EnsTren: hi
Edmondia: hallo~ <3
EnsTren: puck
Edmondia: ...............Ian Thorpe. *_*
EnsTren: ?
Edmondia: http://www.portrait.gov.au/content/exhibit/Headspace3/Thorpe 75a.jpg'
EnsTren: it does not load
Edmondia: http://www.portrait.gov.au/content/exhibit/Headspace3/Thorpe 75a.jpg try this
EnsTren: apostrohy was at the end of the link
Edmondia: does the second link work?
EnsTren: no it didn't
EnsTren: but there was an apostrohy at the end
EnsTren: you copied and pasted the first one
Edmondia: D'oh
EnsTren: he id very sexy
EnsTren: I want to peel the latex off him
Edmondia: yes he is. :-9
EnsTren: puck
Edmondia: yes?
EnsTren: nemichan likes puck
EnsTren: poor coyote
Edmondia: hee, yes
EnsTren: he's the only one around for puck to sniffle grive at
EnsTren: "They're going to take my baby away and I'm never going to see home or mommy and daddy again!"
Edmondia: "Er." A frantic look around. "Would you likea banana split?"
EnsTren: The Puck clutched the child to his chest and sniffled
EnsTren: "I'm never going to see him again," he mourned as he looked down.
Edmondia: "I'm sure that's not true," he said soothingly, if awkwardly. "They'll certainly bring him to visit."
EnsTren: "They wouldn't! I bet they're going to make him the new heir and put him in my place and..." his voice cracked.
Edmondia: "I'm sure they will, they'll bring him to visit when they come to see Alexander. I'm sure he's too little to be a replacement. I'm sure Oberon doesn't new a new heir."
Edmondia: Coyote did the sane thing and dived behind the couch.
EnsTren: Fortunetly though the Puck could barely manage a spark because he was soo crosseyed tired.
EnsTren: "And they suck as parents too, look how I turned out. They're going to raise him and daddy's going to turn him into a servant and I won't even be the puck anymore."
Edmondia: "I'm sure that's not true," Coyote said from his position in his 'safe place.' Just because Puck was exhausted didn't mean he wasn't dangerous. "They've gotten much better by now, look at how nicely Fox turned out."
EnsTren: "Betcha Fox had nannies. And she had one mortal parent and Mommy."
Edmondia: "And daddy's gotten much better, hasn't he? He let you keep the baby and has been helping you keep your energy up, right?"
EnsTren: "He can't take the baby yet and I'd die or go into a coma if he wasn't! I can't exactly suffer though the span hundred or so year span of my punishment if I'm dead!"
Edmondia: Coyote did the sensible thing and dived under the couch. "...maybe you should talk about it?" he offered meekly.
Edmondia: Coyote gave a little scream of terror and fled.
EnsTren: Puck gave a small wail and collapsed onto the couch and held his baby despretely.
EnsTren: But the Puck never cried--no matter what.
Edmondia: No matter how much he wished he could.
EnsTren: He screamed, he wailed--and at his worst he laughed, but never tears.
Edmondia: Never ever tears.
EnsTren: So he shifted his little child and covered his ears and laughed his mourning to the painted sky.
Edmondia: Coyote ran to Titania.
EnsTren: It was a horrible laugh, griving despite what it was, mouring like dead wind through a dead tree. And tearless sobs.
EnsTren: (*shakes fist at Goo Goo Dolls* Iris, damn Iris fits this too damn well)
Edmondia: (...ack, you're so right)
Edmondia: Titania ran to Oberon.
EnsTren: The baby cried for him.
Edmondia: It hadn't even truly opened its eyes yet and it was crying.
EnsTren: It was also laughing--just like its father.
Edmondia: Softer, weaker, but still laughing.
EnsTren: He held the child close, and laughed.
Edmondia: And Oberon ran to his baby.
EnsTren: And Titania ran after him.
Edmondia: They both winced when they found him.
EnsTren: Laughing and laughing, and it was the most horrible laugh they had ever heard from him. Not the malicious hateful joy that sunk atlantis. Not the vindictive laughter used as a weapon.
EnsTren: This joyless laugh.
Edmondia: Slowly, they went over to him, and slowly, they sat with him.
EnsTren: And he hunched in his shoulders and reflexivly clutched his babby to him, keeping the child close and hiding him partially from their view.
Edmondia: Little one?
EnsTren: One tearless sob after another and he leaned foreward ever so slightly, and the laughter continued, mourning.
Edmondia: Come here, baby, they invited quietly, Come here.
EnsTren: He shook his head and trembled, scooting forward on the couch away from them
Edmondia: Baby, we're not going to take away your little one. Not unless you want us to.
EnsTren: (food)
Edmondia: (k)
EnsTren: He didn't belive them, how could he he? And he couldn't stop laughing
Edmondia: Little one, listen, Oberon said softly, No one is going to take your child from you.
Edmondia: Because he's yours, baby, he's your child. Nobody else can take better care of him than you can. Do you understand me?
EnsTren: Snrk hahaha...So the sins of the father must be repayed by the son? ahaha.......bastard...heee
Edmondia: No, little one. He might be happier with you than he would be on Avalon.
EnsTren: So you bar and damn him from his birth right as you have done me? *giggles, stranged and cracked giggles* You would bind him, I know you would for how could you let a fey of full blood and Her touch run away free?
Edmondia: A soft touch to his hair. I let his father free.
EnsTren: The Puck stopped laughing and swung around on Oberon, one arm out streached and fist clenched.
EnsTren: FREE?! His voice was mentally shrill and he sounded too much like Mother as he backed away from them. Free to die you mean! Free to grow old and DIE and rot in the earth!
EnsTren: And he ran from them, laughing, laughing.
EnsTren: The child only cried.
Edmondia: You didn't listen, pretty demon, Oberon called softly after him. Your bonds are broken, you're free now. Bring your baby Home sometime, the tricksters will be glad to see him.
EnsTren: Laughter and tears played off each other and drowned out his voice, all their voices because there was no room inside of the Puck now for anything but grief.
Edmondia: He'll fall asleep soon, Titania said softly. When he wakes, he'll realize your gift, my husband.
EnsTren: ...Why do I feel as if he won't apreciate it, my lady wife?
Edmondia: ...because he probably won't. But I know what it was for you - and he'll come back to you someday.
Edmondia: He may not admit it, but he misses Home and his cousins.
EnsTren: The Puck has his Pride though.
Edmondia: He has eternity to consider his return. And, perhaps... someday he may let us see our grandson.
EnsTren: ...It seems to me, my wife, that maturity comes quickly once it is already possessed.
Edmondia: Hm. She smiled and took his arm. We may be lucky - he may yet forgive us.
EnsTren: ...We shall need a great deal of luck for that to happen, I think. And then the lord of avalon sighed deeply. We do not look forward to the explination that will be demanded as to why a decree has been lifted.
Edmondia: I quote, "My decrees are mine to interpret."
EnsTren: We did say that... an amused smile and he kissed her hand. Robin never left that only to me, however, he was most inventive in manuvering around them. But this is not a reinturpetation, I lifted the ban.
Edmondia: Politics, my love?
Edmondia: It is good that he has an heir now.
EnsTren: Indeed...
Edmondia: ...perhaps we should find him a wife?
EnsTren: ...He'd run up to Us and laugh into Our ear and sound as Mother if we sugested it. No Thank You, my Wife.
Edmondia: She giggled. He will be a good father. And we will have to spoil the child.
EnsTren: When he lets us see him.
Edmondia: He will eventually, and the child will stay small for at least the next century, if he grows anything like his father.
EnsTren: ...I say...Do you think he'll take after his grandpa?
EnsTren: A strange, happy, foreward looking smile.
Edmondia: She laughed. If he takes after his father, he'll most certainly take after you.
EnsTren: I shall ask the Three eventually, I think--just to twit them.
Edmondia: Heh. He certainly has the family hair.
EnsTren: Oh yes.
Edmondia: And eyes, of course.
EnsTren: Her husband smiled.
Edmondia: I think he'll let us see him sometime. And I think we'll get to spoil him rotten - and we won't have to be the ones to discipline him.
EnsTren: I do like that setup.
Edmondia: Eventually he'll understand, my love.
EnsTren: You speak the Truth, my love.
Edmondia: She hugged him.
EnsTren: (I have a kitty on me)
Edmondia: (I have kitties sleeping around me)
EnsTren: (my kitty is ontop of my brests and laying down)
EnsTren: (I slouch)
Edmondia: (hee)
EnsTren: (is hard to see keybored when she does that)
Edmondia: (hee)
Edmondia: (I <3 kitties)
EnsTren: (yay kitties)
Edmondia: (and what is prettyboi gonna think of this?)
EnsTren: (puck or the baby when he's older?)
Edmondia: (puck)
EnsTren: (suspicious, thinks it's pitty, angry)
EnsTren: (but no longer dispareing his pretty little head off)
Edmondia: (ah)
Edmondia: (I imagine he'd get pretty ticked)
EnsTren: (yeah)
Edmondia: (poor Coyote)
EnsTren: (yeah)
Edmondia: (he's gonna do a lot of eeping and hiding)
EnsTren: (heh)
EnsTren: (Am seeing Puck actually going to avalong, just...hovering above the water just off of the islan)
EnsTren: (catching his breath so to speak)
EnsTren: (and then leaving uber quick)
Edmondia: (mmhmm)
EnsTren: (poor obie and tania though "Whee! he's back! let's go find him" ... "He's gone!")
Edmondia: (and the angst)
EnsTren: (yeah)
Edmondia: (Obie sulking)
EnsTren: (he thought he was coming back)
Edmondia: (yes)
Edmondia: (plus no chance to see the chibi)
EnsTren: (sulky obie)
Edmondia: (yes)
Edmondia: (Tania cuddling heem)
EnsTren: (and everyone else goign WTF? I felt The Puck!)
Edmondia: (indeed)
Edmondia: (I caught a kitten)
Edmondia: (yes, the Three throwing a hissy fit)
EnsTren: (heee, and demanding an explination)
Edmondia: (heh, yes)
Edmondia: (the 'I like him better' excuse)
EnsTren: (so not telling about the baby?)
Edmondia: (and let the Three try and kill it?)
EnsTren: (true)
Edmondia: (definitely not telling about the baby)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: (hee?)
EnsTren: ("We can throw you clear to the States and kick you thrice as far. But that does not me We Trust You")
Edmondia: (XD!)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: ("But my lord...!")
EnsTren: ("Remove yourselves from Our Pressances lest We remove you.")
Edmondia: (They went. Unhappily and noisily, but they went.)
EnsTren: (Letsee...Banshee gagged, The Three Gone. Ah, peace and quiet.)
EnsTren: (Except for the cheering.)
Edmondia: (And giggling and whooping from the tricksters.)
EnsTren: (Pleasent noises then)
Edmondia: (And then a babble of questions.)
EnsTren: (He hadn't had this much fun with his court since the last time Puck caused a rukkus)
Edmondia: (And this was his fault again.)
EnsTren: (He missed him more)
Edmondia: But he had come home, if only for a moment.
EnsTren: Perhaps to see if Oberon had spoken the truth--or more likely to take in Avalon's ambiant magic so Oberon and Titania would not need to visit again.
Edmondia: Great, now he was depressed.
EnsTren: His wife patted his hand
Edmondia: He sighed.
EnsTren: Just because you don't have to visit me doesn't mean you can't. But give him a little time my husband.
Edmondia: Why do they have to grow up?
EnsTren: Because it is the way of things
Edmondia: ...unfortunately, he grumbled, and laced their fingers together. Though I'd appreciate it if the Three were to catch a bit of maturity.
EnsTren: They do...About a third or two thirds of the time.
Edmondia: Unfortunately.
EnsTren: They are jealous, husband
Edmondia: Jealous?
EnsTren: He is your heir.
Edmondia: So?
EnsTren: They belive themselves to be better, for they were born of our joining husband.
Edmondia: He is still the oldest.
Edmondia: They will not be ready for anything of the sort until they realize why I have chosen him.
Edmondia: And even if they did, they have not yet proven themselves equal to the task.
EnsTren: You are correct my husband. I know it, you know it, but they do not.
EnsTren: And our children, though some may not see why Puck is your heir see that he is a better choice than they
Edmondia: He gave her a sideways smirk. Anyone who cannot see why is obviously lacking in eyesight.
EnsTren: Or not seen what they must.
Edmondia: He plays the carefree fool well, of course.
EnsTren: And plays them all for fools
Edmondia: Of course. Only the tricksters truly know what he is capable of - and even then he hides from him.
EnsTren: Tricksters have always been the best and worst of our servants.
Edmondia: Of course. They take after me.
EnsTren: It is easy to forget, My lady wife, that you have no little bit of Trickster in you as well
Edmondia: She smiled slyly. Is it?
EnsTren: Only sometimes.
Edmondia: She chuckled. And if he does decide to return...?
EnsTren: I will welcome him home.
Edmondia: You seem to have gotten over your resentment, my love.
EnsTren: And then punch him in repayment for the strike had given me.
Edmondia: He'll bite you.
EnsTren: I am most endured to being bitten by him.
EnsTren: So long as he doesn't give me anymore split ends.
Edmondia: I'm fairly certain he's gotten over that phase, my lord.
EnsTren: Yet not over bitting Us.
Edmondia: I remind you he has fangs. Which he got from you. It would be foolish not to use a weapon when one is born with it.
Edmondia: Besides, he's much smaller than you.
Edmondia: How else is he supposed to cause any damage?
Edmondia: (mew?)
EnsTren: (whheee, ADD distraction!)
EnsTren: As I said, he replyed with pomp, I am endured to his fangs--so long as they do not stray to my hair
Edmondia: Of course, my love. She frowned for a moment. He hasn't yet named the child...
Edmondia: Though it hasn't yet made any sound other than crying.
EnsTren: It laughed.
EnsTren: It laughed just like he did.
Edmondia: ...not an auspicious start.
EnsTren: (nemichan keeps forgetting if auspicious is a good or bad thing)
Edmondia: (auspicious is good)
EnsTren: Breifly the thought of taking the child away flittered though his head but was quickly dismissed, he already told him that they wouldn't. And he did not wish his baby dead of grief or madness.
Edmondia: He just wished he were sure that his baby was ready to be a father.
EnsTren: Perhaps it is a good start for a trickster? He offered faintly, looking for something positive
Edmondia: She squeezed his hand. Perhaps...
EnsTren: Then We may hope. And he squeased back while looking at her
Edmondia: She smiled. We may.
Edmondia: He taught the tricksters well, after all.
EnsTren: None of them had Her touch or his laugh.
Edmondia: ...we raised him well.
EnsTren: A very good point.
Edmondia: And... if he lets us, I think, he'll let us help him.
EnsTren: Will he though? We've barely seen but glimpses of the child.
Edmondia: He may not have much of a choice.
EnsTren: You truely think so?
Edmondia: He will want to stay with his mortals.
Edmondia: But it would be better for the child to spend at least some time on Avalon.
EnsTren: But...I want to see my grandson.
Edmondia: I think we may be able to do the typical grandparent thing, take him for weekends and vacations, or whenever he needs a rest from caring for the child. No mortals would be adequate babysitters.
EnsTren: Do you think, my wife, that he is so afraid of us, that we would steal the child away from him, that is why he won't let us see the child's face?
Edmondia: ...perhaps.
Edmondia: I cannot think of any other reason for it.
EnsTren: I do not like thinking that
Edmondia: Nor do I. But I suppose we have a poor history of that...
EnsTren: True...
Edmondia: At any rate, once he calms down we may get a glimpse of the babe.
EnsTren: ...I wonder if he has allowed Coyote a good look at him?
Edmondia: I somehow doubt it. Coyote has screamed and run away from him several times.
EnsTren: Before that then.
EnsTren: He wasn't always screaming and running.
Edmondia: Perhaps.
EnsTren: ...Shall we go pick his brain?
EnsTren: (I just had an image of the kid being a very very light blue)
Edmondia: We shall.
EnsTren: (and of them, he looks like Puck's age, standing infront of the court and laughing, it's puck laughing and then an echo and it's freaky because they look alot alike)
Edmondia: (heh)
Edmondia: (I had an image of Owen being followed around by an in-disguise chibi)
EnsTren: (heee, and what's the chibi's disguise?)
Edmondia: (looks just like a mini Owen with long hair)
EnsTren: (*snarks*)
EnsTren is away at 2:52:59 PM.
EnsTren returned at 4:26:25 PM.
EnsTren: (*finally back*)
Edmondia: (allo dear)
EnsTren: (heee)
Edmondia: (the chibi in the mental image is clinging to Owen's pantleg)
EnsTren: (I am seeing owen and chibi getting many looks in the office)
Edmondia: (yes. v. amusing when he finally has to explain himself.)
Edmondia: ("His mother and I had... irreconcilable differences.")
EnsTren: ("She's dead, he was very sick, hence my leave taking")
Edmondia: (Cue the secretaries cooing over the chibi)
EnsTren: (cue the chibi huddling down to hide)
Edmondia: (and let it be known that the chibi speaks very little English)
EnsTren: (speak feyish?)
Edmondia: (ayup.)
EnsTren: (or nothing at all really?)
Edmondia: (feyish if he speaks at all)
EnsTren: (I am seeing him march behind his daddy proudly carrying some papers and stuff for him)
EnsTren: (in a mini armani suit)
EnsTren: (and glasses)
Edmondia: (awwwwwwww)
EnsTren: (you cued that with the chibi owen with long hair thing)
Edmondia: (hee, yes, he couldn't resist the long hair)
EnsTren: (and it hides his ears when he slips up in the disguise)
Edmondia: (yes)
Edmondia: (it's an illusiory spell)
EnsTren: (heee)
EnsTren: (he plays nicely with alex?)
Edmondia: (yes, but again, he's quiet where Alex is bubbly)
Edmondia: (and he's younger)
EnsTren: (hee)
EnsTren: (...babysitter coyote)
Edmondia: (if Matt ever comes in again, he'll have to deal with Xanatos playing with two chibis)
EnsTren: (heheee)
EnsTren: (and elisa?)
EnsTren: (I want to see her reaction to the new chibi)
Edmondia: (hee, I dunno)
EnsTren: (or gargish reaction)
Edmondia: (a lot of O_o;; ing)
EnsTren: (heee)
EnsTren: (or "Damn I wish I had a few tankards of Mead right about now")
Edmondia: (XD)
Edmondia: ("Hey there little guy, what's your name?")
EnsTren: (what would Puck name him anyways?)
Edmondia: (I have nooooo clue)
Edmondia: (his 'human' name would be Alan)
EnsTren: ("Mine" perhaps? how about "Not Mab's"?)
Edmondia: (that would be a bit odd if they visit home)
EnsTren: (Sanomi?)
EnsTren: (*pulled that right out of her ass*)
Edmondia: (hee, maybe)
EnsTren: (sa nomi sans nomi)
EnsTren: (without name)
Edmondia: (hmn. my preferred boy-names wouldn't be appropriate... *thinkthink*)
EnsTren: (sansnomi)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: (dunno tho...)
Edmondia: (*giggle*)
Edmondia: (am running through baby name lists)
Edmondia: Owen means 'born to nobility'
Edmondia: Keiran?
Edmondia: *poke*
Edmondia: allo
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: born to nobility
EnsTren: *eets nobility*
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: do you like Keiran?
EnsTren: whats it mean?
Edmondia: little and dark
EnsTren: yay!
Edmondia: do you likey then?
EnsTren: yush
EnsTren: behold the majority of Keiran's english: "I want daddy"
Edmondia: XP
EnsTren: "Alright kiddo, this is how you hack into the millitary servers..."
Edmondia: :D
EnsTren: tania is happy to have two grandsons
EnsTren: ?
Edmondia: introducing himself
EnsTren: and the ever popular "No"
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: "Hey little guy, what's your name?"
Edmondia: "Mislanke te Keiran soladama."
EnsTren: "Alan Keiran Burnette"
EnsTren: *giggles*
Edmondia: *snicker*
Edmondia: and Alan means handsome
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: watch him freak out the gargs
EnsTren: ooh?
Edmondia: well you wake up one night to find a mini-Owen staring at you.
Edmondia: wouldn't YOU go 'eeek!'
Edmondia: ?
EnsTren: no
EnsTren: I'd glomp
Edmondia: well, if you were a gargoyle
EnsTren: fall?
Edmondia: go 'ack!' and nearly fall off/fall off
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: and because of hte chibi you've got a lot more of him in Puck form than before
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: Keiran's teensy in fey form
Edmondia: Usually tucked over daddy's shoulder
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: has more mobility as Alan
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: I think Owen may have to ditch the stone hand tho
Edmondia: well, he could work around it I guess
Edmondia: the amazing one-armed chibi-catch!
Edmondia: but yes, quite odd looks from Matt and Elisa
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: so he ditches the hand
EnsTren: and magics everyone who hasn't been all mysticfied before into thinking it never was stone
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: and Elisa and Matt wander into the castle and are greeted by Owen-in-minature
Edmondia: well, not so much greeted as stared at
EnsTren: with uber large blueblue yes
EnsTren: eyes
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: "...okay, where'd the little kid come from, and why is he so creepy?"
EnsTren: *Staaaare!* *runs for daddy*
Edmondia: "...weird kid."
Edmondia: "...loud kid."
EnsTren: The next child they saw was much smaller and sitting on Owen's shoulder
Edmondia: "...where'd the other kid go? And where'd this one come from?"
EnsTren: "Ms. Maza," he nodded politly at her, "Mr. Bluestone. What can I do for you today?"
Edmondia: "...Um. Need to talk to Xanatos about some messes by the storage facility on the harbor. Where'd the other kid go?"
EnsTren: "There are only two children in the castle, Miss Maza. And as Mr. Xanatos wishes to help the police if at all possible I shall convey you to him."
Edmondia: "Yeah, thanks... but we saw another kid here."
EnsTren: He raised an eyebrow, "Why so concerned about that wich doesn't pertain to you?"
Edmondia: "He looked like you. But little and cute."
Edmondia: She shrugged. "And I like kids, I had to help take care of Derek and Beth when they were little."
EnsTren: "You two, of all humans should know things are not always as they seem."
Edmondia: "...oh God, tell me that's not your kid."
EnsTren: "He's not my kid," he intoned emotionlessly
Edmondia: "Then whose is he?"
EnsTren: "You only asked me to tell you that he was not mine--you did not ask for the truth."
Edmondia: "...just tell me whose he is."
EnsTren: "Puck's"
Edmondia: Matt blinked. "Wha?"
Elisa slapped a hand over her eyes. "Oh, God, there goes the neighborhood."

Edmondia: Then she took it off again and grinned at the chibi. "He's cute."
EnsTren: The child said something in a strange singsong
Edmondia: "...and unintelligible."
EnsTren: "He asked who you were and if you were going to eat him."
EnsTren: Owen replied in the same singsong goregeus language
EnsTren: They managed to pick out their names in it
Edmondia: "Nobody would eat something that cute," Elisa cooed, while Matt rolled his eyes in mild disgust.
EnsTren: "His mother would."
Edmondia: "...you're married?"
EnsTren: "That is the fiction we are propagating in the office, yes"
Edmondia: "...that's gotta be fun," Matt muttered.
EnsTren: preprickhood
EnsTren: (sorry wrong window)
Edmondia: O_o;;
Edmondia: "He's adorable, when did you have him?"
EnsTren: "In all likelyhood he is older than Puck, however he was only finished this year."
Edmondia: Bafflement painted the faces of the two detectives.
EnsTren: "Mab had a tendancy to throw out half made children if they were defected or she became bored"
Edmondia: "That's horrible!"
EnsTren: "I know it better than you do, Mr. Bluestone"
Edmondia: "...so the kid's not really yours?"
EnsTren: "I finished him. He's mine."
Edmondia: "I'm confused," Matt said, but was ignored because Elisa was cooing at the little boy.
EnsTren: The littlboy smiled charmingly at her, learned stright from his daddy and uncle.
Edmondia: "He's adorable! Can I hold him?"
EnsTren: Owen conveyed the request to the child.
Edmondia: Keiran looked a little spooked.
EnsTren: "That is a no."
Edmondia: Elisa pouted a bit. Matt just rolled his eyes.
EnsTren: "he should tolerate being pat, however."
EnsTren: "But if you pull on his hair or hurt him he will bite you"
Edmondia: Elisa was already petting him and cooing. "Hi there sweetie, I'm Elisa, what's your name?"
EnsTren: He understood that at least and chirpped out, "Alan Keiran Burnette"
Edmondia: She flicked a glance at Owen. "That his real name?"
EnsTren: "It's the one he is told to give to humans."
Edmondia: "And the other one is...?"
EnsTren: "Keiran, amongst others."
Edmondia: "Keiran. Pretty. Hello Keiran." She tapped his nose delicately.
EnsTren: he smiled shyly.
Edmondia: She smiled back at him.
Edmondia: Matt poked her.
EnsTren: The chibi reached out to tap on her nose.
Edmondia: She chuckled. "You're gonna have to watch this kid, he'll grow up to be a charmer."
EnsTren: "No...he's going to grow up to be a trickster."
Edmondia: She grinned slyly. "Most of the tricksters I've met have also been charming."
EnsTren: "The Puck would thank you for your compliment, Miss Maza."
Edmondia: "Er... you're welcome."
EnsTren: "By the by, Coyote is shaking terrified in that cornner over there if you are intrested."
Edmondia: "...the kid's that bad already?"
EnsTren: "No, he did that because of me."
Edmondia: That earned him two odd looks.
EnsTren: "He's the babysitter."
Edmondia: "...poor guy."
EnsTren: "Your relation."
Edmondia: "Huh?"
EnsTren: "Your father and him have something of each other in them. Puck calls him cousin but there is no blood relation."
Edmondia: "...okay, that's weird."
EnsTren: "Will you be leaving now or visiting your relative?"
Edmondia: "Duty calls," she said mildly.
EnsTren: "Ah. This way then"
Edmondia: They went, Elisa still playing the finger-touch game with Keiran.
Edmondia: (hee, fun flashforwadring)
Edmondia: (forwarding, even)
EnsTren: (fweee)
EnsTren: (*is all add*)
Edmondia: (*patpat*)
EnsTren: (*pets coyote*)
Edmondia: *ppor boi)
EnsTren: (hee)
Edmondia: (I can't type)
EnsTren: (neither can I)
Edmondia: (*hops about*)
EnsTren: I had an image of keiran jummping up on down on a trampoline that ansasi made him
Edmondia: teehee!
EnsTren: tricksters send presents
EnsTren: cause coyote told them about the baby
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: tania warned them to keep it to themselves
EnsTren: and every night they toast to the newest trickster
Edmondia: hee
EnsTren: and send letters begging for baby pictures
Edmondia: and be freaked out by the resemblance
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: how old will the chibi be when he looks puck's age?
Auto response from Edmondia: I am away from my computer right now.

Edmondia: oooooold
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: like 200 or so
EnsTren: how old will he be when he looks like a teenager?
Edmondia: I figure they grow fast after the first century
EnsTren: hmn
Edmondia: *shrug* Puck always struck me as looking like a teenager
EnsTren: ditto
Edmondia: so a little older than 200
EnsTren: *pats him*
Edmondia: but he's still a bitty bitty bebe
EnsTren: eeeee
Edmondia: granddaddy and grandma will routinely take him for weekends and stuff, later on
EnsTren: kyutness
Edmondia: and show up as humans to give the whole Owen as a single parent thing credibility
EnsTren: d'awww
Edmondia: amusingness
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: Oberon doth dote like hell
EnsTren: others doth stare like hell
Edmondia: he's the type of relative that chibis run to
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: tania plays with Alex some
Edmondia: Keiran is being bounced
EnsTren: awww
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: or rather, Alan
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: they're playing the 'put hands on top of the other person's hands' game
Edmondia: which is amusing given the relative size of said hands
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: and amusing and a bit bewildering for the viewers
EnsTren: heeee
Edmondia: Oberon = very big as a human even
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: Keiran = very liddle as a human too
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: am seeing keiran on obie's head like a chibi hat
Edmondia: I wouldn't think he'd allow that, on account of Puck's history of hair-gnawing
EnsTren: he can wear a hat under the chibi
Edmondia: with that ponytail?
EnsTren: if he's on his head it would be hard to turn around and pull it up
EnsTren: he can wear the pony tail at the nape of his neck and not in a topknot
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: "This is definitely your son."
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: And now the tummy-tickling.
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: but first Puck needs to chill
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and go all zen
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: meeeeeditaaaaaate
Edmondia: breathe and stuff
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen
EnsTren: zen is good
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: he's singing to the baby
EnsTren: awww
Edmondia: and wishing he remembered where his flute is
EnsTren: obie has it, guiltily
Edmondia: but yes, singing to the babe
EnsTren: aww
Edmondia: he's sprawled out on Owen's bed and leaning over the kid, who's got a hand tangled in his hair
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: running his finger down his tummy, sometimes leaning down to kiss his forehead
EnsTren: aww
Edmondia: he's got an audience
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: well, fey singing = teh pretties
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: Xanatoses are sitting on the floor and cuddling Alex
Edmondia: Gargs are hanging around outside the door
EnsTren: scared or trying to hear stuff?
Edmondia: a little of both
Edmondia: Goliath's grumbling about enchantments
Edmondia: which Hudson knows stories about
Edmondia: so there are mixed reactions
EnsTren: what are the stories about?
Edmondia: apparently singing fey = ebil magickses ooo *spooky finger waggly*
EnsTren: heeee
Edmondia: insanity and luring ships into crashing (sirens, yo)
EnsTren: well the second is on target but the first is more puck's laughing
Edmondia: yes
Edmondia: but they don't know that
Edmondia: so Goliath's all 'grr' and Angela's all 'ooo pretty'
EnsTren: does the chibi giggle?
Edmondia: giggling is too tiring for him
Edmondia: the most noise he makes is a coo
EnsTren: titter then?
EnsTren: vague laughing noise?
Edmondia: very very vague baby burble
EnsTren: awww
EnsTren: does he like his granddaddy/halfbrother
Edmondia: he adores his granddaddy
EnsTren: and his grandma?
Edmondia: likes grandma, she's nice
EnsTren: and aunty and uncle and cousin?
Edmondia: aunty and uncle are odd but nice and cousin is very odd but cute
EnsTren: and daddy?
Edmondia: <3 <3 <3 <3 DADDY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: gargoyles?
Edmondia: some of them don't like him and daddy! >:o
EnsTren: *giggles*
EnsTren: and angela?
Edmondia: she's nice
EnsTren: Lexington?
Edmondia: funny little personthing!
EnsTren: Bronx? who I think gives him rides
Edmondia: indeed
Edmondia: kid Does Not Like Goliath
Edmondia: goes 'eep! daddy!' *zoomity*
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: what does he think of when <3 <3 <3 <3 DADDY!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 takes him to the stalty and wet and green place and floats over the big salty bathrub?
Edmondia: you mean Avalon?
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: whee! trip! granddaddy and grandmama!
Edmondia: ...eek! scary people! hide with daddy and granddaddy and grandmama!
EnsTren: which scary people?
Edmondia: everyone he doesn't know
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: and when daddy just hovers over the water and he just sees the island and water but nothing else?
Edmondia: wai... pretty... yummy smell! smells like daddy!
EnsTren: heheee
Edmondia: can I touch it daddy?
EnsTren: And puck would sit tailor style and hold him out so he can dabble his hands and feet in the water
Edmondia: he's cooing and splashing
EnsTren: Puck is smiling.
Edmondia: of course if anyone else showed up kid would try and hide in daddy's shirt - anyone else save his grandparents
EnsTren: well puck would pop out of there pretty quick
Edmondia: yeah
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: Keiran doesn't like strangers
EnsTren: nopenope
Edmondia: especially not ones who smell different
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: he's very quiet and insular
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: and a daddy's boy
Edmondia: likes only his family, and yes
EnsTren: what does he think of nanny coyote?
Edmondia: pokity!
Edmondia: he's family, sort of
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: he loves his daddy best
EnsTren: awwwness
EnsTren: does mab know about him in her little void place?
Edmondia: dunno
Edmondia: doubt it, if she knew she'd be pissed
Edmondia: her little void place seems rather like a sensory deprivation chamber to me
Edmondia: he's daddy's and granddaddy's baby
Edmondia: ...er, somewhat literally.
EnsTren: heh
EnsTren: course somehow, while she's in there she manages to sing and kill whoever comes in
Edmondia: yup
Edmondia: baby coos
EnsTren: aww
Edmondia: daddy's still singing
EnsTren: and grandaddy?
Edmondia: granddaddy's watching indulgently thru the mirror
EnsTren: aww
Edmondia: baby wubs daddy
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: tummy rubs and cooing
EnsTren: (*randomly babytizes sheseth's seto*)
Edmondia: (arr, no)
EnsTren: (sorry, resistance was difficult)
Edmondia: (heh)
Edmondia: daddy's just noticed the crowd and gone O_o;;
EnsTren: and run off with baby
Edmondia: Angela grred at her daddy
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: and Xanatos and Fox neenered at them and ran after him
EnsTren: *they were locked out*
Edmondia: Pouting ensues
EnsTren: mirrors were covered
Edmondia: and a neatly-wrapped package has appeared on Owen's desk
EnsTren: He has suspiciously poked it.
Edmondia: It's fallen open.
Edmondia: Behold a cute stuffed animal.
EnsTren: He has poked it susopicously and sniffed it
Edmondia: It smells like mommy and daddy and Home.
EnsTren: He's brought it to baby
Edmondia: Baby has gurgled at it.
EnsTren: He snuggled it at the kid
Edmondia: Baby has latched onto it and is gurgling happily
EnsTren: baby is being tickled
Edmondia: Baby is cooing happily
EnsTren: Puck is cooing back happily
Edmondia: it seems to have been an apology gift
EnsTren: Puck doesn't care, it makes baby happy
Edmondia: he will when he goes back to the box and realizes his flute is in there
EnsTren: He'll hug his flute and start playing it..uncovering a small mirror before he does so though
Edmondia: hee
Edmondia: Daddy's pleased
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: he's made his baby happy
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: obie likes listening?
Edmondia: definitely
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: and tania?
Edmondia: ayup
Edmondia: everyone likes listening, for it be pretti
EnsTren: gargrumbling?
Edmondia: yes, tho some of them go 'oooooosparklypretty'
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: baby's cooing and giggling
EnsTren: Puck's happy
Edmondia: general aura of happiness
EnsTren: has Three found out yet?
Edmondia: dunno
EnsTren: hmhmn
Edmondia: when they do they will be startled and bemused
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: Puck reproduced? wtf?
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: and when they find out they'll throw a hissy fit
EnsTren: heee
EnsTren: solidfies his claim on throne and all
Edmondia: ayup
Edmondia: them not happy.
Edmondia: tho not many people know about his claim on the throne
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: but after their hissy fit they might
EnsTren: might wht?
Edmondia: know
EnsTren: ah
Edmondia: much wailing and yelling and oo the drama
Edmondia: and Obie being snarky