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Fanart for the Yami no Malik chapter of 'Possession' - art by Akemi

Yuugiou Fanfiction
by Edmondia Dantes

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Newest fics are located at the bottom of their respective sections. Check the main page for site updates.

Note: much of this fanfiction was written before too much was known about several things - like pharaohboi's name, the origins of the millennium items, and other good stuff like that. So now that the series has ended, some of the early stuff like Possession probably seems a little weird. There is some fanon hanging about because of this - yamis having their own bodies and such. Also note that despite the title at the top of the page, I spell his name "Yugi" - it's a quirk of mine.

Chaptered Fiction

The Possession Series - A series of first-person vignettes on life, love, and homicidal mania. My first fanfic for this series, which promptly spiralled out of control. 26 chapters, on permanent hiatus.

One Night in Bangkok - AU. Take the hand of the devil in a city of sin... and save yourself, if you can. Complete.

Do What You Have To Do - Dinner parties and Yami no Bakura don't mix. See how spectacularly one night can alter (read: destroy) the life of a young boy. 'Tis a tale of love, hate, and flying furniture. Featuring Sarcastic!Ryou and Mischievous!Bakura. On permanent hiatus.

The PriestKai RP Logs - Cowritten with Nemichan, presented in its original AIM format. Not entirely posted. Several main universes, various AUs. Many of the links do not work because much of the series was lost when Geocities went under.

Untitled/Nemo - How do you cope with a miracle? Yugi and his other self struggle with a blessing. On permanent hiatus.

Edin's Spamfic Emporium - Spamfic: Very short fic which illustrates a single point. Almost always silly.
       After School - Having a yami is such a bother sometimes.
       A Fairytale Romance? - Ain't it just written in the stars?
           "Un amore da favola?" - Italian translation.
       Uh... That's A Long Story - Isn't it always?
           "Uh una lunga storia" - Italian translation.

Crossover Drabbles

Standby Phase - A Death Note fusion drabble. A post-series Yuugi's opinion on a Kira-obsessed world.

Untitled - A Kingdom Hearts crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme.
Untitled #2 - Blue Eyes Boogaloo - A crack omake.

Social Niceties - A Petshop of Horrors crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme.

The Men Who Sold the World - A Fullmetal Alchemist crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme.

This Is Not Diplomacy - A Sailor Moon crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme.

Mortal Affairs - A Gargoyles crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme.



An Ode to My Yami - By Mutou Yugi. Beware yaoi, sexual jokes, and a vastly OOC Yugi. Gift-fic for Nekochan.

Cry - Grief. For torsui-chan and her bad day.

Exile - Abandonment.

Aftermath - Consequences.

Wet - A series of drabbles. Drabble = very short fic, measuring exactly 100 words. Bathrooms, showers, water, and introspection. Some entries done by request.

Shopping - Because friends are fun to tease. Gift-fic for Shadow Ivy's birthday.

Evil Plots - Yami no Bakura is evil. Ayup. Evil. Gift-fic for Akemi's birthday.

Sundae - Treats and time. Gift-fic for Ash.

Gratitude - Be thankful for all that you have. Gift-fic for Fran.

Definition - Seto Kaiba and his shadow.



Fumbling Towards Ecstasy - It all started with trig homework.

Wear Your Love Like Heaven - How deep is your devotion?
The Path of Thorns - A matter of trust.

Touch - Sometimes the words just get in the way.

Pretty Things - Malik likes pretty things. Like his yami.

Babylon - We always covet most those things we cannot have. A Kaiba fic.
"Babylon" - Italian translation.

Mercy - That which is the blackness inside you knows your darkest desires and lusts, things that cannot bear the light though they are buried within it. Gift-fic for Nemi-chan's birthday.

Steaming - Though I linger at his side and cast his shadow, he cannot see himself, nor find what we both need.

Clink - Midnight affection and silver beneath starlight. Gift-fic for torsui-chan. Title is Icey's fault.
"Clink" - Italian translation.

After the Rain Has Fallen - In the fading darkness, only the victors remain, and in the wake of anguish, reunion is all the sweeter. Gift-fic for Icey.
"Dopo che la pioggia caduta" - Italian translation.

Wait - Tread the line between hatred and love - and scream for what you've lost. Bakurae.
Frozen - Trapped in the cold - Ryou. Written by Neko-chan.

Breakfast! - When is a present not a present? Entry for Chibizoo's first Unofficial Yugioh Fanfiction Contest - received honorable mention in the shounen-ai category.

Tantalus - He could be everything you've ever wanted - if only you could reach him.

Why? - Yami no Malik poses a question.

Black Land - One must practice the skills one is born with - even if all they do is lose. A child first experiments with his Gift.
Background - Royalty, loyalty, and blood. For Nemi-chan.

Thicker Than Blood - Malikthings. Crazy!Malik by Neko-chan.
Golden Thorn - Part two. Loony!Yami no Malik by Edmondia Dantes.

Shh - Secrets in shadow, and contrasting points of view on the mechanics of intimacy. Gift-fic for torsui.

Razor Wire Shrine - What do you do if your worst nightmare is everything you ever wanted? Entry for Chibizoo's Second Unofficial Yugioh Fanfiction Contest, which died before it really got off the ground.

The Gambler - Gozaburo Kaiba has always been a touch on the obsessive side. The world's first Tobaccoshipping fic!

Anathema - It's wrong. Philosophical Puzzleshippy.

YGO Fic Cliche: Vampires - In which Dia takes a time-honored (and beaten half to death) plot and skewers it in her own special way.
Morning - The sequel that wasn't supposed to ever happen.

Les Ombres de la Nuit - Jiichan, time, and Yugi's obsession with a hunk of gaudy gold.

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