EnsTren: *hugs*
Edmondia: Nemichan~ <3
EnsTren: why are you so happi?
Edmondia: have dinner~
Edmondia: it's sushi~
Edmondia: how are you? n_n
EnsTren: wiggly
EnsTren: but not like a maggot
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: am happi ish
EnsTren: but miss kes cause she's good to rp with
Edmondia: aww *huggle*
Edmondia: you have me! n_n
EnsTren: whheeeee
Edmondia: <3
EnsTren: *hugs ed, loves ed*
Edmondia: hee! *hugglelove*
EnsTren: *goes to make a shake*
Edmondia: yay shake!
Edmondia: what kind?
EnsTren: keto milkshake, chocolate
EnsTren: the e in keto should have a line over it
EnsTren: it's soy based and reasonably yummy, but not chocolaty enough
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: chocolate~
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: :D
Edmondia: <3
EnsTren: *chews on puck*
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: chibi?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: chibis make good bubblegum!
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: *pokes The Three*
Edmondia: chibi or no?
EnsTren: no
EnsTren: wondering what they will make of the new chibi that puck giggled at to make
Edmondia: ah
EnsTren: so wondering
EnsTren: cause they didn't like puck I don't think
Edmondia: no, they didn't
Edmondia: I agree
EnsTren: so what about the new, slightly touched, quite chibi?
Edmondia: very very not happy
EnsTren: who is for all intents and purposes, puck's?
Edmondia: VERY not happy
Edmondia: all 'rar keel eet'
EnsTren: heheeh
EnsTren: does he throw them into the fountain
Edmondia: the chibi?
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: no, he's too little
Edmondia: at the moment he's basically in the mewling baby stage of development
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: I ment at the stage that puck was during the war
Edmondia: maaaaaaybe
Edmondia: but remember, he was in his nineties at that time
Edmondia: sproglet is like a day old
Edmondia: so he doesn't really have a personality yet
EnsTren: okkie
Edmondia: basically sits there and wriggles and coos
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: puck's not much better
Edmondia: he's either cooing at it or sound asleep
EnsTren: cuteness
Edmondia: exhaustion too
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: cuddled up in Owen's bed all quiet for the most part
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: Xanatos has done a bit of head-scratching and come up with 'paternity leave'
EnsTren: *dies*
Edmondia: *poke*
EnsTren: *rigamortis*
Edmondia: *drops monster reborn on ye*
EnsTren: *wakes up*
Edmondia: *grin* Paternity leave~
EnsTren: *rageki's my own ass
Edmondia: o.o
Edmondia: movie starts on friday. you going?
EnsTren: maybe
Edmondia: I am, with my nephew. We plan on snarking our way through it.
Edmondia: I of course adding comments like 'woo shake it baby'
EnsTren: wheee?
Edmondia: big-screen hipthrusty!
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: *nose*
EnsTren: *nudge*
Edmondia: a very very sleepy puck has just wandered out into the hallway and politely asked elisa where his daddy is
EnsTren: d'awwww
EnsTren: and can he have some uncooked cookie dough
EnsTren: soy based, please
Edmondia: he's got the kid in his arms, too
Edmondia: it's fast asleep
Edmondia: Elisa appears to be gaping at him
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: sleeeeeepy boi
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: "...daddy's not here?"
EnsTren: *dies of curwe*
EnsTren: cute ever
EnsTren: even
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: Aaaaaaaand he's off.
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: Swaying towards the kitchens in search of cookie dough, then to the largest mirror.
Edmondia: ...he snatched a huge thing of cookie dough from under broadway's nose
EnsTren: heeee
Edmondia: and has it tucked in one hand and the kid snoozing on his other shoulder
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: and is now wandering the castle in search of a big enough mirror
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: and garnering very many odd looks from the gargoyles
EnsTren: I am seeing him whining at a mirror
Edmondia: actually, he's planning on knocking on it, then plunking down and waiting for someone on Avalon to answer
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: is it known he has a baby?
Edmondia: not up to this moment
Edmondia: then whoever answers it gets a jaw drop and an 'OMGWTF?!?!'
EnsTren: heeee
Edmondia: and Puck blinking mildly and eating more cookie dough
EnsTren: "I want my daddy," he frowned slightly, eyes sleepy and brow furrowing, "Now."
Edmondia: (who should answer?)
EnsTren: (random poor avalonite?)
Edmondia: (which one?)
EnsTren: (nameless one?)
EnsTren: (bansidhe?)
Edmondia: (she'll have difficulty passing along the message, ne?)
EnsTren: (she can't gossip either)
Edmondia: (so who?)
EnsTren: (uh...cyote?)
Edmondia: (sure)
Edmondia: A blink from the other side of the mirror. "Um... your daddy?"
EnsTren: "Yes! I want my daddy now, and mommy. I'm tired."
EnsTren: He yawned, "Go get daddy," he rubbed his eyes with the back of his hand. "And give me some cake."
Edmondia: "Um. Okay..." Coyote trailed off, eying him very oddly. "Um, is that a kid?"
EnsTren: "Yes, dummy"
Edmondia: "...ooooooooookay. Um, gimme a sec..." And he wandered away from the mirror, headed for the private chambers of the king and queen.
Edmondia: He knocked softly at first, then more and more loudly and frantically. His head was starting to hurt. Since when did Puck have a father? Or a kid?
EnsTren: Who'd he knock up?
Edmondia: A human?
EnsTren: but it hasn't been nine months yet
Edmondia: Maybe it had happened before the Gathering?
EnsTren: But why now?
EnsTren: And, why was it leaching off of Puck? That was the only explination for him being tired
Edmondia: Would a halfling need that kind of support?
Edmondia: He knocked harder. "My lord, my lady?" Please come out and un-confuse me.
EnsTren: Inside Titania was giving her husband an 'I told you so look,' and finished off her bite of chocolate doughnut and ansered the door, with a hovering Oberon behind her.
Edmondia: "Um... hi!" Coyote squeaked upon seeing the looming king. "Um, er, ah... umwellPuck'scalledandhewantshisfathercanyoutellmewhothatmi ghtbepleaseandhe'sgotakidandcookiedoughandisreallysleepya ndcansomeonetellmewhat'sgoingonplease?"
EnsTren: "I told you so, husband. Come, let us see your son."
Edmondia: Coyote blinked. And blinked. "Azwedugah?" he asked intelligently.
EnsTren: Titania patted him on the head and the royals swept past.
Edmondia: He flopped to the ground and stared blankly after them.
EnsTren: Maybe she was refering to the little kid as being Oberon's son?
Edmondia: No, that didn't make sense, Oberon hadn't had any kids since Merlin.
EnsTren: Maybe from before the gathering and he didn't realize it?
EnsTren: No, that wouldn't explain puck asking for his daddy.
Edmondia: And Puck was... really fucking old.
EnsTren: Even though he was really fucking short.
Edmondia: So if Puck was asking for his daddy and Oberon was going to see his son...
EnsTren: ...Puck was the prince?
Edmondia: ...holy crap.
Edmondia: No wonder the Three hated his guts, he outranked them!
EnsTren: He never flaunted it though
Edmondia: Never even so much as mentioned it.
EnsTren: ...He acted like a servant, hob nobed and rubbed elbows with the rest of us.
Edmondia: He played with us.
EnsTren: took care of us.
EnsTren: Taught us.
Edmondia: Because he was the prince, or because...?
EnsTren: He was never treated like a prince.
Edmondia: Oberon had always taken special care of him...
EnsTren: He was the Puck though, the BEST trickster. His Senchal, his Herald.
Edmondia: ...his son.
EnsTren: Oh fuck.
Edmondia: (?)
EnsTren: He needed a hiding place, because what if Puck told his daddy that he colored in his books when he was younger? Or ruined his cloaths or...Shut up brain.
EnsTren: He didn't tell before, he won't tell now, you don't have to worry about your hide--besides, Puck got his own vengance.
Edmondia: He'd been a kangaroo for a week.
Edmondia: ...but still, scary!
Edmondia: Well Puck was always scary sort of, but...
EnsTren: Oberon was scaierer.
EnsTren: Everybody was really lucky that Puck hadn't told on anyone.
Edmondia: ...was that why he hadn't?
EnsTren: He really was a good guy.
Edmondia: Just... kind of scary if you annoyed him.
EnsTren: But he didn't perminately damnage you. Humiliate you so you couldn't live it down for a millenium, but you kept your head
Edmondia: ...could he take them? Legally, wouldn't that be allowed to him?
EnsTren: It made him pensive, to think of that. But it was something that needed thinking upon.
Edmondia: What did it mean, really?
EnsTren: (royals can kill fey? explain please)
Edmondia: (stands to reason, doesn't it? immortal criminals?)
EnsTren: (true)
EnsTren: (on a whim though?)
EnsTren: (and I don't think the three can)
Edmondia: (agreed, I think they need to be in a stated position to do so)
Edmondia: (Oberon changed it to 'within reason' which depends entirely on the choice of the ruler)
Edmondia: (currently there are three royal positions: king, queen, and heir)
EnsTren: (ah)
Edmondia: (does that make sense?)
EnsTren: (yes)
Edmondia: He'd been intentionally hiding his position, then?
EnsTren: Why?
Edmondia: Anyone else would have flaunted it! The Three were especially arrogant about their roles, and they were just the king's daughters.
EnsTren: But if they didn't no one would realize it. They didn't feel like Oberon, or Titania. They didn't have the spark like they did, like Puck did.
Edmondia: ...how could he have not realized that before?!
EnsTren: He was...really old, and there were a few others who were really old who felt like the royals, they were from before the war though.
Edmondia: ...was he that old?
EnsTren: It made him dizzy.
Edmondia: He blinked hard a few times, trying to settle himself. He'd thought... he'd thought that he'd known Puck as well as anyone was capable, all the tricksters had been taken care of by him, but now...
EnsTren: He knew nothing.
EnsTren: ...Wait, he knew more than the other tricksters. He could make a profit off of this somehow.
EnsTren: Or at least have a new tidbit of gossip.
Edmondia: ...ooh, the fights this would cause! As if the girls didn't fight over Puck already!
EnsTren: He was the heir now, or was. he needed to dig out some old volumes in the library and check. And what about this eternal exile bussiness?
Edmondia: It didn't make very much sense to exile your heir - but then again, it didn't make very much sense for the heir not to return home.
EnsTren: But then Oberon didn't think very well when upset.
Edmondia: ...thank Avalon that Puck hadn't inherited his temper.
EnsTren: ...He'd make a good king!
Edmondia: ...what a weird thought that was.
Edmondia: He'd have to check the library, he was getting odd mental images.
EnsTren: Trickster kingdom!
Edmondia: Fun, but odd.
EnsTren: ...He should avoid the three, they didn't like tricksters, and if they knew that he knew what Puck was...
Edmondia: It would be much worse than merely being stuck as a kangaroo for a while.
EnsTren: The Three wouldn't make good Queens.
Edmondia: They would be scary. And not like Oberon scary, because Oberon scary meant that people behaved.
EnsTren: This scary emnt people running away from home!
Edmondia: Good thing Puck was the heir.
EnsTren: But he was exiled!
Edmondia: ...good thing Oberon was in excellent health, and the queen as well.
EnsTren: Would the exile be defunt if Oberon died?
Edmondia: He sure hoped so.
EnsTren: Would make things much simpler.
Edmondia: Plus he'd be in good with the new king.
EnsTren: First, find out if he was still the heir
EnsTren: Secondd, get drunk, either in sadness that he wasn't or in celebration, toasting to the Trickster kingdom to come
Edmondia: Good plan! He headed off to the library to get started.
EnsTren: The faster he gets drunk, the better!
Edmondia: (heehee)
EnsTren: (heee)
Edmondia: (aaaaaaaand back to our hero?)
EnsTren: (hehee)
EnsTren: "Daddy I'm sleepy and seethough."
EnsTren: "And Coyote didn't give me cake."
Edmondia: Oberon smiled fondly and knelt beside him, pressing a kiss to his hair. "You startled him, little one."
EnsTren: A wide sort of melted smile spread across Puck's face, soft and tired and content. "Can I have cake now? I finished the cookie dough."
Edmondia: Titania knelt at his other side and laid a kiss on his hair as well. "Here you are, little trickster," she murmured, offering a plate of cake to him. "Would you like me to take the baby?"
EnsTren: He took the plate and shook his head and hugged the babe a bit closer to him, very attached and defensive. "nnah, I'm okay."
EnsTren: He shifted around and ate the cake, getting some of his color back as he did so and no long quite as sparkely green see though.
Edmondia: They settled down beside him, Oberon absently petting his hair as he watched him closely. "You'll need to eat more than that, little one..."
Edmondia: "The child is depleting your energy reserves very quickly," Titania continued, "And you're still drained from finishing him."
EnsTren: "I'm sleeping too much to eat all the time."
Edmondia: "You'll exhaust both of you at this rate," she sighed, frowning thoughtfully. "We'll give you a boost, that should help for at least a short while."
EnsTren: "I want more cake."
EnsTren: He yawned again, and looked fainter than he did a second ago
EnsTren: And oberon was painfully aware that Robin could no longer draw on Avalon's energy.
Edmondia: Titania gave him another large slice of cake, sharing a worried glance with her husband.
EnsTren: Puck gobbled it up and licked his fingers.
EnsTren: He looked like he was about to fall asleep now that he had enough energy to contomplate sleeping.
EnsTren: "Good night, daddy, mommy."
EnsTren: He fell sideways and started snoozing against Oberon's chest.
Edmondia: Titania giggled. "He hasn't done that for centuries."
EnsTren: Oberon snorted and picked him up. It was comical, as Puck fit in his arms as perfectly as the baby fit into Puck's
Edmondia: She leaned over to peer at the baby, smiling inwardly as she took in its delicate appearance - and the mop of messy white hair on his head.
EnsTren: He looked a bit like Puck did at that age, but hair far more wild and just a bit curly.
Edmondia: She let her smile turn outward. "Well, my lord..."
EnsTren: Oberon looked at his lady wife.
Edmondia: "Your grandson is very cute."
EnsTren: "Thank you my lady."
Edmondia: She smiled and took his arm, careful not to dislodge Puck. "You will of course give him a boost of your magic, my lord."
EnsTren: "Certainly, My lady wife." And He looked down at his sun and carefully pushed. He didn't want to burn him after all.
Edmondia: Puck murmured something incoherently and snuggled up against him.
EnsTren: It was so cute! Oberon had to fight the urge to coo over him.
Edmondia: Titania didn't bother to fight it, and kissed his nose besides.
EnsTren: It wrinkled and wiggled and was adorable
Edmondia: "Do you think he'll let me hold the baby?" she inquired, a hint of longing in her eyes.
EnsTren: "We do not know, my wife." He sighed and pulled him a bit closer to his chest, "He seems defence and protective. He may be afraid you will take the child from him."
Edmondia: She arched a wry eyebrow at him. "I wonder where he gets that from," she said flatly, "As his father certainly never did anything of the sort when anyone else dared to have the temerity to ask to hold him. And he certainly didn't throw anyone through a window over the matter."
EnsTren: Fey Kings did not blush, which was the only reason why Oberon wasn't turning mildly purple.
Edmondia: She smiled, stood on her tiptoes, and patted him on the head. "I heard he landed in the volcano."
EnsTren: Oberon smiled widely
Edmondia: "Bastard," she said affectionately, and kissed his cheek.
EnsTren: "Heh, you married me, my wife. Perhaps you should contact home and the kitchens for food for Puck."
Edmondia: "Very well," she sighed airily, "I shall return once I remember what he likes to eat." And she was gone.
EnsTren: He called out, "He liked meat pies!"
Edmondia: "With or without the insides still moving?"
EnsTren: "Without. We, however, do not belive that he favours mud pies with worms any longer."
Edmondia: Her laughter was still sweeter than honey.
EnsTren: He smiled like he did the first time he saw her, like he did when she said she would marry him again.
EnsTren: He loved her.
Edmondia: Such a simple thing, he was almost surprised how few truly understood it.
EnsTren: He took his baby and his baby to his baby's bedroom and held them both.
Edmondia: So tiny, they were.
EnsTren: He touched their faces lightly
Edmondia: Two perfect little noses scrunched adorably.
EnsTren: So cute!
Edmondia: How his mother could make something so darling was completely beyond him.
EnsTren: he hugged them both
Edmondia: His little baby now had a baby of his very own.
EnsTren: And no one to help him really.
Edmondia: He had no wife, no siblings to help shoulder the burden - the Three would likely kill it as soon as they realized whose child it was.
EnsTren: And that the child had Mab's wild touch upon it though his son's laughter.
Edmondia: He couldn't begrudge that bit of madness - in truth, it was his most powerful Gift, and under such stress he couldn't help but use it.
EnsTren: And perhaps was the only reason why he managed to finish the child.
Edmondia: Anyone else would have been dead at the finish.
EnsTren: His child was just dead exhausted.
Edmondia: It was unhealthy for both him and the child to be away from Avalon like this.
EnsTren: He slept all the time. And when he did not he was eating or trying to get food.
Edmondia: He'd have to inform Puck's pet mortals about keeping him fed - he wasn't about to lose his son and new grandchild to death by overexertion.
EnsTren: And he couldn't dump power into him without risking harming him.
Edmondia: He sighed a little, idly stroking his fingers through his son's hair. "You always have to cause trouble, don't you little one?" he murmured affectionately.
EnsTren: It was his job, after a fashion.
Edmondia: It certainly made life more intresting.
EnsTren: He rubbed his cheek against his hair.
Edmondia: Puck actually cooed.
EnsTren: It made him smile.
Edmondia: Darling little thing, when he wasn't being a brat or a demon.
EnsTren: He was really sweet when he was asleep
Edmondia: It reminded him of other times - no happier, but when his baby had been small and slept in his arms.
EnsTren: He was Glad Robin had found the unfinished child. It gave him an excuse to come and hold him while he slept again--something he thought would never again happen.
Edmondia: He'd certainly never expected to ever be called 'daddy' again.
EnsTren: He liked it. He found he had missed it
Edmondia: 'Daddy' had been when he was very very small, just barely learning to walk and fly, still so reliant on his father that he never left his side. The war had changed it to 'papa' and that made a distressing amount of sense, when he bothered to think on it.
EnsTren: (how did it?)
EnsTren: (trhe sence)
EnsTren: (explain *whines and waves arms around helplessly*)
Edmondia: (he got older, more mature, and by necessity spent less time with him)
EnsTren: (ah)
Edmondia: (got a little more independant, though still reliant for safety on his dad)
EnsTren: And then he called him "My lord."
Edmondia: It had been a wise decision on his part, even so young.
EnsTren: It hurt, though.
Edmondia: But better to protect him in those early years, than to risk anyone knowing his bloodline.
EnsTren: He was Daddy again.
Edmondia: Odd, but sweet. His baby was grown now.
EnsTren: With his own baby.
Edmondia: How odd that was. No one had ever expected the Puck to wed or be tied down with a child.
EnsTren: He tied him down
Edmondia: It had been cruel of him, it still was, but here he was, his sin put aside for... what?
EnsTren: He didn't know, he wasn't sure if he wanted to know.
Edmondia: His little boy had always been a perplexing creature.
EnsTren: Wicked like a knife and soft like a pillow.
EnsTren: Sweet as the sun and as cruel as shadow
Edmondia: ...and snoring very softly.
EnsTren: Which was adorable, so he tweaked his nose very softly.
Edmondia: He mumbled and wriggled a little.
EnsTren: Oberon smiled down at his baby boy.
Edmondia: His baby boy who was all grown up now.
EnsTren: But still short.
Edmondia: He really had no idea why.
EnsTren: Mother liked being short
Edmondia: A disturbing thought, that his baby was anything like her.
EnsTren: Puck was...nice.
Edmondia: Not always sweet, but considerate and playful.
EnsTren: Kind heartedm while wicked.
Edmondia: Angel face and a devil's smile.
EnsTren: And a trickster's heart
Edmondia: His perfect little baby.
EnsTren: He must becareful not to squishhim
Edmondia: Well, he was a bit too big to squish nowadays, but his new grandson was a different matter.
EnsTren: So he still had to be careful.
Edmondia: The child was very, very, very young - younger even than Puck when Mab had given him to him.
EnsTren: He couldn't be taken away from Puck.
Edmondia: And it would be a long while before Puck managed to stay conscious for any reasonable length of time.
EnsTren: Which was all well and good because he got to hold his baby again.
Edmondia: He was ridiculously adorable when he slept.
EnsTren: Both of them were actually.
Edmondia: ...hm, he'd never had a grandson before.
EnsTren: This was good!
Edmondia: How did the mortals put it? 'Spoil them all day and then send them home to their parents?'
EnsTren: Course he was the parent.
EnsTren: And the baby...well he didn't think Puck would let him near the babe for a long while.
Edmondia: Aside from moments like this, of course.
EnsTren: The child never left his arms
Edmondia: It would be... good for him, he thought, to have a child of his own to care for. Alexander was well and good, but the child was mostly human, with parents of his own.
EnsTren: And...this was a perfect excuse to tweak his decree!
Edmondia: Yes!
EnsTren: Wahoo!
Edmondia: He hugged his baby tight, careful not to squish the infant.
EnsTren: His baby would be happy and maybe like him again. Well he liked him already, but he was tired and not thinking right.
Edmondia: He stroked his hair gently, smiling indulgently.
EnsTren: He hadn't talked to his baby while he was wide awake since the incident.
Edmondia: He would have to rectify that, once the child woke up.
EnsTren: Really woke up and not just teetered around like a toddler looking for food and eating it
Edmondia: Very like a toddler. Poor Coyote had probably died of the shock by now.
EnsTren: He laughted, and not kindly.
Edmondia: No doubt the rumor mill was by now in full swing.