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Friends and Affiliates

Affiliate Site:

        between the lines
               Kiki Jones' fanworks site and livejournal

Friends with personal and fandom archives:

Kyokou Geemu
A YGO fanworks site. Check out the forums.

Akashic Recods
A high-quality YGO fanfiction archive, run by ceresi.

Soul Bonds
A YGO fanfiction archive, run by my friend Misty.

Kokoro no Naka
A gargantuan YGO image archive featuring many other goodies.
Run by Fran.

Word Plays
A YGO fanworks archive. Run by the Sailor Comet, aka Sam.

Nocturnal Soldier [dot] org
Host of this very site, property of the illustrious Ukemura-sama.

The Puck Archives
A Gargoyles/Puck archive run by Nabs-chan.

Pachelbel's Website
Her stuff.

Yuumei no Atorie no Ankhutenshi
Ankhutenshi's website. With stuff.

Bonasi's Treatises
S.A. Bonasi's site.

Friends with Fic Accounts:

Nek0-chan's FF.net Account
FF.net is evil, and so is my Kitty-chan.

rayemars' FF.net Account
RM-chan is irksome in that she does not capitalize her name.

Pikachumaniac's FF.net Account
PM-chan... has never written a Pokemon fic. XD

Chibizoo's FF.net Account
Don't call her chibi. She bites.

White Angel Chan's FF.net Account
Her name is very long.

Anime Girl Sasami's FF.net Account
Are you noticing a trend here?

The SkyWolves' FF.net Account
Falcona, Luke, and Kaial. Star Wars!

EyesLikeSilk's FF.net Account
There's Gargoyles fics here.

Nemichan's FF.net Account

Ceresi's FF.net Account
Rarely in use these days.

Sam's FF.net Account
Lots of Naruto. And YGO. And stuff.

Simone Landon's FF.net Account
YGO fiction.

Ninetails' FF.net Account
Has not been updated in many moons.

Artsy Friends:

Torsui's DA Account

Shadow Ivy's DA Account

Moogleness' DA Account

Bellatricks' DA Account

Yukie's DA Account

Sam's DA Account

Ashobe's DA Account

Kiki's DA Account

Psi-yamaneko's DA Account

Sorceress Akemi's DA Account

Fran's DA Account

PM's DA Account

Kitteh-chan's DA Account

Anime Girl Sasami's DA Account

Misty's DA Account




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