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Miscellaneous Fanfiction - Oneshots

Miscellaneous Fanfiction

by Edmondia Dantes


       Agendas: Prologue - A Gargoyles crossover.

               Once upon a time, the firebird will find a little prince far from his home, and sweep him away on a great adventure.


                The treaty between Asgard and Avalon was an intricate, delicate thing, and though great allies they were, everyone knew that the Fae were so easily offended.

       The Nameless Thor AU Part One and Part Two - Inspired by this art by wantstobelieve.

                A fantasy AU in which Thor makes bad decisions and Loki cackles a lot quietly to himself.

Final Fantasy IV

       Frustrations - The trials and tribulations of being a ten-year-old dragoon-in-training.

Final Fantasy VII

       Shimmer - And I know it all as being mine. Cloud, after Advent Children, a little healthier, a little happier, and a little more radiant.

Princess Tutu

       Avant la Fin - A moment of quietude before the close of the story.


       Sunlight - A Selina Kyle drabblet, not set in any particular universe.


       Perfect Tragedy - Gift-fic for Amanda. Fuchsia, Steerpike, and the world.

       The Poet Can Wait: An Ode to the BBC's Adaptation of Gormenghast - A silly, rambling tribute to the shiny crack that first introduced me to my favorite novels.

Petshop of Horrors

       Domino Dancing - Seeing through the masks. A crossover with Death Note.

       And Dreams - A crossover drabble with Death Note, written for a livejournal meme.

       Social Niceties - A crossover drabble with Yuugiou, written for a livejournal meme.

       ...Can't Change Its Spots - Of jaguars, detectives, and disgruntled kami.

       Lost Childhood - The making of Leon Orcot.

       Breathe - Post-manga. They came out of it alive, but not unchanged.
       Breathe Redux - Things are different now.


       Motion - Sometimes Simon thinks it's better this way.


       An Orphanage in Winchester - A crossover drabble with Death Note, written for a livejournal meme.

       Scatter - Growing up means growing apart, especially if your last name is Hellsing. Manga-based.


       Lanterns - The things they make together are beautiful, even if nobody else realizes it.

       With Interest - It's poetic fuckin' justice. A bridging fic between the movie and cartoon.

       Secrecy - A Beetlejuice poem, from Lydia's point of view. Loosely based on Adrienne's gorgeous fanfic Time Will Tell: Part One and Part Two.


       True Colors - Just what is the appeal of the Count of Monte Cristo?


       Red - It's the end of the world as he knows it, and he's been right all along.

Birdy the Mighty

       Blue Monday - A quirky little reflective piece on the part of Tsutomu, regarding color and the girl sharing his body.

Good Omens

       Misfire - He didn't think it would happen like this, but he really should have expected it.

                Chapter One: Headlong - Pick up the phone - it's for you.
                Chapter Two: Doing All Right - The call.
                Chapter Three: Under Pressure - Waiting.
                Chapter Four: Hammer to Fall - Confusion.
                Chapter Five: These Are the Days of Our Lives - Reconcile? The conclusion.

Darkwing Duck

        Speculation - New to St. Canard, are you? Have you heard the rumors? Have you seen him? A poem/one-sided conversation, as a newcomer might hear when wandering the city streets just before nightfall. Revised 2/05.

Harry Potter

       Way Down in the Valley Tonight - Sometimes, all you have is what's there. Not OotP-compliant. On permanent hiatus as of mid-2002.

       Prologue - Ruminations and walking.
       Chapter One - Fun, fun, fun.
       Chapter Two - A light snack.
       Chapter Three - Play nice.
       Chapter Four - Naptime.
       Chapter Five - Black and blue.
       Chapter Six - Annoyance.
       Chapter Seven - Of Dark Lords.
       Chapter Eight - Frustrated? Moi?

Chapter Nine - Wandering minds.
Chapter Ten - Er... what?
Chapter Eleven - Oh.
Chapter Twelve - Insomnia.
Chapter Thirteen - Drowsiness.
Chapter Fourteen - Then the morning comes.
Chapter Fifteen - Search the shadows.

Red Dwarf

        Rien Avant Dormir - Lister isn't handling Rimmer's absence very well.

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