Edmondia: mew?
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: how be?
EnsTren: okay
Edmondia: *patpat*
EnsTren: miya
Edmondia: how be Setotes?
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: they be mew?
EnsTren: yush
Edmondia: *pokes at them*
EnsTren: *they mew in chorus at you*
Edmondia: *waves a sheAtemu at them*
EnsTren: *they mew*
Edmondia: *puts her down so they can play*
EnsTren: *they prefer tumbling around over each other like kittens in a box*
Edmondia: *looks for a heSeth*
Edmondia: ...she just got distracted by a Yugi giggling at her.
EnsTren: mew?
Edmondia: they're chasing each other around the game shop.
EnsTren: why?
Edmondia: ...it's either foreplay or a sugar high.
EnsTren: uh
Edmondia: given the rapidity with which they're losing belts, it's probably the former
Edmondia: it seems they've gotten over the whole arguing thing or whatever
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: he's not quite worshiping her properly yet, but is making a decided effort
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: he has discovered much to his alarm that other people think she's pretty
EnsTren: which is the he and which is the she
Edmondia: Yugi is the he and Atemu is the she
Edmondia: were it the other way around, people would already be ded from looking
Edmondia: so yes, jealousy has taken its toll, and Yugi, being male, has panicked and is now doing everything in his power to keep his girlfriend with him
EnsTren: hmn
Edmondia: hmn?
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: ...and Yugi has spazzed at Otogi.
Edmondia: apparently he was looking somewhere Yugi didn't approve of
EnsTren: oh
Edmondia: quite
Edmondia: Atemu appears to be sitting on the counter and smirking
Edmondia: ...hello, Seth dear, where did you come from?
EnsTren: heh
EnsTren: my head?
Edmondia: possibly. he appears to be crouching by the counter with his arms wrapped around her legs and his head on her thigh.
EnsTren: ee?
Edmondia: well, he's happy.
Edmondia: and Seto's cuddled up next to Seth
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: he's kind of wondering why he's there but is happy
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: Seth has pulled him into his lap and is cuddling him and Atemu
Edmondia: Yugi is hair-pulling
EnsTren: mew?
Edmondia: he's got Otogi pinned down with one foot and is yanking on his ponytail
Edmondia: Atemu is purring and ruffling Seth's hair
Edmondia: "He's so sexy when he's violent!"
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: She's kicking her feet and purring at him now
Edmondia: Aaaand he's dropped Otogi and they're now rubbing noses.
Edmondia: Seth is sulking about being shoved off her lap.
Edmondia: And is now cuddling Seto in retaliation.
Edmondia: Now they're playing Egyptian Ratscrew.
EnsTren: ?
Edmondia: the card game
EnsTren: eh?
Edmondia: Seto, Seth, Yugi, and Atemu, are playing cards.
Edmondia: and Yugi has smacked Seto
Edmondia: for stealing a kiss
EnsTren: mew?
Edmondia: Seto stole a kiss while playing cards and got smacked
Edmondia: by Yugi, that is.
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: Seto likes kissing Atemu, remember?
EnsTren: mew
Edmondia: so they're playing cards and Seto stole a kiss and Yugi smacked him
Edmondia: "You have your own yami to kiss!"
Edmondia: and now I have a Keiran sitting around and eating a sliced-up peach
EnsTren: eee!
EnsTren: is jareth baby sitting?
Edmondia: no, Angela is doting on him
EnsTren: hee
Edmondia: he appears to be concentrating fiercely
EnsTren: mew?
Edmondia: he's slicing up the peaches into smaller bits with a spoon
EnsTren: awww
Edmondia: His daddy has just poured some honey and cream into it.
EnsTren: awwww!
Edmondia: the raised eyebrows have garnered a defensive "Fey children require much higher energy intakes than humans."
EnsTren: still awww!
Edmondia: Owen is now Pointedly Ignoring everyone else and petting Keiran's hair
EnsTren: miya
Edmondia: Keiran has finished his peaches and has picked up the bowl to drink the honey and cream
EnsTren: eeee
Edmondia: and a napkin hath been put on his lap
EnsTren: ee
Edmondia: and now he's done and is waiting for daddy to pick him up
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: daddy has obliged him and asked if he wants anything else to eat
EnsTren: ee
Edmondia: "Slyvana n'taila!"
Edmondia: "You need more carbohydrates in your diet, sugar wears off too quickly."
Edmondia: "Lasgante?"
Edmondia: "...three pieces of apple bread and then the ice cream."
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: "You sure that's healthy?"
"He needs the energy."

EnsTren: yush he does
Edmondia: indeed
Edmondia: "You sure he won't get fat? Shouldn't he have a balanced diet?"
"Anything he eats is metabolized the instant he swallows it. He can't get fat."
"What about Anansi?"
"...he can't get fat at this age, at any rate."

EnsTren: hehee
Edmondia: "Aren't you worried about balancing out his diet?"
"Energy is energy."

EnsTren: "Here, son, eat a rock"
Edmondia: "That can't taste good."
EnsTren: He put whip cream on it.
Edmondia: "Can he even chew that?"
EnsTren: Said son swollowed it whole
Edmondia: "...that was disturbing."
Edmondia: "He's like a snake."
EnsTren: "A snake with a nuclear fission reaction inside of it"
EnsTren: (him)
Edmondia: "...do I want to know how that biologically works?"
"Probably not."

EnsTren: "Keh"
Edmondia: "That looks icky."
EnsTren: "Considering how much broadway eats?"
Edmondia: "But that's a rock!"
EnsTren: "With whip creame"
Edmondia: "I seriously doubt that whipped cream can make a rock taste better."
EnsTren: Keiran said something. Puck translated, "It does, but he'd like it to be dipped in chocolate next time"
Edmondia: "...what don't you people eat?"
EnsTren: "...Fecese"
Edmondia: "...that's good."
EnsTren: "I agree"
Edmondia: "So will he eat anchovies?"
EnsTren: "Yes but he doesn't like them"
Edmondia: "He likes a rock but not anchovies?"
EnsTren: "most rocks aren't spicey"
Edmondia: "Anchovies are spicy?"
EnsTren: "Hot, whatever. I like obsidian when I want hot. Raven could do magma though"
Edmondia: "Raven lived in a volcano."
EnsTren: "He liked his spicey food"
Edmondia: "...your kind is very weird."
EnsTren: "yes"
Edmondia: "But your kids are very cute."
EnsTren: "And they stay children for along time" *glomp*
EnsTren: "Now if you excuse us, we have to go refuel"
Edmondia: "Don't eat any more rocks, please? At least not when anyone's watching."
EnsTren: "yeah yeah..."
Edmondia: "Thank you."
EnsTren: And the glittered off to the offshore waters of avalon
Edmondia: Kieran immediately leaned down to touch the water.
EnsTren: He held him out and let him
Edmondia: He giggled and splashed a little bit. "Pretty!"
EnsTren: "Oh? Why do you say that?"
Edmondia: Keiran frowned thoughtfully, eying the water. "...'cause?"
EnsTren: "good enough!"
Edmondia: He smiled and splashed a little more, then pointed to the island. "Why not there too?"
EnsTren: "Because daddy doesn't want to be with the people there, and some of them may hurt you"
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "Because you're special!" He pressed on his son's nose
Edmondia: Keiran giggled. "Why special?"
EnsTren: "Because of who you are and who I am."
Edmondia: He blinked twice, then pointed at himself. "Who am me?"
EnsTren: "You're keiran"
EnsTren: "my son."
Edmondia: "Who am you?"
EnsTren: "Who are you," he correct, "I am Puck. Robin Goodfellow."
Edmondia: "Daddy, why so many names?"
EnsTren: "Because I'm older."
EnsTren: "And 'Puck' is a title, do you know what that is?"
Edmondia: "...no?"
EnsTren: "Well...it's very much like a 'what.'"
EnsTren: "like your uncle david," he sat down on the water.
Edmondia: Keiran gave the water a wary look and sat on his lap instead. "What is uncle David?"
EnsTren: "He's David Xanatos. But, his title is 'CEO of Xanatos Enterprises.'"
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "Because that's what he is. Some titles are special and can be names too, like mine, Puck."
Edmondia: "How?"
EnsTren: "The way they sound."
Edmondia: Blink. Blink. "Uh?"
Edmondia: "Why is title important?"
EnsTren: "Becuase important people get important titles."
Edmondia: "Why is you important?"
EnsTren: "Because I'm the best trickster in the world, that's what being the puck means"
Edmondia: Keiran blinked up at him, puzzled. "Why trick?"
EnsTren: "it's fun for me"
Edmondia: "Why?"
EnsTren: "I like being in control of the situation and being smarter."
Edmondia: "Oh." He tugged on a lock of his father's hair, then stuck the tip in his mouth. "Why tricking important?"
EnsTren: "Very smart!" He praised his son for connecting trickery's best getting a title and important things gettign titles. "because it amuses people, and there, on that island," he drew him close and pointed, "it is very very boring."
Edmondia: "...why does daddy want to go back if is boring?"
EnsTren: "Because it's my home like the castle is yours."
Edmondia: "Why daddy not at home?"
EnsTren: "Lots of reasons."
Edmondia: "What reasons?"
EnsTren: "Well, Daddy didn't want to be bored. Daddy liked your uncle and the people at the castle. Daddy had made a promise, and you must never break your promises."
EnsTren: "Daddy liked the castle too."
EnsTren: "And...Daddy didn't believe that sons should be seperated from their loving daddies...."
Edmondia: Keiran frowned thoughtfully, brows drawing down in fierce concentration. "But... daddy's away from daddy's daddy...?"
EnsTren: "Yes, I'm away from my daddy. But I don't think he loves me since I got bigger than you. But Daddy will always love you."
Edmondia: Keiran looked thoroughly perplexed. "Why?"
EnsTren: "Because Daddy's daddy banished him from home, and the only reason daddy can come here is because daddy found you, and it's very important you come here sometimes and that I come here sometimes so neither of us gets really super sick."
Edmondia: "...does daddy's daddy love me?"
EnsTren: "Maybe."
Edmondia: "Like daddy's daddy maybe loves daddy?"
EnsTren: "Maybe."
Edmondia: "Daddy's daddy doesn't want daddy and me to get sick?"
EnsTren: "This is right, because Daddy's daddy's wife rules the roost even if daddy's daddy doesn't want to admit it."
Edmondia: "Daddy's daddy's wife loves daddy?"
EnsTren: "Very much so."
Edmondia: "And me?"
EnsTren: "Yes."
Edmondia: "...daddy?"
Edmondia: "Why doesn't daddy have a wife?"
EnsTren: "Because Daddy doesn't want one."
Edmondia: "Oh. Okay."
EnsTren: Puck patted him on the head
EnsTren: (nai)
Edmondia: (nai)
EnsTren signed off at 11:16:56 PM.