* * *
Mortal Affairs
by Edmondia Dantes

Disclaimer: Neither Yuugiou nor Gargoyles is mine.

AN: Requested by origamigirl.

* * *

The children of Avalon love to gamble. In the days when the first civilizations begin to rise, their queen encourages them to flock among the mortals, to play and trick and tease, to inspire, to give them gods, and all of her children are more than willing to please her, save for the only child of her body. The prince is too soft, many say, too thoughtful and concerned with his ridiculous notions of freedom and neutrality, and the queen's patience with him rapidly grows short. But the boy is too young and untested yet to try her, so when she challenges him to a game, he has little choice but to accept it.

Queen Mab sets a dark spirit of destruction on the blossoming lands of Kemet, setting its neighbors to war, and turns the eyes of its leaders to darkness.

The young prince slips into the palace and drops a spellbook where the king's brother is certain to find it.

A handful of mortal years later, after war and strife and madness, the young pharaoh Atem sacrifices himself to seal the dark spirit away.

Oberon meets his mother's eyes and smiles.

* * *


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