Edmondia: oom
EnsTren: oom!
Edmondia: how be?
EnsTren: I have a sore on my lower lip
Edmondia: ouchies ;_;
EnsTren: it's fine
Edmondia: *yawn* I be rather sleepy
Edmondia: the gathering~
EnsTren: eeeeeeeeeeee
Edmondia: :D
Edmondia: gargs go 'swoop'
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: catfight!
Edmondia: Banshee go 'thud'
EnsTren: eeee
Edmondia: Odin and she don't get along
EnsTren: nope
Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: Oberon's job sucks
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: well it's like being a kindergarten teacher
EnsTren: *laughs ass off*
Edmondia: mew?
EnsTren: I find the comment and comparison funny
Edmondia: but true!
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: :D
Edmondia: "And you have other matters to attend."
"I have other things to do."

EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: XD
EnsTren: *chews on Obie*
EnsTren: he's a sweetie, really
Edmondia: I agree *braids his hair*
Edmondia: just a bit of a brat
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: but adorable~
EnsTren: yes!
Edmondia: <3
EnsTren: *holds up chibi puck*
Edmondia: eee! *pounces *
EnsTren: more adorable I take it?
Edmondia: ...well if you give me a YCO or a chibi...
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: n_n
Edmondia: tra la la~
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: *bounces about*
EnsTren: wheee
Edmondia: n_n
EnsTren: nemichan had a mental image she did
EnsTren: basically a few months on avalon pass
EnsTren: and Oberon realizes he's bored out of his skull
EnsTren: and takes to watching Owen every second he can, like a truman show
Edmondia: ...wouldn't that be kinda boring too?
EnsTren: no
Edmondia: 'watch Owen sign checks' 'watch Owen tinker with machines'
EnsTren: he's semi obsessed
EnsTren: and looking for shines and lights of Puck
EnsTren: in Own
EnsTren: and really looking forward to when he has to train alexander
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: ...boi needs a hobby XD
EnsTren: it is his hoby
EnsTren: kinda dangerous too cause he's considering sending over a few threats so he can see puck more
Edmondia: I knew you were gonna say that :D
Edmondia: uh oh. o.o
EnsTren: hee
EnsTren: U R SIKICK!
Edmondia: XD
Edmondia: tho Owen might actually appreciate the opportunity to blow shit up XD
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: but does he change at every opertunity?
Edmondia: not necessarily
Edmondia: I think he likes to fuck with people as Owen
Edmondia: and/or smack 'em upside the head with his gun
EnsTren: or his fist
EnsTren: which would disapoint Obie
EnsTren: and he could be a bit afraid that obie will pop up
Edmondia: true
Edmondia: so he smacks 'em around a bit as a human instead
EnsTren: And that might make obie think some
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: why isn't he takening advantage of every opertunity?
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: things to puzzle over
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: bet he laughs himself sick over the 'possession' incident
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: and he is doing this why, exactly?
Edmondia: just terminal boredom?
EnsTren: yeah
EnsTren: and he misses him
EnsTren: and he's getting obsessed
EnsTren: and worried
EnsTren: and he had time to think and realize
Edmondia: aha
Edmondia: along the lines of 'oh crap he can die now?'
EnsTren: and 'Oh crap he's going to die of old age'
Edmondia: a bit worrisome, that
Edmondia: on a random note, I think he deeply misses having a little kid to fuss over
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: hence he wants to get married and get with making the babies
Edmondia: dunno about that
Edmondia: I don't think Titania would agree
EnsTren: he wouldn't mind it
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: it's kinda interesting, now that I'm thinking on it
EnsTren: oh?
EnsTren: which? baby makign or puck watching?
Edmondia: the thought of babies in general, and why puck in particular
Edmondia: I... think he might feel guilty about Aliel, at least the version of him that lives in my brain
Edmondia: (him being the only one that had Aliel, duh)
Edmondia: and also... he may really like being a father because he didn't have one
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: and despite Aliel, I think emotionally he considers Puck to be his firstborn - he was old enough to take responsibility for him, then
EnsTren: yeah
Edmondia: kay, that was my random thought
Edmondia: Puck-watching, well, he's bored out of his skull and Puck is interesting
Edmondia: and he might be feeling - not guilty, but uncomfortable with his decision
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Edmondia: wb
EnsTren: thanks
Edmondia: is interesting
EnsTren: eee
Edmondia: n_n
Edmondia: does Titania know?
EnsTren: She knows everything
Edmondia: true
Edmondia: and her opinion is...?
EnsTren: Cute!
Edmondia: cute?
EnsTren: yes
EnsTren: she wants to pat them both on the head but if one of Obie's attempts to provoke Puck into Appearing goes wrong she'll kick him in the balls
Edmondia: aha~
Edmondia: does Owen notice or no?
EnsTren: no
Edmondia: as Puck?
EnsTren: thinks he's being paranoid if he does
EnsTren: or that he's right in being paranoid and not changing when he can
Edmondia: ah
Edmondia: what else?
EnsTren: dunno
Edmondia: d'oh
Edmondia: randomly, Owen be snoozing
EnsTren: oh?
Edmondia: it appears to be dawnish
Edmondia: he go 'zzzzz'
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: apparently his room is navy blue
EnsTren: ooh?
Edmondia: mmhmm
Edmondia: with gold trim
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: simple dark furniture
Edmondia: he doesn't spend much time there
Edmondia: mostly just to sleep
EnsTren: *nodnod*
Edmondia: might have some odds and ends stashed away in closets that are a bit more puckish
EnsTren: Not much though
Edmondia: no, not much
EnsTren: I wouldn't be surprised if he tossed some awya
EnsTren: or is in the process of doing so
Edmondia: mmmhmm
EnsTren: makes obie sad I think
Edmondia: oh?
EnsTren: yeah
EnsTren: cause he's throwing out puckly stuff, and started to do so after the sentancing
EnsTren: and he's nto turning into puck when he can
Edmondia: ah. definite cause for concern
EnsTren: Feels wrong.
Edmondia: Like he's trying to hide his true self away.
EnsTren: Or get rid of it.
Edmondia: Disturbing.
EnsTren: Convincing, but fake is his amusment, as you described it before.
Edmondia: (?)
EnsTren: (in a fic you described puck's smiles as convincing but fake)
Edmondia: (I did? o.o)
EnsTren: (no wait! it wasn't you)
EnsTren: (bad nemichan)
EnsTren: 1
Edmondia: (that's what I thought)
EnsTren: (bad bad nemichan!)
Edmondia: (*waggles finger scoldingly*)
EnsTren: (*hides under a rock*)
Edmondia: (oh, come out you silly)
EnsTren: (*burrows*)
Edmondia: (*tugs you out*)
EnsTren: (*squeaks*)
Edmondia: Nyarhar. XD
EnsTren: so yes, puck is acting in a worrisom way
Edmondia: indeed
EnsTren: *hugs him*
Edmondia: *hugs him too*
Edmondia: poor boi
EnsTren: yes
Edmondia: *gives him lollies*
EnsTren: heee
Edmondia: *yawn*
Edmondia: this is interesting idea
EnsTren: eee?!
Edmondia: we should play with it sometime
EnsTren: yay!
Edmondia: n_n
EnsTren: wwhhheeeee
EnsTren: nemichan had a good idea~
Edmondia: nemichan frequently has good ideas
EnsTren: feel like am running dry though
Edmondia: why?
EnsTren: dunno
Edmondia: *huggle*
Edmondia: but I am now sleepy, so I shall go sleep
Edmondia: nainai <3
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Edmondia: yo~
EnsTren: wheee
EnsTren: puck's paranoid~
Edmondia: hee?
EnsTren: sometimes he feels obie watching and thinks it's because he's ready to pounce if he changes
Edmondia: aha~
EnsTren: Obie wants entertainment
Edmondia: HA!
Edmondia: "The priestkai logs were funny. I demand you make more of them. Many, many more. Please?"
EnsTren: wha-!?
Edmondia: *dances about*
Edmondia: TOLD YOU SO!
EnsTren: ...
Edmondia: I must edit them~
EnsTren: Obie watches as owen helps Xanatos do plotty things and gets huffy because Puck should be helping him with court intrigue or creating it
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: bit more interesting than 'watch Owen eat lunch' or 'watch Owen type'
EnsTren: he zones out a bit then
Edmondia: heh
Edmondia: does he pay attention when it's 'watch Owen twit Goliath'?
EnsTren: Always
Edmondia: 'cause he SO does.
EnsTren: He put an alarm on the mirror to tell him when they come in proximity of eachother
Edmondia: XD!
EnsTren: Dum dee dum dum dum
EnsTren: *Beep beep beeep!*
EnsTren: *grins and drags the mirror over infront of him, slouches apropreietly and conjurs some popcorn and a remote control.*
Edmondia: and soda. :D
EnsTren: and gets stared at by everyone in the throne room
Edmondia: wouldn't he kick them out?
EnsTren: cept titania who makes herself her own popcorn and soda
EnsTren: then scoots her throne right up next to his
Edmondia: of course~
Edmondia: she's got candy o.o
EnsTren: He steals some
Edmondia: she tugs on his hair and stolen some of his popcorn
Edmondia: steals, even
EnsTren: He wrinkles his nose at her and they settle down to watch
Edmondia: Owen is calmly walking down the corridor, shuffling through papers
Edmondia: ...oh goodness. He just bunched up the carpet. On purpose.
Edmondia: And has continued quietly walking down the corridor.
EnsTren: He took a turn and here comes Goliath, who good naturedly starts smoothing it out
EnsTren: And here comes Bro-onx.
Edmondia: Very rapidly, here comes Bronx.
EnsTren: And there is Goliath, target!
EnsTren: Bronx is slobbering and looking behind him.
Edmondia: Goliath is - standing there!
EnsTren: Bronx isn't looking where he's going as he turns the cornner
EnsTren: WHAM!
Edmondia: Goliath is a bowling pin.
EnsTren: and Lexington was chasing him too--but as the only Gargoyle who can spread his wings completely in a hall way he manages to go over them
Edmondia: Applause for Lexington. Wonderful form.
EnsTren: Lexington can't help but laugh slightly at the purple and blue vampire mess
Edmondia: Goliath has a most amusing expression on his face
EnsTren: Owen has returned casually and is sneering ever so faintly
Edmondia: Goliath has growled at him and jumped up
EnsTren: Owen taunts him about Gargoyle clubsyness and asks if he stepped on his tail
Edmondia: Goliath's responses is an eye-glow and, "This is YOUR doing!"
Edmondia: response, even
EnsTren: "Hardly. Or do you think I control you every impulse, to clear a corridor or play tag? I would have hoped that after your horizen brodening experiances you would be perhaps more open minded and enlightened."
EnsTren: "How...disapointing. Though at least you haven't asked "What Sorcery is this?" Yet."
Edmondia: A threatening growl. "That's because I KNOW whose sorcery it is."
EnsTren: "Have you forgotton Goliath? I can no longer use my powers," a very puck like musical sigh, "Espically considering that Alex visiting his grandfather, or are you that paranoid?"
Edmondia: "A trickster is a trickster no matter what his guise."
EnsTren: "Goliath, I'm insulted. I'm playing a role."
Edmondia: "All the more reason not to trust you."
EnsTren: "Foolish, you cannot even belive the evidence before your eyes and what you hear with your own ears--if it doesn't suit your preconceived notions and prejustices."
Edmondia: Goliath growled and stalked away.
EnsTren: He snorted and stalked off.
Edmondia: Lexington rolled his eyes at both of them. "Weirdos."
EnsTren: "Let's go get some food, Bronx, before Brodway eats it all"
Edmondia: Oberon stole a piece of Titania's candy.
EnsTren: She stole his popcorn
Edmondia: "Now how did he know that Bronx would knock him over?"
EnsTren: He didn't, he was hoping for it, and he had two chances for a Gargoyle Pileup
Edmondia: (did Titania say that?)
EnsTren: (maybe)
EnsTren: more it was a nonverbal observation
Edmondia: ah.
Edmondia: "Not his best work," he sighed, and idly started braiding her hair.
EnsTren: "He doesn't have all the resources he used to have. I think it was good work for being off the cuff and nonmagical"
Edmondia: "Mmm. Goliath makes himself an excellent target."
Edmondia: "Rather foolish of him, but then again, he's not exactly bright."
EnsTren: "Occasionally clever, but not bright"
Edmondia: "Mmm." He started a complex french braid. "Their entire clan is somewhat lacking."
EnsTren: "Lexington is rather Naieve, but he seems to think highly of him. Did you fish that dream vision out of the mists yet?"
Edmondia: "Pure brilliance, naturally," he said admiringly, more than a bit of pride shining through, "Very beautifully twisted."
EnsTren: "Wrenching--despite the single foul up."
Edmondia: A sigh. "It's always the little slips that kill the best schemes. I thought the army of panther-clones was a nice touch."
EnsTren: "Really? I considered Broadway to be an excellent touch."
Edmondia: "Oh, of course. And it was simply delightful to watch Goliath be punched in the face."
EnsTren: "He seemed to become smarter afterwards."
Edmondia: "Mmm. Unfortunate. Still, that is the only way to deal with his type." The french braid was morphing into a complex series of hanging loops.
EnsTren: "Is that why you punched him, Husband?"
Edmondia: "He was whining."
EnsTren: "Are you quite certain of this?"
Edmondia: "Quite, my lady wife."
EnsTren: "It does not do to argue about the past. Do you think the ending was off the cuff or not?"
Edmondia: He added another loop. "The ending was lovely, except for the screwup, of course. It may have been - he does have a tendency to come up with wicked twists at the last second."
EnsTren: "It fell into place very nicely."
Edmondia: "And he gave him the most wonderful lines. Simply inspired."
EnsTren: "Fortunetly it won't happen."
Edmondia: "Of course not, certainly not now. Though he did give Goliath a rather delightful tweaking at the end."
Edmondia: And added another loop. "I believe it may take your handmaids a bit of work to get this undone, my love."
EnsTren: "Perhaps you should undo it then"
Edmondia: "But I just finished putting it up," he complained, dropping a kiss on her neck.
EnsTren: She sighed faintly.
Edmondia: He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her into his lap. "Would you like to check up on Alexander?"
EnsTren: "Mmn, He's with his grandfather now, as I recall, husband, he shot you with a harpoon last time."
Edmondia: "I do remember, and I am holding a grudge. That stung."
EnsTren: "I should say that it more than stung, My lord."
Edmondia: He shrugged. "One could say that, but my pride dictates otherwise."
EnsTren: "Of course, husband."
Edmondia: He squeezed her. "So you do not wish to see your grandson?"
EnsTren: "Do you wish to see his grandfather?"
Edmondia: "...I wish to set his grandfather on fire, yet by my own laws, I cannot - heh." He chuckled evilly.
EnsTren: "You may not set him on fire or arrange anything of the sort to happen to him"
Edmondia: "...you ruin all my fun."
EnsTren: "Hardly, husband."
Edmondia: He nuzzled her. "Some of my fun, then."
EnsTren: "Perhaps."
Edmondia: "...a diplomatic answer, my love."
EnsTren: "I prefer the term 'well spoken' myself."
Edmondia: "That as well," he murmured, "Always so polite to those whom you stab in the back."
EnsTren: "As opposed to your method, my lord?"
Edmondia: A soft chuckle. "Sometimes they get scared if you bellow loudly enough."
EnsTren: "You do have impressive lungs."
Edmondia: A snort. "Thanks to mother, no doubt."
EnsTren: "Or not"
Edmondia: "Hm?"
Edmondia: He gave her a little jiggle.
EnsTren: "Perhaps it is just you, Husband."
Edmondia: "I take it she never yelled at you then."
EnsTren: "Of course not husband, she was too busy trying to kill me to waste energy shouting."
Edmondia: He sighed and leaned his head on her shoulder. "We do have a problem with such matters, my love."
EnsTren: "Like your wish to ignite My Grandson's paternal grandfather because it 'stung?'"
Edmondia: "Things like that, yes," he agreed easily.
EnsTren: "Husband, I belive you are what is coloquially termed 'a piece of work' to a certain extent."
Edmondia: "Oh?"
Edmondia: "Do elaborate, my love."
EnsTren: "I leave that to you my lord."
Edmondia: He grinned. "At least it holds your interest."
EnsTren: "Of course."
Edmondia: He idly ran his fingers down her bare stomach. "May I make a brazen request of you, my queen?"
EnsTren: "A Brazen one? How bold of you, My husband. You may make your request but I may not grant it."
Edmondia: "I dare to ask my lady to accompany me to our bed this night, if she would be so kind."
EnsTren: She smiled, "I will aquiesse."
Edmondia: "I am most grateful, my lady."
EnsTren: We shall match our skills and measure them against the past. Mortals have thought up delightful things.
Edmondia: Indeed they have.
Edmondia: May we retire to our chambers then, my queen?
EnsTren: So eager, my husband?
Edmondia: There's chocolate.
EnsTren: Let's go.
Edmondia: He picked her up gracefully, and they went.
EnsTren: And they compared aquired skills.
Edmondia: They were both quite talented.
EnsTren: They both had quite a bit of fun.
Edmondia: Mmm, chocolate.
EnsTren: She stole all of it
Edmondia: "Hey!"
EnsTren: She smirked at him
Edmondia: He pulled her hair.
EnsTren: She pulled his.
Edmondia: He attemped to re-steal the chocolate.
EnsTren: She tickled him one handed in an attempt to keep it
Edmondia: He tickled her back.