jou/Mai, featuring the whole gang. It is a truth universally acknowledged that boys are stupid.

        For ZooZoo - Perversion - Getting stuck in a Millennium Item can be really, really boring. Starring Yami Bakura and Yami Yugi.

        For Ankhutenshi - Damned - Even thieves can be caught. Dark Yami Yugi/Yami Bakura.

        For Swirling Chaos - Fair Trade - Why did Ryou construct the Memory World game board anyway?

        For Chionis - Smothered - The moment before Yami no Malik's birth.

        For WhiteAngel - Deity - The thief king is anything but an atheist.

        For Laryna6 - Grief - He knows he has to go. That doesn't mean he wants to.

        For Sailor Comet - An Ordinary Girl - Anzu Mazaki and normality.

        For Pikachumaniac - Nephew - Akunadin knows what will happen before it's even begun.

        For Chionis - Dear Diary - A moment of silliness and a slightly unusual narrative style.

        For Kitteh-chan - Ghosts - It's hard to notice one when it's eclipsed by another.

        For Kiki - Trenchcoat - A moment of Kaiba sillness.


        For Sailor Comet - Gatling Gun - Genjyo Sanzo can do anything.

        For Not Hathor - Hairbrush - Gojyo's a bit picky about who does what to his hair.

        For Sailor Comet - Punctuality - A day in the life.

        For Not Hathor - Fork - Hakkai versus Jeep.


       Harry Potter

                For Sam - Waxing Moon - Remus, Sirius, and a late night. Genderswitch.

       Avatar: the Last Airbender

                For Sam - Four Cups of Wine - Ty Lee and underage drinking.

       Kingdom Hearts

                For sajirah - Inevitable - Doctor Who crossover. In which the Destiny Trio meets the Doctor, and predictable things happen.

                For torsui - Fairest - Not quite what he was looking for. Genderswitch.


                For starsplinter - Much More Than That - Some things improve with age.

       Good Omens

                For Hales731 - Harp - Technically speaking, Aziraphale is a musician. Technically.

       Sailor Moon

                For Sailor Comet - Some Days - It's a tough job, being the punching bag for the bad guys.

       Power Rangers

                For Chionis - Predators - A moment of quiet with Billy and Adam.


                For rayemars - Regrets On a Stupid Morning - In which Knives is both rueful and hideously out of character. Mind the silly.

       From Eroica With Love

                The Naming of Names - Of Dorian Red Gloria, Earl of Gloria.

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