The Poet Can Wait - An Ode to the BBC's Adaptation of Gormenghast * * *
The Poet Can Wait:
An Ode to the BBC's Adaptation of Gormenghast

By Edmondia Dantes

AN: Yes, I am a JRM fangirl. I also have read the books many times over. Deal.

* * *

Part I

A kitchen boy, of lowly birth
Tries to overthrow the earth
His eyes aren't red, but a pale blue-green
His hair, not blond, of darker sheen
Johnny runs around in jammie pants
And hails the ladies, vacuous aunts
Of black haired Fuchsia, whose secret keep
Steerpike climbs into and falls asleep.
(Suggestive much? Well, we can be,
It's Peake's fault, him and his damn key)
Then comes Titus, the baby brother
Who's loved by two, ignored by mother.
Fuchsia sees Steerpike on the bed
And dumps some green slime on his head
He tells her quite the great great story
That's punched chock-full of grand grand glory
(As we know, he's lying through his teeth
But hell, he's pretty, so where's the beef?)
They wander around and flirt for a while
And Fuchsia does Steerpike somehow beguile
Tragic romance or seduction gone wrong?
Either way, the book's too damn long
for them to adapt into my tv
So let's skip around to Dr. P!
Steerpike's a monster, but does good work
So what the hell, he's a neat kind of jerk.
And S moves in with Dr. Prune
Makes his sister, Irma, swoon
When goodness me, is that poison we see?
And our dear Steerpike's filled with glee.
Wanders around, concocts a plan
We find out he's evil - wicked man.
Contacts the aunts - Great idea, boy
They're rather a stupid kind of toy
Still, why not? Useful enough, I guess
If you want to create a terrible mess
Burning books, it's Nazi time
(Damn, can't find a biscuit rhyme
Wait! I can! All hail the biscuit!
But only if you really want to risk it.)
Lookie here, Steerpike's a hero
And lookie there, books numbered zero.
Sepulchrave's going to the "Hoo!"
And so we go on to episode two!

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