EnsTren: *chews on nabiki's puck*
Edmondia: oh, how's he doing?
EnsTren: irate
EnsTren: oh
EnsTren: and something scary happened
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: well we have many gendered setotes
EnsTren: there was a fem Puck
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: apprently there's only one void
EnsTren: and in an infinate universe, there are infinate mabs being stored there
EnsTren: and they were starting to get sticky with each other and merge
Edmondia: ...ew
EnsTren: so obie opened the portal to fix the barrairs in the void
Edmondia: oh dear
EnsTren: and she puck got sucked in and spat out the other side
EnsTren: he puck is enchanted with having a sister he liked
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: he goes to avalon cause she's not banned
EnsTren: and obie goes into a rant
EnsTren: "Uh daddy-O? Wrong Puck."
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: He still is upset
EnsTren: she's all he's stupid and such
EnsTren: reaches up, grabs his head, and his hand
EnsTren: "Avalon I know they're small but that's no excuse!"
EnsTren: Hand to boobies and head tilted down.
EnsTren: He jumps away like she has cooties
Edmondia: well, groping one's daughter, even from another universe, is kinda icky
EnsTren: also, "Girl child! EEK"
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: "Titania! Girl! Your job, not mine!"
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: "Oh give me a break! It's not like you have to give me the 'talks' or anything like that."
Edmondia: XD XD XD
EnsTren: She floats up to him menacingly, "I have female reproductive organs~"
Edmondia: *giggle*
EnsTren: he is daunted
EnsTren: Titania hugs
Edmondia: "Another daughter!"
EnsTren: HePuck: *from otherside of mirror* Can you twit him again? Pretty please?
Edmondia: Blinksu at him. "Why hello there, gorgeous."
EnsTren: (nono, they met before she went to avalon])
EnsTren: "I know, aren't I?" Pose
Edmondia: (just a greeting to a friend)
EnsTren: (heee)
Edmondia: "Damn straight." She preened a little, then turned back to Oberon. "I have boobs that would be a 34 B if a wore a bra. Which I don't."
EnsTren: Oberon--twitched, Erked really without making the sound. His hands twitched, but covering his ears and singing to himself would be unkingly.
Edmondia: She smothered a giggle behind her hand. "And I sometimes wear dresses."
EnsTren: "If you lost the pants right now it'd be a miniskirt," her double offered.
EnsTren: "I know, but when I wear miniskirts all the boys try and look up them. It gets annoying after a while."
EnsTren: "We should play strip poker sometime. Then they won't have to look up and annoy you."
EnsTren: "Get them staring at my tits instead?" She gave an airy little sigh. "Nobody loves me for me anymore~"
EnsTren: "I'm sure if you made Odin grope you like you made Daddy dearest do he'd like you well enough."
Edmondia: "Ick. Beards are no."
EnsTren: "...Are the trio boys where you come from?"
Edmondia: "Nope, annoying little girl-brats, the lot of them."
EnsTren: "I swear they try to act like my big sisters half the time"
Edmondia: "I suppose you can't use the lines on them that I do. Pity."
EnsTren: "This I got to hear!"
Edmondia: "I have merely commented on occassion that I had tits when they were two feet tall. That's all."
Edmondia: "...and that Phoebe asked me for advice the first time a boy asked her to dally with him. Hee."
EnsTren: "That's frightening"
TrekBook: "I thought Luna got laid first in my world"
Edmondia: "Oh, in my world too. But you know Phoebe, she's always been the shyest."
Edmondia: She flashed him a mischievous grin. "And apparently Luna dearest didn't have a fabulous time, shall we say."
EnsTren: "I always said they should get together--and let me watch"
Edmondia: "Heh, you're almost as much of a pervert as I am. Nice."
EnsTren: "Almost? I wanted to join them but you know, they'd rip my bits out if I let my guard down"
Edmondia: "True enough." She smirked at him. "Downside of being a boy, I suppose."
EnsTren: "Maybe, though Loki certainly got around that"
Edmondia: "True enough." Her lips curled into a grin. "Our little sisters are a violent bunch, though."
EnsTren: "So are we"
Edmondia: Her grin widened. "Yeah, but I've never wanted to join a little-sister orgy."
EnsTren: "You're a girl"
Edmondia: "So?"
EnsTren: "I'm a boy--trust me, stuff of dreams. If Tania had sisters Oberon would dream it, he probably does anyways"
Edmondia: "It's obvious that it's a boy-fantasy. Real girls know all the backstabbing that would go on if that ever happened."
EnsTren: "We can dream"
Edmondia: She rolled her eyes and spoke in a tone of practiced disgust. "Boys."
EnsTren: Innocent smile.
Edmondia: She smirked back at him. "You are such a liar."
EnsTren: "So are you!"
Edmondia: "Yep." She posed and preened a little.
EnsTren: "I think I'm in love."
Edmondia: "Narcissist." She preened more.
EnsTren: They preened at each other though the mirror.
Edmondia: "So would that be incest, masturbation, or both?"
EnsTren: "I prefer terms such as Learning experiance and Self-discovery."
Edmondia: "That'll work too." She tossed her hair and grinned playfully at him. "You're pretty cute."
EnsTren: "Of course I am."
EnsTren: "Did you expect anything less?"
EnsTren: "Why don't you come back to Eyrie?"
Edmondia: "...you know, I think I will." Smirk.
EnsTren: "Good because I can't come to you right now"
Edmondia: She snickered.
Edmondia: "That could be interpreted in a very naughty way."
EnsTren: "As you will, pretty lady."
Edmondia: She smirked and floated over to the mirror.
EnsTren: He extended his hand
EnsTren: Oberon was traumatized for life
Edmondia: "Don't worry pops, we're not gonna have a kid - no incest grandbabies for you!"