Edmondia: oom
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: how be?
EnsTren: I wrote porn!
EnsTren: well
EnsTren: it's not done yet and it's no where near as good as my usual stuff
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: *hugs puck and makes him tiney*
EnsTren: *tiny*
Edmondia: chibi! *squees and glomps 'im*
EnsTren: no
EnsTren: not chibi
EnsTren: miniture
Edmondia: miniature?
Edmondia: *pokes heem*
EnsTren: *is puck, but six inches tall*
EnsTren: *puts him on your nose where he dances*
Edmondia: *goes crosseyed*
EnsTren: Puck: *arms folded and dances*
Edmondia: Riverdance~
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: :D
Edmondia: *chew*
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: am bored! entertain!
EnsTren: am rping gay smut
Edmondia: *sigh*
EnsTren: *pets you*
Edmondia: boredboredbored
EnsTren: *gives you oberon in his jammies*
Edmondia: *braids his hair*
EnsTren: *gives you chocolate*
Edmondia: food! *munches*
EnsTren: whee
EnsTren: *wiggles*
Edmondia: *tickles*
EnsTren: wheee
EnsTren: *gropes puck*
Edmondia: hee!
Edmondia: *joins ye*
EnsTren: he is gropeable
Edmondia: yes. and smexy.
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: heh
EnsTren: *chews*
Edmondia: youch.
EnsTren: sowwy
Edmondia: *retaliatory poke*
EnsTren: whee?
Edmondia: *hair fluff*
EnsTren: heh
EnsTren: *hugs obie*
Edmondia: *tugs on his hair* Allo dear!
EnsTren: he's sweet but not
Edmondia: indeed n_n
EnsTren: *gives him a cookie*
Edmondia: Obie: *dryly* Goodie.
EnsTren: *pats him on the head*
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren signed on at 7:04:11 PM.
Edmondia: *chomp*
EnsTren: whee!
Edmondia: n_n
EnsTren: sounds like you are possessed by chibi puck
Edmondia: actually, no
Edmondia: but I do have a Puck in my head
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: and a rather demented little plotbunny probably inspired by a really good inuyasha fic
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: so... did Mab leave any unfinished Children lying around?
EnsTren: ...she seems the sort to
Edmondia: my thoughts exactly
EnsTren: getting distracted and throwing them out
EnsTren: so spill more
Edmondia: just thinking that Xanatos likes to poke his nose into odd unusual magicy things
Edmondia: and supposing one of his investigative treasure hunts turned up a shimmery silvery thing that looked vaguely person-shaped?
EnsTren: no!
EnsTren: giant cocoon!
Edmondia: giant cocoon? o.o
EnsTren: sorry
Edmondia: uh?
EnsTren: so
EnsTren: would puck recognize it?
Edmondia: yup
EnsTren: aaaannnnd?
Edmondia: or rather owen would, and freak out, turn into puck and grab the thing
Edmondia: cuddle it, try to see if it has any awareness
EnsTren: scary thought
Edmondia: hm?
EnsTren: mab made the things, maybe by singing?
EnsTren: it would be scary if he could HEAR it singing, or the song
Edmondia: hm
Edmondia: that would definitely tell him something
EnsTren: it's just, tania and obie don't have 'vocal powers' except obie who has the reverb thingy
EnsTren: but puck has that even for fey preturnatural laugh
EnsTren: and I got the impression that mab liked puck more than oberon, her little beloved trickster
EnsTren: heh, if he tossed her into the void she'd forgive him, well still love him at least
Edmondia: she still loves oberon, however
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: she likes them both about the same, and oberon is her precious baby boy no matter what he does to her
EnsTren: awww
Edmondia: her whole being mad at him for the war - well, her darling son was just being misled by that slut Titania
EnsTren: *giggles*
Edmondia: she may have killed his father for scolding or punishing him, actually...
EnsTren: wow
EnsTren: or turned him back into a cocoon 0.o
Edmondia: nah, just dead.
Edmondia: lost her temper, and 'vwoosh', vaporized hubby
EnsTren: ah
EnsTren: so how many proto fey has davy found?
Edmondia: just one
Edmondia: the others died
EnsTren: *sad, really, I am saddened*
Edmondia: puck's initial reaction was to get very sick and mutter something like, 'oh my god, mother, what have you done?'
EnsTren: oh
EnsTren: weird fucked up idea
EnsTren: I wonder how many of them were 'protopucks'
EnsTren: that is, starts she had made on making puck but didn't like and started over
EnsTren: prototypes
Edmondia: yeah
Edmondia: they're all dead
EnsTren: and puck could tell because he would be able to spot the bit of oberon they had in them, and in the more developed ones, the laughing magic
Edmondia: then he would get sick
Edmondia: and completely horrified
EnsTren: and semi crazy
EnsTren: "And you were going to be me? Or maybe my brother? And you'd be my little sister, wouldn't you? Well my big sister maybe.."
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: ...and a severe case of wanting his daddy, randomly
EnsTren: interspaced with random flashes of hating his daddy
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: he wants to blame someone
Edmondia: blame mom, she's the one who did it
EnsTren: yes, but who didn't find them?
EnsTren: and he wonders if the ones that were going to be him or his siblings will be allowed on Avalon to be burried
Edmondia: the answer is of course yes, because oberon will be just as, if not more horrified by it
EnsTren: but the doubt does pop into his head, because some of them practically are him
Edmondia: mmhmm
EnsTren: so he worries
Edmondia: I think he might accidentally summon pops over in a moment of argh
EnsTren: or pops might come over because his power is going wacko as he randomly attempts to resessatate them
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: he'll only be able to help the one that's vaguely alive, though
Edmondia: he scared the shit outta Xanatos
Edmondia: initially
Edmondia: came in, turned dead white, raced to the nearest bathroom and was violently sick
EnsTren: then came back as puck and snatched it
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: and promptly started cooing at it
EnsTren: and randomly flashing power around
EnsTren: does it have a mind or not?
Edmondia: that's the really sad thing, I think it may
EnsTren: madness or not?
Edmondia: no madness - it's been sleeping
EnsTren: yay
EnsTren: and it's not one of the puck ones?
EnsTren: or if it was puck could feel replaced and even more misrable
Edmondia: it's not one of the puck ones
EnsTren: okay
Edmondia: as soon as he touched it he woke it up
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: he is apparently now some odd mishmash between big brother and daddy
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: and he's focused all of his attention on it and is trying to coax it into a solid form
Edmondia: he's basically making an attempt to finish it
EnsTren: which takes alot of power I suspect
EnsTren: probably ends up giggling in a nice wya to it
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: he manages to, I think
EnsTren: takes alot out of him I think
Edmondia: considering the fact that he passes out the instant he's done? yes.
EnsTren: but he's happy
Edmondia: very happy
EnsTren: and when he wakes up he goes with davy to find the others and gets to be misrable again
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: the baby's asleep
EnsTren: and I think the kid is probably feeding off of him, fey equivlent of nursing
Edmondia: agreed
Edmondia: he's in a fairly delicate condition
EnsTren: and so he can't turn back into owen cause if he does it can't nurse
Edmondia: yes
EnsTren: and puck knows itf it dies, he's going to go nuts and then he can't very well protect Alex, now can he?
Edmondia: hee, yes
Edmondia: mind, as soon as Obie finds out about the kid, he'll be thrilled
Edmondia: give puck a good scolding for not calling him first, tho
EnsTren: well I think it was pretty do or die, he touched it and it woke up, I doubt there was much time
Edmondia: yeah, but still, he's being a fussy daddy
EnsTren: heh
Edmondia: up to the point of giving puck an energy boost so that he won't kill himself supporting the baby
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: so puck's supporting the kid and oberon's supporting puck and titania's just amused
EnsTren: And laughing at them
Edmondia: mind, they're all curled up in owen's bed, with puck tucked up under oberon's arm and the kid held against him much the same way
EnsTren: And angela is calling puck and owen the odd couple
Edmondia: huh?
EnsTren: I mean puck and oberon
Edmondia: Titania's clucked her tongue and asked how she thinks Goliath will react once she's had a sproglet
EnsTren: Puck has thrown something at angela
Edmondia: so has Oberon
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: in his sleepier moments, Puck's been slipping into calling him 'daddy'
EnsTren: adorableness
Edmondia: and Titania's answered to 'mommy' once or twice
EnsTren: squeee
Edmondia: she may wind up giving an impromptu history lesson
EnsTren: eh?
Edmondia: to whatever mortals happen to be lounging about
EnsTren: ?
Edmondia: well, think about it, the last time anyone really saw puck and oberon together they weren't exactly getting along
EnsTren: ah
Edmondia: so family storytelling ensues
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: whilst the bois are napping
EnsTren: yes other wise protestations
Edmondia: indeed
Edmondia: and obie feeling very awkward about his mum
Edmondia: but yes, snoozing bois that snooze
Edmondia: that's pretty much all I got
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: is cute
EnsTren: and the little one? boi, girl? name?
EnsTren: touched the same way tania, obie and puck are?
Edmondia: think probably boi
EnsTren: kay
Edmondia: unnamed at the moment, and yes
EnsTren: whee
Edmondia: puck giggled at it, after all
EnsTren: how much? a little wild or very wild?
Edmondia: a little
Edmondia: it's going to be a very quiet child
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: yeah, think so
EnsTren: why?
Edmondia: not sure
EnsTren: hmn
Edmondia: *shrug*
Edmondia: well it's quiet at the moment, anyway
EnsTren: yay?
Edmondia: guess so
EnsTren: yay!
Edmondia: n_n