The following RP logs contain all manner of on-crack-ed-ness.

This includes mentions of child abuse, mentions of rape, angst like you wouldn't believe, psychological illnesses, yaoi, screaming, self-mutilation, fighting, goofiness, physical abuse, heterosexual sex, incest, chibis, loads and loads of sex, more angst, genderbending, angst, oh, and more angst. And sex, not necessarily only between two partners.

It is also extremely AU. In fact, there are lots of them. Alternate universes, that is. Four main ones with many little alternative alterations.

We gleefully twist canon into little knots, dunk it in booze, take it out again, and set it on fire.

For the love of pizza, don't take this thing seriously. You will hurt your brain and regret it. This has been done entirely for the amusement of Nemichan and myself. If you flame me, I will laugh long and hard at you.

Rated R/NC-17


Run like Hell