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Fiction of the Dia Variety

The following fanworks may contain violence, slash, femmeslash, threesomes, and people behaving badly. They also may contain silliness, schmaltzy romance, and surrealism, as well as a wide variety of writing styles. Anything goes, really. You have been warned.

Death Note
        Ten oneshots, one chaptered fic, four crossover drabbles and a WIP multi-parter, mostly centered around Light and L.

        All the stuff that isn't long enough or polished enough to justify having its own page. Links go out to my LJ.

Fullmetal Alchemist
        Nine oneshots, two crossover drabbles, and a drabble, mostly centered around the brothers Elric, all based on the 2003 anime.

        Four oneshots, the prologue to a massive crossover (new) that may never be written, a crossover drabble, one multi-story series, RP logs. Puck-centric with a dash of Xanatos. Very old fic.

Kingdom Hearts
        One main ongoing series with many parts, one AR, and a handful of miscellany. Mostly Destiny Trio-centric, with others.

        One oneshot, one chaptered fic. Jareth and Sarah. Old fic.

Miscellaneous Fandoms
        Arranged semi-chronologically, the newest fics at the top of their respective sections.

       Thor (MCU), Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, Princess Tutu, Batman, Gormenghast, Petshop of Horrors, Firefly, Hellsing, Beetlejuice, Gankutsuou, Trigun, Birdy the Mighty, Good Omens, Darkwing Duck, Harry Potter, and Red Dwarf.

Ranma 1/2
        Two oneshots, one incomplete chaptered series. Introspection, a bit of crack, and Mousse, Shampoo, and a lot of complications. Incredibly old fic, written in the very early 2000s.

Sailor Moon
        Two oneshots, a crossover drabble, and one series. Mamoru, the Shitennou, and the Senshi.

        Chaptered pieces, ficlets, crossover drabbles, oneshots, RP logs. Largest section of the site. Contains anything and everything under the sun, up to and including the kitchen sink. Ancient, will never be updated again.

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