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Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

Kingdom Hearts Fanfiction

by Edmondia Dantes

Many of these fics take place in the shared universe that rayemars and I call Beyond the Ocean Beach. RM's stories are here.

Distopia - A tale of Mickey Mouse. An epic AR told in a not-so-epic way, in which absolutely no events from canon are changed.
        Prologue - In Which a Scene Is Set.
        One - In Which There Is a World, A Rabbit, A Mouse, A Sorceror, And The Beginnings of a Tale.
        Two - In Which There Is a Childhood.
        Three - In Which There Are Conversations Sans Words.
        Four - In Which a World Grows.

The Sun in Wintertime - A series of reflections about children. Part of the Beyond the Ocean Beach series. Fics are set post KHI.
        An Echo of Thunder - Old enemies are often even older friends, and Goofy knows this better than most.
        Fires the Mountainside - That's a desperate way to look for someone who is still a child. Goofy and Sora and a late night in the Pride Lands.
        Flowers in the Desert - Everything you ever might have wanted. Donald, his partner, his king, and the children that are not theirs.
        Promise Fallen Through - Yen Sid does not approve of his apprentice's chosen child.
        Spark - When Sephiroth met Riku.

'Til It Bleeds Daylight - A moment to breathe beyond the Door. Part of the Beyond the Ocean Beach series.

In Which Riku Does Not Murder Everyone For Even Having This Idea Like He Should - Bestest. Rock band. AU. Ever.

Surfacing - She's got a boy in the war no one's heard of, and a ghost with no name haunts her dreams. Kairi, between CoM and KHII. Written pre-Days. Part of the Beyond the Ocean Beach series.

Subtle Grace - Naminé and Riku and things that almost were. Set post CoM, written pre-Days. Part of the Beyond the Ocean Beach series.

Untitled - A Yuugiou crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme. Some lights never go out.
Untitled #2 - Blue Eyes Boogaloo - A crack omake.

Kindred - A Fullmetal Alchemist crossover drabble, written for a livejournal meme. A meeting between worlds for two boys on the road to redemption.

Salvation Holdout Central - A series of post-KH2 fics focusing on the Destiny Trio, not arranged in any particular order. Part of the Beyond the Ocean Beach series.

        Five Things About Riku - On his return to the islands.
        Melancholia - "Most of us go to our graves with our music still inside of us." - Unknown
        Bathing Suits - Every day is full of small changes.
        Reunion - What do you say to the stranger on your doorstep?
        Distractions - Or, three ways to slack off in high school.
        Puzzle Pieces - They don't quite fit right anymore. (Except where they do.)
        Uniforms - Some things you just can't get used to. Like clothes that don't have magic pockets.
        Better Than Worse - Riku's home.
        Four Moments - He's just a boy in love.
        Footsteps - It only takes an evening for them to settle into each other.
        Concept of the Land - Your sole heir should never be a stray child.
        A Mirror Dimly - Some triangles have four sides.
        Deluge - Learning to swim in the flood of what you've become.
        Lumen - Each breath that you take has a thunderous sound.
        All Things Nice - Maturity is born in the swing of the blade and the taste of first kisses in the dark.
        Seeking - A chapter tag for rayemars' Resuming, Returning, regarding the mysteries of a (multiply) shared heart.
        Desperately Wanting - AKA "Sora is awkward around naked people."
        Girl Talk - They're two girls in one space, but they manage pretty well.
        Apparitions - Dreams on Destiny Islands are never just dreaming, no matter who the dreamer is.
        Before the Dawn - Conversation and anticipation. Naminé and Riku.
        All the Space Between - The party is over, the agreements settled, and yet...

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