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by Edmondia Dantes

Disclaimer: YGO and Kingdom Hearts are not mine.

AN: Requested by obabscribbler.

* * *

The new kid is short like she is, has stranger hair than Cloud, smiles like Sora, dresses like Leon, and has luminous eyes like Aerith. Yuffie likes him immediately. A traveler, looking for lost friends, like so many others, and even if his weapons are a bit on the strange side, the monsters he summons are viciously efficient when it comes to taking care of the Heartless.

He's sweet and shy and perfect for teasing, which is why it's such a surprise when they're under attack and his necklace flares a brilliant gold that floods the Bailey with light and then darkness.

Yuffie's never seen a Heartless like that before. She never wants to again, either.

When the shadows fade, he's standing protectively between it and a bristling wall of steel, one hand on its back, jaw set, dark eyes challenging and utterly unafraid. "This is my other self," he says softly, and Yuffie backs away, a curse on her lips that doesn't quite make it to reality.

In his previous life, he must have been an actor, because she's never seen a Nobody able to fake emotion like Yugi Muto.

* * *

Arted by the frabjuous Sailor Comet!


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